5 Low-cost recipes & methods to take care of your skin on a budget

If you've ever been to those beauty counters in department stores or have shopped online for skin care products you will know how expensive they can be. Even brands that are seen as 'cheaper alternatives' are still expensive. So, in today's post, I'm taking a look at some budget skincare options that you can use to look after your skin. I wrote how the winter weather can affect your skin last month so this time I've come up with some low-cost solutions and recipes to DIY your skincare...

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If you’ve ever been to those beauty counters in department stores or have shopped online for skin care products you’ll know just how expensive they can be.  Even brands that are seen as ‘cheaper alternatives’ are still costly, and they promise results that often can’t be achieved. So, in today’s post, I’m taking a look at some budget options that you can use to look after your skin. I wrote how the winter weather can affect your skin last month so this time I’ve come up with some low-cost solutions and recipes to DIY your skincare…


Puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes can occur for many different reasons such as genetics, stress, fatigue or allergies. One thing that’s for sure is that these puffy eyes don’t look great and could cost thousands if you wanted to remove them surgically. The good news is that we can at least reduce them by using cheaper and more natural methods such as using chilled tea bags over your problem areas.

For this to work you are going to need two chamomile tea bags and your going to need to put them into hot water for 2 minutes.  Once the 2 minutes are up, remove them from the water and put them in a bowl in the refrigerator. Once cool place the tea bags on your eyes for 15 minutes and you will be surprised with the results.


If you want softer skin on a budget you can make your very own skincare solution from equal parts of raspberry oil, almond oil and pomegranate oil. Once you’ve mixed the oils together, place a few droplets in your hands and rub it into your skin for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture on your face for a further 10 minutes and wash off with cold water. Your skin will feel smooth and hydrated for a fraction of the cost of expensive skincare creams.


Coconut water is not only tasty but it also full of nutrients and will keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Keeping your body hydrated is vital if you want your skin to be healthy. Hydrated skin is softer, more elastic and less greasy.

If you can’t get your hands on coconut water, then make sure to drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day. Not only will your skin thank you for it, but so will the rest of your body.


Many people turn to face lifts as the ultimate way to make their skin look younger, but it can cost thousands and is very extreme as you have to go through surgery. Dr Majid Shah says that “Botox treatments are up 800% from 2010 with both men and women using the treatment to improve lines, wrinkles and even non surgical nose jobs.” A more cost effective and less dramatic way of improving your skin is to try non surgical methods

You could use a face toning machine to tighten your muscles and skin – although the initial outlay might be too much for you if you’re on a budget. Instead, maybe you could try face yoga to get those muscles working. Or, for a special occasion, tying your hair up can sometimes give the appearance of a min face lift!


If you have sensitive skin you will know how difficult it can be to find a facial masks that won’t irritate your skin. Plus, they can be expensive when you buy them from beauty brands. A cheaper way of exfoliating your skin without causing irritation is by using a blend of papaya and pineapple.

Papaya and pineapple have active ingredients (papain and bromelain) which will exfoliate the skin without scratching it. A papaya facial mask doesn’t cost much to make at home and is really simple to use. Just take the papaya and scoop out a handful of the flesh. Blend it with a large spoonful of fresh pineapple then smooth the mixture onto your skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and when the time is up, wash the mixture away with cool water.

Hopefully these DIY skincare recipes and tips will help you to look after your skin and look great even if you’re on a budget. The above methods are cheap (or free!) and can really make a difference to your skincare budget. If you have any money-saving skin tips, or recipes that you like to use yourself, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks! 🙂


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