Rewarding career suggestions for people that want to help others

For some of us having a job just isn't enough. What we want is a career that is meaningful to use, and often the best way to do this is to find a job where we can make a difference, and genuinely help others. The good news is many possible careers fit these criteria. Just keep reading to find some of the best options and what they entail below...

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Emergency call handler 

For people calling the emergency services, finding that the person on the other end of the line is cool, calm and collected can make all the difference. Indeed, this is one of the many ways in which an emergency call handler can help others. 

Emergency call handlers answer calls for the police, ambulance, or fire service day and night, and ensure that the person on the other end of the line gets the help they need as quickly and as safely as possible. Often emergency call handlers will need to talk through what to do if someone is ill or injured. They will also need to gather the most accurate information so no time is wasted when the emergency services attend the call. 

Training for emergency call handlers roles tends to be on the job, and there are fewer requirements than say applying for medical school but you can still make a very real and important difference in people’s lives. If you want to help people and have a cool head under pressure then being an emergency call handler may be the job for you. 


Another role for which you may be well suited if you enjoy helping people is becoming a psychologist. Traditionally the image of the psychologist that most of us hold in our minds is that of them spending all their time one-on-one with their patients, talking through their problems. 

However, there is much more to the role of a psychologist, including creating treatment plans, writing referrals, holding group and online sessions, as well as writing academic papers. 

Yet at the core of the psychologist’s role is to help people alleviate their mental, physical and emotional suffering, and that can be an incredibly valuable and rewarding thing to do. 

If you are wondering how to become a psychologist, it’s important to note that there are different educational and training routes available to you, depending on your global location. For example in Australia, those wanting to become qualified psychologists have the opinion of going to university to complete their undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies or completing each stage of the UTS scheme plus an internship and an exam. 


There are plenty of options to help people in a career as a nurse. This is because the primary role of a nurse is to alleviate suffering and aid a patient in their healing. There are also a great number of areas in which you can specialise as a nurse which can give you plenty of opportunities not only for promotion but to dive deeper into a fascinating and rewarding career. 

If you are considering nursing as a career then you’ll be pleased to note that there are a range of ways you can get qualified. One is by following an academic path and completing a degree, as well as postgraduate qualifications in nursing. While the others are to do an apprenticeship, while working as a healthcare assistant. 

It is important to remember that nursing can be hard work, both physically and emotionally. However, many in the profession feel like the satisfaction they gain from knowing they have helped others is well worth the sacrifice. 

Animal welfare officer

For some of us, helping animals in need is even more important and rewarding than assisting people. If that sounds like you then a career as an animal welfare officer might be just what you are looking for. 

Your duties will be varied but will include rehoming pets including dogs, and cats with new families that are a match for their needs. You may also be called on to do home checks and some behaviour work with animals to help them better adjust to their new homes. 

To begin a career in this field you don’t need any qualifications. Instead, it’s best to look around for adoption and rehoming centres near you, where you can gain some practical experience of what the role entails. 

Life coach

Are you always offering advice and guidance to the people in your life? Are you the one that people call first whenever they have a dilemma to solve? If so then becoming a life coach might be the ideal career. 

Indeed, life coaching, which is a relatively new career option, can be very rewarding as you get to support people achieve their goals and make positive changes in their lives. Things you may end up supporting them with can vary a great deal from making and striking a new fitness plan to getting mentorship and training that leads to a new job. 

The main role of the life coach is to be there for their client, both at the goal-setting and the in-progress stages. At the goal-setting stage, the life coach must ask their client the right questions, to make sure they know what they want to achieve and why. In the process stage, a life coach may be there to offer support and motivation when things get tough. They may also act as a person to whom their client can be held responsible, which for many can be a very effective option for motivation. 

One of the best things about choosing to become a life coach is that it can be done freelance from your home. If you are happy to see clients over video call you don’t even need any more space than a small home office.

Life coaching is a relatively new field so there is no one established route to become properly trained as yet. Although you can find plenty of courses that will take you through the basics and provide a qualification you can use to show your clients that you have been trained. 

Let me know what other rewarding careers you have in the comments below, it would be so interesting to hear what your job is and how you got into it. And if you want more ideas for personal development and side hustles from my blog, feel free to check out those categories by clicking on these pink links.

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