Using tech to boost your wellness from your very own home

Traditionally, most things associated with building better health and wellbeing have been outside of the home. You go to your doctor’s office to get treatment, or to the studio to do yoga. Here's how to boost your wellness from the convenience of your own home...

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We want to have the time to take care of our health and wellbeing, whether that’s going to a gym or visiting a support group. However, with our lives being busier than ever, adding yet another location to visit during the day can start to feel overwhelming!

The good news is, that because of evolving technology, there are now many ways to boost your health and wellbeing from the comfort of your very own home. Read on to discover what they are… 

Remote Counselling 

The first health and wellbeing-boosting option to consider is remote counselling. Instead of travelling to your therapist’s office, you can now have them come to you virtually. One option that many private counsellors and therapists offer is to do the sessions over Zoom but you can also get talking therapies through local NHS partnerships too.

This means you still get a face-to-face experience, but you can also have the comfort of addressing challenging issues in a safe and cosy place. Other therapists have been known to offer phone-only sessions too. To find out what’s on offer it’s best to contact your therapist directly or you may wish to use a counselling service that is entirely set up to be online.

Several of these are now operating, offering not only video remote sessions but messaging and email services as well, so you can get support from your specialist even outside of your sessions. Many of these services also recognise just how important getting the right fit is when it comes to choosing a counsellor, so they allow you to switch professionals free of charge if you’d like. 

Online Support Groups 

If you have a specific issue that you are struggling with then an online support group can be a great way of boosting your health and wellbeing from home. Often run by charities, to provide education and support to sufferers and those close to them, online support groups can be a real lifeline to those struggling.

Indeed, because such groups are made up of other people in a similar situation to yourself, you can get not only helpful advice but also that oh-so-important empathy, that those not going through the issue may not be able to offer in quite the same way. 

Online support groups meet regularly on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and usually make use of video tools like Zoom. Different groups have different rules on whether you need to show your face, or whether you can decide for yourself if you’d like to be on camera during the session. Such groups are particularly useful for people who have conditions that may stop them from attending in-person groups such as anxiety, OCD, chronic fatigue, and agoraphobia. 

Video Doctors 

Taking a huge break from your busy day to attend a doctor’s appointment can make it just overwhelming and stressful enough that you choose not to go, and leave a potential major health issue untreated. Fortunately, it’s now possible to take great care of your physical health without ever leaving your home with video doctor consulations. 

Seeing a doctor remotely over video is just like heading to their surgery in many ways, as you get their undivided attention, and can talk to them about your symptoms and concerns. It’s even possible to show them your symptoms in some cases.

For many issues, this is more than enough for your doctor to make a diagnosis and offer you the correct treatment, and to make it even easier many video doctor services provide perception delivery as well. However, it is worth remembering that in some cases, doctors will need to give a physical exam, and for that, you will need to see them in person. 

Home Detox 

Another health and wellbeing service that is now possible to access at home is addiction support and detoxing. For many people, the thought of leaving a loved one and a safe space for an extended amount of time to get in-patient treatment makes accessing help very difficult. However, now it’s possible to get help from medically qualified staff, supported by accredited counsellors without having to leave your home. 

Indeed, for many people home detoxing and addiction recovery like the services AUK offers, is not only more convenient but more affordable as well, because it does not include all the residential costs. Yet home detoxing and addiction services do offer a wide range of supports including abstinence recovery programmes, support for family members, cognitive behavioural therapy, and person and teaching the right coping strategies to help you succeed with your addiction recovery goals. 


Does the thought of going to a gym overcrowded with lycra-clad posers judging every move you make put you off from working up a sweat? Well, you’re not alone, and the happy news is you can now get your cardio on from the comfort of your very own living room. 

There is a wide range of options for cardio workouts at home, from checking out free Couch to Fitness videos on HIIT, dancing, and aerobics on YouTube to signing up for an equipment and class subscription service like Peloton. You can opt for a bike or running machine, while other providers offer rowing machines as well. You’ll also get access to live classes which can help keep your motivation up, and ensure you make the effort to exercise every day! 


Studies have shown that yoga can provide a massive wellbeing boost for those who practice it regularly, such as stress relief, reduced anxiety, and increased mindfulness. However, the sad truth is that not everyone has the time to head to a class every day or the money to join a fancy yoga studio.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll be delighted to discover that there are many ways you can commit to the practice of yoga on your own, at a vastly reduced cost. Of course, one option is to follow free yoga videos that you can find online. However, it’s also possible to find great yoga routines in books and even on audio. If you go for these latter options, be sure that they come with a guide that shows you how each move should look, and to always listen to your own body and not push harder than you should. 

Home yogis can also benefit from investing in some basic and reasonably priced equipment including a mat, yoga block, and a strap. A mat will ensure that you can safely assume the asanas and blocks and a strap can be used to support your body in forming the shapes without overstretching or injuring yourself. 


It’s scientifically proven that singing is good for our wellbeing as it releases oxytocin, which is the same chemical we get from hugging people. Of course, fighting down the nerves to not only turn up to a new place where you know nobody but also sing in front of them at a choir rehearsal can be a challenge for many. Fortunately, you don’t need to do this anymore to get your sing-on! 

Instead, you can attend an online choir session, where you get together with like-minded others to sing over Zoom. One of the best things about this is that even if you are a little nervous about your voice, you don’t have to have your camera on, so it’s a nice gentle way of dipping your toe in the water and seeing if you enjoy this activity. Different types of online choirs offer a variety of material to sing as well, from Rock Choirs to those that go for more traditional classical works. 

Online Gaming 

You are probably already well aware that plenty of people play games online to relax and unwind. You may have a player in your home already. However, what you might not realise is that it’s possible to play real-life tabletop role-playing games like Dungeon & Dragons or escape rooms online too. Indeed, you can choose to bring together a group of your own friends for a remote game, or you can join a platform that matches players with game masters who will run the sessions for you. 

Playing online with a paid games master can be a great option for those not wanting the stress of planning and responsibility that comes with running a game, as well as those who would like to try the different types of TTRPGs, as you can benefit from the presence of a more experienced guide. 

Online Art/Craft Classes 

The benefits of being creative on wellbeing are well-known and picking up a new creative hobby can do wonders for your self-esteem. The great thing is that there is now a wide range of creative classes and courses you can take online. 

For example, if you have always fancied yourself as something of an artist you can attend live sketching sessions with coaching and benefit from recorded tutorials as well. For those that would rather make something they can use, crochet and knitting classes online are becoming hugely popular, as are Zoom stitch and bitch sessions where textile artists get together and make while chatting and making friends at the same time. Indeed, it is often the communal element of these sessions combined with the creativity that makes them so fun and rewarding.

What else do you do from the comfort of your own home to improve your wellbeing? I’d love to hear your methods for relaxation and boosting your health by using online service so please leave your ideas in the comments section below. 🙂

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