My new year’s resolution – a more comfortable night’s sleep

If you've been struggling to achieve a deep, replenishing sleep, why not make this year the one where you finally get comfortable? Here's what I've been doing to improve my sleep this new year...

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Imagine being able to drift off to sleep without any springs digging into your back. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll over without making the bed bounce and dislodging whoever else is in the bed in the process? How lovely would it be to soothe away the aches of the day simply by going to sleep?

All those goals are what I’ve been thinking about this year and I’ve decided that my new years resolution should be to have a more comfortable night’s sleep. And that’s where my new Simba mattress comes in.

For too long, I’ve been struggling with a stiff back. It’s my own fault – I work at my desk most of the day and don’t have the neatest posture at the best of times. I’ve upgraded my office chair and I use a sit-stand desk but I still can’t do prolonged periods of work without suffering with aches and pains by bedtime.

And that’s when I most want to lay down and relax – in fact, I need that time to soothe my back and let it feel aligned and comfortable. But in my existing bed, I haven’t been able to do that. Last year I got a memory foam topper in the hope that this would help make the bed more comfortable – and it did BUT it also took away any support from the mattress.

At just the right time, as I was considering my new year’s goal this January, Simba got in touch with me. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try out the best-selling Original Hybrid mattress and see how it works for me.

Not just a memory foam mattress, it has 2000 Aerocoil® micro springs for full-body support. Not just a sprung mattress, it has open-cell Simbatex® foam for softness and cooling airflow. It’s this hybrid design, created by sleep scientists and experts, that claims to offer exactly the right amount of support and comfort.

The thing that I’m most excited about is that this combination offers perfect spinal alignment as well as providing a hugged feeling and pressure relief. I’m hoping that this will be the start of a much more comfortable night’s sleep for me and perhaps even help to soothe my back pain.

Of course, I haven’t had the mattress for long so I can’t say exactly how well it will work long-term but so far it seems like it will be exceptionally comfy to lie on long-term and provide a very restful sleep. When you get a Simba mattress, you can trial it for 200 nights and, if you decide it’s not right for you, they’ll arrange a free collection and refund.

I was also pleased to learn the the components and the mattresses are manufactured in UK factories and are fully recyclable. Plus, Simba collected my old mattress for recycling when they delivered the new one, which was handy because there was no way I was going to be able to fit an old king size mattress in my little car to take it to the local waste recycling centre.

I also added a mattress protector to my order to prolong the life of my mattress. That said, the breathable top surface of the mattress can be zipped off for easy washing, so I think it’ll be simple to keep my mattress in great condition throughout the ten years of the guarantee.

Let’s hope that this product will ease my aches and pains, helping me to get a more comfortable night’s sleep in the process. Let me know if you’ve made a similar resolution to sleep better or to sort out any alignment issues in the comments below, I’d love to hear your tips to make your new year’s goal a reality.

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