4 Easy low-cost & FREE ways to refresh your bedroom for spring

Over the winter we often like to keep our bedrooms warm and cosy, with thick duvets and blankets, but there are so many benefits to refreshing your rooms for spring, including better sleep and a healthier space. These free or low-cost ideas will help you to achieve that crisp, fresh feeling...

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While you may not have noticed it, your bedroom might not be feeling the freshest at this time of year. Over the winter, we tend to hunker down in our homes and try to create the cosiest spaces possible. It’s lovely to be warm and snug during those dark days but now that spring has arrived, it’s the perfect time to refresh our rooms.

It’s good for our health and the quality of our sleep to keep our bedrooms clean and feeling fresh so here are some very low-cost or completely FREE ways to create a space that’s crisp and spring-like all year round…

1. Refresh the air

Firstly let’s air the room. It’s understandable that you might not have been opening the windows much during the winter. Let’s face it, who wants to be paying ££s for heating and then letting all that lovely warmth out of the window?

Even so, it’s important to keep rooms ventilated as well as heated. If these two factors aren’t combined, the room will quickly become musty, get condensation and it could lead to dampness and mould appearing on the window frames and walls.

So, now that we’ve got some sunnier days in Spring, it’s a good idea to throw all the windows open and really let that fresh air circulate around the room. At the same time, give the inside of your windows a clean and make sure that any mould that you spot growing on the glass, blinds or frames is wiped away.

These are all free things you can do to refresh the room, both in terms of the air and the cleanliness. Which brings us nicely on to…

2. Spring cleaning

I love a good spring clean. It really makes a difference to a room and it doesn’t need to take long. Just a quick whizz around with the vacuum, using the brush attachments to dust around the ceilings, walls and picture frames, can make the room feel less fusty in just a few minutes.

The key to giving the room a deep refresh is moving furniture. That’s when you’ll find out just how dusty those spaces behind and under your furniture have become over the winter. Keep that vacuum at the ready and have a clean cloth available to wipe down the back of the bed frame, drawers and bedside units.

A clean room really feels refreshed and ready for the next step – creating a comfy, crisp and cool bed.

3. A fresh bed

There’s nothing nicer than slipping into a bed with fresh sheets, especially if it’s in a thoroughly clean room. So pack away those heavy winter blankets, get out the medium-tog duvet and add the freshly washed cotton or linen sheets.

But first, we’ll make sure the mattress is fresh and clean. I’m going to suggest getting the vacuum out again here, but make sure you use the upholstery attachment to suck up any dust and fluff that’s accumulated – and make sure you lift the mattress and vacuum around the edges and into the corners too.

You can carefully spot-clean the mattress according to the manufacturer’s guidelines if you find any marks. Some mattresses even come with removable covers that can be washed or replaced if needed. Then, once the mattress is clean, dry and dust-free you can pile on the fresh bedding.

Choosing cotton or linen for your bedding will give you an extra-fresh feeling because the natural fibres are breathable, allowing air to circulate, and they help to keep you cool at night by wicking moisture away from the body while you sleep.

It certainly helps you to bounce out of bed when you’ve had a restful night’s sleep so, if you’re not being disturbed during the night by throwing the duvet off because you’re too hot, you’ll feel the benefit of having fresh cotton or linen sheets.

If you don’t already have bedding in natural fibres, it might be worth investing in some, which shouldn’t cost too much. You don’t need to have expensive sheets with high thread counts or Egyptian cotton to feel the benefit – any cotton or linen bedding will have the same breathable effect.

4. Clear the clutter

One thing that doesn’t help you to feel peaceful in your bedroom is if it is full of clutter. If you have piles of washing and ironing that need doing or stacks of paperwork on your bedside tables, that clutter demands your attention.

That means, when you go into the bedroom at night and spot the piles, you’ll just be faced with a big to-do list of chores that’ll sit in your brain while you sleep. Not the best way to feel refreshed and rested this spring!

So, today’s the day to tackle the clutter. Start with your clothing and make sure that everything you own actually fits into your wardrobe and drawers. If it doesn’t fit, there will always be an over-spill of clothes on the chair, dressing table or floor, so it’s time to donate some of your items and make extra space.

Likewise, have a look at any other items you’re storing in the bedroom; hair products and make-up, paperwork, craft projects, magazines and newspapers. If they don’t fit into the drawers of your dressing table or the shelves in your alcoves, it’s time to clear some of this out for good.

Having fewer items in your room will make it feel more spacious and it’s also easier to keep the bedroom clean in the future if you’re not having to vacuum and dust around piles of items. A quick clear-out is another totally free way to refresh your bedroom for spring – and you could even make some money if you’ve got some clothes to sell online!

I hope that all these ideas will help you to clear and clean your bedroom to give it a quick refresh for spring and will hopefully improve the quality of your sleep, too. Let me know what other ways you like to spring clean your bedroom in the comments below and I’d love to hear your ideas for creating a peaceful space for sleep.

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