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you go glen coco mean girls embroidery

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10th anniversary of Mean Girls – You go Glen Coco!

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. The film that got us through our student days is TEN YEARS OLD (yet I’ve not aged a day)  – how did that happen? And why am I still saying ‘fetch’ and pinning ‘You go Glen Coco’ embroidery patterns to my Pinterest boards? Surely I should have grown out of it by now?

you go glen coco mean girls embroidery

If you’ve never seen the film, never worn pink on a Wednesday, and never dragged your girlfriends in front of the TV to learn the Jingle Bell Rock dance, it’s about time you did! At the very least, here’s a clip for you to start your Mean Girls journey (and be fully equipped for next Christmas):

I kinda always wanted to be a ‘Plastic’ (lets face it, they are the prettiest, coolest, best-dressed girls in school) but I knew that in real life I wouldn’t have been, so I kinda also hated them a bit. Argh, it’s an emotional rollercoaster, that film! I’m going to compare it to Clueless, because both are pretty important teen-girl-films for me and I don’t think I can choose between them, but I especially like how horrible these girls are! Cher is a nice girl – spoilt, yes, but nice. It would be a breeze to be her friend in comparison to Regina George…

It’s the film that produced the next generation of Hollywood royalty; Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lizzy Caplan. I don’t need to mention Li-Lo, because everyone knows it’s her film really. And Tina Fey stealing the entire show. Her, and the line “Oh my god, Danny Devito! I love your work!” which cracks me up every time.

In the run up to this milestone there have been all kinds of rumours about a ‘Mean Girls: Reunion’ film – how amazing would that be?! – but so far there are no such plans for a new movie. The 10th anniversary took place yesterday and I wore pink to celebrate but my jingle-bell rock companions are at the other end of the country and the other side of the world right now, so I didn’t get the gang together for a girls night in. Maybe for the 20th anniversary…

By the way, did you know that there’s a National Mean Girls Day? It’s October 3rd. Love ya!


DIY night in at the movies for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day fast approaching I’ve come up with a simply DIY gift that you can easily make for your loved ones with time to spare. This gift is a ‘Night in at the Movies’ and includes all the snacks, treats and DVDs that you’d need to enjoy a night in with your favourite person. It’s an ideal gift to give to your partner for Valentine’s day and maybe you can include a couple of action or comedy DVDs that you know the man in your life will enjoy. Or if you’re single you can even make a gift bag up for your bestie and enjoy a girly night in together watching the old classics or the latest rom-com. Either way, you’ll be showing your favourite people just how important they are to you on the most romantic night of the year.

You’ll need: Scissors, small gift bag, double-sided sticky tape or glue, patterned paper or card, candy, microwave popcorn, choice of film.

DIY night in at the movies gift bag

  1. First you all you’ll need to make the bag smaller so that it holds the DVDs better, so what I’ve done is cut the bag in half down the sides and across the bottom.
  2. Use double-sided sticky tape or glue to stick the two pieces of the bag back together by inserting one side inside the other to make it into a thinner bag.
  3. Cut a rectangle of patterned paper or card the same size of the base of the thinner bag and stick it to the base inside to cover the over-lap on the inside.
  4. Just head down to the supermarket and pick up some snacks and candy – and don’t forget the microwave popcorn!

DIY night in at the movies gift bag - great valentines present

5. Pick up your pal’s favourite genre of DVD – maybe an all-time a classic film such as The Wizard of Oz that I’ve included for my best girlfriend.

6.Add all the goodies into the bag and write ‘A night in at the movies’ on the gift tag then hand it over to your Valentine with the promise of a lovely night in together.

This would be a lovely birthday gift for a film-buff or even a mothers’ or fathers’ day present so you can recreate it all year round for your favourite people!


1D:3D – One Direction’s movie “This Is Us” launches today

This week sees the release of the first 3D music docu-film starring Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Toimlinson. Yes, the long-awaited launch of One Direction – This is Us the movie is upon us! I know that thousands of young fans around the world will be bursting to see their favourite boy-band in action (including my little sister) and the 3.9 million tweets that pounded Twitter during last week’s UK premier is possibly an indication of the teenage mayhem to come. But will it make fans happy? And will it keep long-suffering parents entertained too?  I know that many mums are keen on cougar-chasing Harry and all the youngsters have their favourite 1D member, but is that enough to entertain the cinema audience for 92 minutes?


The storyline is simple enough – from humble beginnings the boys head to the X Factor auditions, and are soon put together as the ultimate boy-band of the 21st Century by evil boss Simon Cowell. Although they did not win the show,  the overcame their defeat to become part of a new “British Invasion” in the United States, selling 19 million singles and 10 million albums, so they are obviously doing something right in the glitzy world of pop. It is not a work of fiction like Just My Luck featuring the ‘other’ UK boy-band McFly, nor is it a live music screening like Robbie Williams’ Estonia concert that aired in British cinemas last week. Partially scripted, part ‘real life’ and part performance, the movie is an interesting enough background documentary of the band, but does 1D have enough of a fan base to warrant a whole film? It appears so – Early reports of the film previews tell us that the (mainly) youthful audience are just happy enough to scream at the screen whenever the band launches into a song – a little tedious for their accompanying parents, but it’s exactly the same reaction that the Beatles’ films received back in the 60s, proving that nothing really changes in the world of music cinema.

But this is not just a TV movie rockumentary, oh no, this is a multimillion-dollar 3D extravaganza, which needs to make money back from the young cinema-goers and it seems that pester-power will win out against parents – what child can afford 3D ticket prices with their weekly allowances?! That said, it is an enjoyable way for the youngsters to keep themselves entertained and out of trouble during the long summer break. And watch this space for a DVD launch scheduled for just around Christmas! The 1D:3D film launches in the UK today!

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Book Review ~ Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Committed”

Did you read Eat, Pray, Love? Did you watch the film? Did you study all the DVD extras? I did. And I really enjoyed both the book and the film. I think that reading the book before watching the film was definitely a good idea, because there are a few things that are ‘glossed over’ in the film and you might not get quite understand the importance of Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey if you’ve only seen the film. I probably don’t have to tell you that, because you’ve probably read the book, like all the millions of readers around the world (it was on The New York Times Best Seller list for 187 weeks after all) and seen the film already – this is all old news.

But what I’ve enjoyed reading recently is Elizabeth Gilbert’s sequel to Eat, Pray, Love – “Committed: A Love Story”. It was written a couple of years ago, just after the film was released and it follows Elizabeth and Felipe’s life after Eat, Pray, Love ends. I am especially enjoying the book because it isn’t just an account of their struggle to marry after Felipe is deported from the US, it is an anthropological look at marriage and relationships throughout history and customs around the world.

cassiefairy book review elizabeth gilbert committed a love story

The loved-up pair must travel from country to country while waiting for permission to wed from the American authorities, despite neither of them ever planning to marry again after their previous relationships failed. However, the only way that they can live together in the USA is to make it official and get married, so this book charts Elizabeth’s research into the whys and wherefores of marriage – how couples do it all over the globe and why it works (or doesn’t) in different cultures.

The discussion of culture was what I particularly enjoyed about Eat, Pray, Love – I felt I learnt something while reading it – so this book really is a treat for me to read. I’ve enjoyed learning about the social and historical roots of marriage but I haven’t felt like I’m reading a text-book, despite the book being more focussed on anthropology than Elizabeth’s personal story. It was a great read, and I’m getting through it pretty quickly – it’s addictive reading and when you get going, you don’t want to put it down – probably because the chapters are so long so you don’t get enough opportunities to stop!

Recommended for fans of the film and book, and you can expect to learn lots from it :)


Famous Tutus – Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’ red-carpet outfit

Katy Perry’s fly-on-the-wall documentary film ‘Part of Me’ premiered in London and the star sashayed down the pink (not red!) carpet in a sparkly $4000 Marchesa dress with ballet tutu ruffles and a frilly neckline.


We’ve come to expect that Katy would wear something wacky, but she really looked quite glamourous in this dress, and let her crazy accessories do the talking – including these Union Jack eyelashes, chunky ring and umbrella to shield her from the British weather.

And this is not the first time that Katy Perry has featured in my ‘Famous Tutus’ category – Here’s my blog post featuring her jazzy on-stage and off-stage outfits! Plus Marchesa’s designs are featured in these following posts: