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Pieday Friday – Creamy corn soup recipe

I have to admit – this week’s Pieday Friday recipe isn’t my own. My friend Sophie, who has her own blog La Vie Sophie, shared this recipe back in 2015. It seemed almost too simple, but when I tried making it for myself I was amazed at just how easy it was to make a creamy corn soup that tasted great and contained no dairy at all. I’ve been making it ever since and now I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. So how did Sophie get the creaminess into the soup without adding dairy? It’s all down the three (yes, just three) ingredients in this recipe… Sweetcorn, stock and spaghetti. It’s the pasta that gives it the creaminess, that’s all there is to it. It’s healthy and tasty, and can be made with just a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. And if you pick up a pack of 25p spaghetti and a 40p tin of sweetcorn from the supermarket, this is a pretty low-cost lunch too! Of course, you could use fresh sweetcorn too – and you can experiment with veggie or chicken stock to vary the recipe a little – just give it a try and see what you prefer. If you’d like to make this meal for yourself here’s the link to the creamy corn soup recipe on Sophie’s blog, which gives you all the measurements, method and timings. And here are my pics of the process when I made this soup for lunch on Wednesday this week.

Sophie’s recipe calls for half of the soup to be blended and half to be left as it is. This gives you little noodles in the soup and less thick texture. But I’ve tried blending the whole pan of soup in the past and I really liked how creamy it turned out – plus, it soaked into the bread I was dipping into my bowl perfectly! I’m using the MX-ZX1800 Panasonic blender to whizz up my soup and it takes only seconds to blitz the whole batch of soup.

I used the pulse setting to start with, so that the sweetcorn and pasta would start to break down easily. When it started to look creamy, I turned up the blending function to whizz it into a really super-smooth texture. The thing is that I’m not actually much of a fan of tinned sweetcorn (love it fresh on the cob though!) so I like to make sure that all the sweetcorn kernels are completely blended before eating.

This blender can take hot or cold foods but some others can’t have hot liquids in them, so be sure to check and you might need to cook this in advance and let it cool down before you can blend it. Thankfully, the Panasonic blender is fine with hot liquids so I could cook, blend and dish up my lunch in a matter of minutes. When you’re as hungry as I am, speed is a bonus! Just a touch of salt and pepper is all that’s needed to finished off this dish – although I’ve found that a sprinkling of my favourite smoked paprika is a delicious addition too!

What do you think of Sophie’s recipe? Have you made any soups with pasta before? I hope you’ll have a look around Sophies blog and have a read of her fantastic posts and recipes. And I hope you enjoy your healthy yet creamy corn soup lunch!

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The weekly roundup

Today I am again following in the dainty footsteps of my friend and blogger La Vie Sophie  and am blogging about what I’ve been up to this week.  Sophie has provided headings to prompt us bloggers to think about what we’ve been inspired by each week – food, places, music, books – anything! 

Sophie says “I would really love it if other bloggers would like to get involved and just spend that five minutes on a Sunday thinking about what they’ve done in the last week. Please feel free to use the graphic below!”


Ate… Lots of local cheese at a wine tasting evening at our local pub. It was a great night, hosted with the pretence that we would be helping the pub to choose which wines to stock in the future, but really it was just a great excuse to drink wine and eat cheese! It was especially nice to get to know some of the other regulars; we see them all the time, but have never really talked to them, so it was a good way to get us all chatting and now we have a mini pub community!

Watched… Loose Women everyday with my lunch. I’ve been rubbish at taking a proper break from writing at lunchtime and I know it’s important to look away from the screen every now and again, so I’ve been forcing myself to have a proper lunch break away from the computer, just like people with ‘normal’ jobs do. I used Loose Women as a timer to let me know that it’s time to stop and time to start up again – I may not concentrate on watching the show while I’m making and eating lunch, but at least I’m stepping away from the laptop and having a rest.

Listened to… I bought two new albums on Ebay this week – new to me, but not ‘new’ new – one was Smash Hits 1995 with all my childhood classics on it, and the other was to replace the High School Musical CD that I’d lost (I suspect that it was in the CD player of a car we’d sold last year – the buyer got themselves an extra treat!).

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My week…

This week I’m getting involved with a bit of a blog challenge from lovely lifestyle blog La Vie Sophie – If you’ve not already checked out her blog, do it now! After meeting her at the Company blog awards earlier this year Sophie has inspired me with her gorgeous photographs and charming way with words. It’s one of my favourite blogs and again she has come up trumps again with the inspiration behind today’s post to discuss what we’ve been up to this week…


Sophie says “I don’t know if it’s just me but I usually find that Sundays get a bit neglected as a posting day. The last day of the weekend can get a bit hectic when you realise a new week is rolling round and you don’t have a clean shirt for work/uni/school/college etc, so for this reason I’ve decided to start a weekly blog feature. The aim of it is to make myself sit for five minutes to think about what I’ve done that week. It doesn’t have to be writing a symphony or saving a life, it can be as simple as having eaten a really tasty dinner or going for a walk. To make it a bit easier I’m going to provide little headings for myself, only 6 of them, to fill in at the end of the week.”

I thought that this was such a great idea that I immediately wanted to get involved. There are some other fabulous bloggers joining her challenge to reflect on the week, which includes bloggers Kimberley, Alexandra, Alex  and Holly, and probably many more this week!

pieday friday mince pies dunelm mill cake stand finished

So here are the things I’ve done this week:

Ate… Mince pies and drank mulled apple juice. You don’t have to tell me… But in my defence the mince pies were half price! 

Watched… The film Julie and Julie starring Meryl Streep as celebrity cook Julia Child and cute Amy Adams as blogger Julie Powell. This is a true story and is pretty inspiring for all us bloggers out there. If you’ve not seen it, get the DVD and watch it now – I’m not kidding – it will make you happy. It’s been out a while and I’d never watched it before but I picked up the DVD at a carboot sale, and although the cover was uninspiring and I was pretty sure I was in for a rather dull watch, as soon as the film started I was enchanted. I watched it with mum and then made hubby watch it too and now I think they understand my world of blogging better!

Listened to… The Chris Evans breakfast show on Friday 11th October. I rarely listen to a whole radio show but when I heard the line up of Tom Hanks, David Jason, Robbie Williams and James Blunt, I cleared a little space in my diary to sit with the radio and listen to the whole show. It was a great show packed full of interesting gossip, as you’d expect from a line up like that, and it was lovely to hear a rare interview with David Jason and listen to him slipping into the Del Boy accent while he was discussing Only Fools and Horses – as if that’s not his real voice! Put it on iPlayer and listen again if you missed it.

Laughed at… Kevin McCloud. In everything he does. This week I chuckled at him doing a serious summing-up while wearing a bath robe and slippers on Grand Designs and I laughed at all the little animations of him during each episode of Man Made Home that I’ve been catching up on. I just think he is so funny, he doesn’t even have to say anything, even his expressions crack me up! Plus I laughed at my friend and I emailing each other the exact same message – word-for-word – at the same time, and it wasn’t even a short message. unbelievable!

Read… Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman. What can I say? This is a writer that I’ve admired for a long time and I’m pleased to report that she’s not let me down with this part-biography, part-manual. I’ve been laughing out loud and it’s actually cutting into my own writing time because I don’t want to stop reading it!

Went… to the bingo! I know it’s probably not considered to be the ‘coolest’ of things to do on a Saturday night, but I had a great time with my friends and I’m sure that the image of bingo halls is changing – it’s very swish and glitzy nowadays – but I’ll share more about this night out with you soon!

Join in with Sophie’s weekly challenge by visiting her blog La Vie Sophie.

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