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Create your own personalised room fragrance

What better way to start the week than with a giveaway, right? And how better to lift your spirits and ease those Monday morning blues than with a bit of pampering? Yes, I think you all deserve a little bit of luxury this week so when the very kind folk at Bolsius Aromatic got in touch to offer some fabulous prizes for my lovely readers, I jumped at the ,chance. And that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today, so read on to find out how you could win 1 of 2 luxurious prizes… scented candle wax melts room fragrance-12scented candle wax melts room fragrance-10The treat I’ve got in store for you is something to indulge your senses and fill your home with a little bit of luxury. We’ve all picked up scented candles in Ikea haven’t we? And we’ve all tried wax melts to fill our home with festive smells at Christmas, right? But the product I’m talking about today is something I’ve never seen before. It’s both of these things and neither at the same time. Creations is a scented wax melt kit that allows you to make an entirely customized scent for your home. In the same way that you might mix a handful of Jelly Beans to make a flavour, these melts allow you to adjust the scents to your own liking, and create a personalised room fragrance just for you.

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A little treat for little ol’ me

This week I arrived home after a hard days work to find a massive box on my doorstep. The arrival of a parcel is always exciting and it was especially great today as this was a delivery of flowers from Debenhams. I am baffled how a bunch of flowers can be sent through the post without them dying or getting bashed up, but as I lifted the huge bunch of roses out of the box, I could see that they’d been well packaged in an upright position, and the base of the flowers were wrapped in a kind of towelling tissue saturated in water. I’m sure there’s a technical name for this, but it reminded me of a flannel infused with wet jelly and it did the job of keeping my roses well watered on their journey to me. I happily unwrapped my flowers to arrange in my retro vase while the heavenly scent wafted all around my house – just lovely!

cassiefairy gorgeous roses from debenhams flowers

I was shortlisted for Company magazine blog award a couple of weeks ago and what better way to celebrate than by receiving this beautiful bouquet of vintage-esque pink roses from Debenhams Flowers. Also in the box was a pampering gift set of delicious-smelling Covent Garden Sanctuary Spa products including a body wash, body scrub and their 24 hour moisture body lotion – a lovely extra treat! This was a lovely surprise and I’m very impressed with Debenhams Flowers – I would definitely order flowers from their spa range for my friends and family for their birthdays, and I’ve also found out that Debenhams provide a baby gift option to accompany their flowers – perfect for sending to new parents who live far away before I can get to see them and their baby, because the flowers are delivered the following  day if you order before 4pm! There are lots of bouquets for all budgets, some even including free gifts and chocolates so if you’re interested in trying out the Debenhams Flowers service for yourself, I’ve just noticed that they are currently doing a special offer of £5 off everything from 7th-19th May 2013 using this voucher code: FWRAW5. All in all, it was a lovely treat that I was delighted to receive, and I’m sure anyone else would be thrilled too!

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