5 Ways to make the most of your ‘me’ time

After a long, busy day at work, the only thing you want to do is crawl into bed and relax. Similarly, after spending hours out and about socialising, for many of us, our homes are our sanctuary and the perfect place to recuperate and refresh ourselves. We all have different ways to relax and unwind – whether it is delving into a good book or catching up on your favourite TV series, going out for a long walk or heading to the gym. These activities help us recharge our batteries so commit to finding some time for yourself. Here are five excellent ways to make the most of your ‘me time’.

Although we’d all love nothing more than being able to spend our days doing what we want, for the majority of us, things are much different. Instead of fun activities and opportunities to relax, work, chores and obligations rule our time. With so many hours spent tackling our hectic schedules, the busy lifestyle of today runs the risk of taking over our precious personal time – our ‘me time’.

However, this is something that we should do our best to avoid as ‘me time’ can bring a whole range of benefits in terms of your health, wellbeing, relationships and your general outlook on life. Taking time out for yourself is a vital way of allowing your mind to de-stress and your body to relax while still making time to do the things that you want to do. Even just an hour a week, for example, has been proven to be highly beneficial when it comes to health and wellbeing. But how do you decide what are the best uses for your time? Here are some suggestions…

Pamper Yourself

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being pampered? Take a trip to the spa or book yourself in for a massage or your favourite beauty treatment. For those on a budget, a facemask and a lovely new shade on your nails will work just as well when it comes to helping you look good and feel great.

Enjoy a Freshly Brewed Cup of Coffee

There’s nothing better than taking a coffee break. Whether it’s a quick 5 minutes out from work or a half hour of peace when the kids are finally keeping quiet, a freshly-brewed coffee is a delicious way to relax before cracking on with the rest of your day. If you really want to make the most of your coffee break, why not pair your drink with a slice of cake, or alternatively, try out some tantalising luxury coffee? To learn more about picking the best coffee for your next break, click here.

Learn Something New

Keeping inquisitive and feeding our curiosity and the endless search for knowledge is a great way to stay alert and better ourselves. Take the opportunity to try your hand at something new; there’s that thing you’ve wanted always wanted to try – give it a go!

Catch Up on Your Favourite Things

Whether it’s a movie you’ve been dying to see or the latest episode of your favourite TV show, taking the time to catch up is a great way to unwind while having fun. If you fancy a break from the screen, why not get stuck into a good book or just relax listening to some music?

Clear Your Head

Increasingly, more and more of us are becoming aware of our mental health and are making a conscious effort to look after ourselves. If you are feeling stressed or life is getting you down, your ‘me time’ is the perfect opportunity to distance yourself from everything and clear your head. Head out for a long walk in the countryside and allow yourself the space to think while getting some exercise and doing your body good, too, or alternatively, take the time to write down your thoughts and worries in a diary or journal. Once everything is out in the open, it’s then much easier to get organised and work out the best way to deal with things moving forward.

Of course, we are all different, and what works well for one person may not be right for another. To that end, the most important thing is to take the time to relax and do only the things that you want to do during your me time. Clear your diary, free up your time, and allow yourself the freedom to relax and unwind at your own pace. Whatever you choose to do, it’s guaranteed to be time well spent!

What do you like to do during your me time? For me, it’s as simple as reading a magazine with a cup of tea! Leave me a comment and share your tips and relaxation ideas below.

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Please take care, stay safe and use common sense when following the advice, projects, recipes or ideas from

Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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