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The next big interior design trends for 2017

The New Year is a great time to think about freshening up our homes with new indoor furniture, updated colour schemes and a few of the hottest accessories in line with the latest trends. It’s also the time of year that trend forecasters pull out their crystal balls and announce the home décor trends coming up in the year ahead.
I’ve had a look at all the predictions and here are my picks of the top eight interior themes we can expect to see in 2017.

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Super Natural
As technology becomes more and more integral to our daily lives and developments such as artificial intelligence and 3D printing look set to cause greater disruption, people are looking to nature and natural materials to provide balance. A strong desire to bring nature into our homes and workplaces will see interiors filled with greenery, from hanging pots, to hydroponic indoor gardens planted with vegetables and herbs. Sustainable and recycled materials will also feature strongly, with worn or aged furnishings and accessories. Sofas and designer furniture will be made from sustainable materials;  designers are even beginning to experiment with algae and fungi to develop new products. Key colour for this trend is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 ‘Greenery’, a bright and powerful green hue.pantone-greenery-colour-pop-interior-design-trend-2017Nordic Influence
Scandinavian style continues to exert a strong influence on interiors with abundant natural light, a sense of space and simple well-designed furniture using natural materials. Natural textures and materials – such as wooden furniture, fur and shearling throws, hides and cork – ensure this look never appears cold or sterile. Bold fabrics and handcrafted accessories are also key elements. Key colours to recreate this look in your own home include white and soft gray with primary coloured accents.sideboard-sandinavian-danish-colour-pop-chair-mid-century-modernRaw and Industrial
The raw, industrial aesthetic is also still a strong influence, with concrete, clay, steel and glass forming the main materials. Again, this suits the trend for upcycled homewares as older items with rust spots, faded colours and patina fit in perfectly. If you’re lucky, you could give your home an industrial look for only a few pounds if you’re able to find disused shop/factory fittings, wooden pallets and rusted metalwork. The key colours for this look are gray, beige, off-white, yellow, white, walnut brown and glints of gold and copper.industrial-interior-design-trend-2017Reflective
For enthusiasts of contemporary furniture and décor, this design theme could be for you. The atmosphere here is soft and friendly, without being overly romantic and sweet. Modern materials and indoor furniture will feature cool mirrored, transparent effects. Look out for iridescent lamps, overlapping coloured glass shapes, shiny glazes, copper finishes, faceted shapes and reflective surfaces. These modern effects are contrasted with the tactility of handmade knitting and crochet to create a very livable theme. Choose muted key colours such as nude, blue, lavender, yellow, rose, turquoise, yellow-green, pastel yellow, peach, mint, lilac and pink.pop-of-colour-yellow-interior-design-trend-2017Pops of Strategic Colour

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1 neutral room + colour = a whole new look

Does your living room look exactly the same from one year to the next? Or could you tell what year a photo was taken just by sussing out the décor in the background? Some of us like to make changes to our décor every year; we like to mix things up, introduce new colours or add this year’s must-have accessories. While some of us (myself included) like to keep things the same; once we’ve settled on a colour, a pattern or a style, we stick with it. We can sometimes go for years without changing our décor at all and only get round to painting a room when all the walls are worn and scuffed. Does that sound like you? Or are you one of the interior trend-setters with a changeable home packed full of new-season designs and pops of colour? If you fancy changing up your surrounding every once in a while but don’t want to spend a fortune in doing so, I’ve come up with some ideas for regularly introducing new designs into your existing décor that won’t cost the earth. And it all starts with a fairly uninspiring neutral base. Positano_roomYes, in order to achieve the hottest interior design look of the year I want you to paint the walls white, cream or even (dare I say it?) magnolia. I recommend a neutral sofa in a subtle grey or pale biscuit shade. I want to see bare wood floors and basic furniture. Sure you can go for design classics like a chesterfield-style sofa or a g-plan coffee table – just make sure the colours are in the same neutral tone as everything else in the room. Everything looking pretty plain now? Good – lets get started.Grosvenor_room_1

Even fresh flowers can add a splash of colour to a neutral room

Now you can start to inject some colour. And I mean, really go for it! Pick a favourite primary shade, bright jewel tone or pastel hue and keep an eye out for accessories, soft furnishings, lamps and even books in that colour. Once you’ve collected a range of colourful accessories together you’re ready to start your neutral room ‘makeover’. Simply throw those cushions on your classic sofa, hang coordinating curtains, change the light shade and add a bunch of flowers. Step back and see just how different your rooms looks already. Newport_room

Use a tester pot of bright paint to update an old chair

If you want to go one stage further, you can paint a feature wall in the colour you’ve chosen. I’d recommend choosing a small wall, an alcove, a dividing wall, or mask off an area – or even just paint the door. The smaller the area, the easier it will be to paint over it when you want to make a change to your colour scheme next year! Why not keep an eye on Pantone’s Colour Of The Year and use this as the starting point for a very on-trend design each year? Painting a small area of bright colour onto the walls is a great way to update the whole room and make a big impact without spending more than just a few pounds on a small pot of paint. montana_room

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Tuesday Shoesday – Pantone’s colour of the year 2015

Each year I get excited about the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year. I know how much these selected shades influence the world of design and I find it really interesting to keep to see how it infiltrates into every area of life. Not just a guide for fashion looks, the Colour of the Year informs interior design, packaging, graphic design, home furnishings, beauty, web design, fabrics and even food, so you can imagine how important this announcement is every year for anyone working in a creative to wear pantone colour of the year marsala spring summer autumn winter fashion trend

The colour that Pantone announced for 2015 is ‘Marsala’, a dusky burgundy shade. Based on the tones of fortified wine, this warm earthy shade is perfect for creating a feeling of luxury and is the ideal ‘in-between’ seasonal shade – not overpoweringly bright nor oppressively dark. It looks great with fresh pastel colours and floral motifs so it is ideal to combine with the tones and textures of Spring. Which brings us nicely on to fashion choices that follow this trend for Tuesday Shoesday.

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This season’s interior design trends

Let’s face it; some of us wish we could change our home’s interior as often as we could change our clothes. Whether it’s the walls or the curtains, some people just can’t stand looking at one colour for too long. If this is you, then you’ll certainly want to know what this season’s must-have colours are – after all good interior design is just as important as on-trend fashion – right? Fortunately for you, colour-matching pioneers Pantone have come up with a selection of colours that they think are right for this coming season, and we’ve got the details here, along with some of this season’s other interior trends.radiant orchid pantones colour of the year 2014

image source

This year, it is definitely about pastels, but there are certainly no shrinking violets here. Colours are still strong, and work best in blocks. It’s probably likely that we’ll see these very same colours on the catwalks all through the summer.

Pantone’s colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, is the perfect example, and could well be the perfect shade for a feature wall. Everything feels very summery and open, so consider giving your wall space plenty of room – don’t clutter it with unnecessary pictures and mirrors. Get your patio doors and skylights open to really get things going.

Pantone’s selection in particular is designed to work well together, so don’t be afraid to experiment with two or three different colours from this seasons range. Consider one for the walls, and two for highlights within the room.

radiant orchid feature wall pantones colour of the year 2014 - interior design trends


image source

Patterns are also in at the moment, so you might need to start brushing up on your wallpapering skills. This actually varies quite a lot, from striking geometric designs, to floral and botanic prints. Striking graphic designs are very much the style in the fashion world, but inside you’ll get the best effect when you don’t go overboard. Just a single wall of wallpaper is often enough – anything more can start to make a room look smaller than it actually is, which is very much against the current airy, open style.

Working these trends into an existing room isn’t too difficult. Fabrics are definitely your friend here; you can change things like curtains and blinds easily to inject some new colour. Consider adding throws to your sofa, and table cloths or chair covers to your dining area. Aside from that, changing little things like lamps and candles can go a long way in introducing a new colour scheme. Have a look at Shackeltons for all kinds of furniture.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to your local DIY store and find yourself a tin of paint that expresses the season’s style – those walls won’t paint themselves!

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Tips on using Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2014

Is it a big thumbs up or something you’d never ever wear? When colour trend experts Pantone announced the colour of the year I was in two minds as to whether it’s the colour for me. You may remember that last year’s colour was Emerald (which I quite liked and even made my own emerald dress!) and that we’ve previously discussed their autumn tone Mykonos Blue and how to get the look for yourself – see the blog post here. This year Pantone have announced that the shade which will be influencing trends in fashion, graphic design, interiors, beauty and product design during 2014 will be Radiant Orchid – a bright purple shade with both cool and warm tones.

Pantone describes the colour of the year as an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones and says that it is an inspirational shade: “Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” A colour that emits love and joy is certainly something that I should be interested in so I’ve looked into ways of incorporating the Pantone Colour of the Year 2014 into our homes and wardrobes to bring even more happiness and energy into daily life – or will it? My problem with this is that – ironically enough – purple was my favourite colour as a teenager. I therefore do a little wince every time that I see it reported that purple is making a comeback. I wore a lot of lilac, rocked deep purple velvet and even enjoyed all shades of plum at once in a tie-dyed t-shirt. And now that I’ve finally grown out of purple, are you telling me that I have to put it back on the menu again? I don’t know if I can… but here goes!

pantone color of the year 2014 radiant orchid ideas for interior design

In terms of making a welcoming home you may want to begin adding elements of Radiant Orchid to your interiors. After a few years of taupes, greys and beiges being on trend, this vibrant colour should work with existing neutrals to reenergize your home – or so Pantone says! If you want to unify your interior spaces, simply adding a few splashes of Radiant Orchid on walls or soft furnishings will help to enliven almost any colour palette and I don’t doubt that it will bring a bright and cheery feeling into your home for Spring and Summer. Children, especially, will love a more lively colour scheme and your friends and family will admire your design knowledge even though you have only spent a fraction of the cost of redecoration by adding a couple of cushion covers or an artwork in this bold colour. That’s the theory anyway – but my home is very much UN-neutral so I’m not sure that even a purple rug would work in my own home. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t look great in your home, it’s just a clash-too-far for my retro living room!

pantone color of the year 2014 radiant orchid ideas for fashion colours

All Images by Radiant Orchid 2014 on Tumblr

If you’re planning to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your spring/summer 2014 wardrobe, you may already be thinking ‘what on earth can I wear it with?’ Well, I’ve done my research and have discovered that the shade works great with those from a similar colour palette, such as purple, lilac and pink. It’s already a bright tone but if you want to make an impact with a real pop of colour, combine it with scarlet red! Similar to the interior design ideas, using Radiant Orchid as a splash of colour in your neutral wardrobe will bring your existing fashion pieces up to date and need not cost a lot to get the look – a piece of costume jewellery or a pair of colourful shoes will increase your fashionista reputation with only a handful (or should that be armful?!) of new accessories.

I think this is the most likely way that I’ll be incorporating the colour of the year into my life – I already have a cute My Little Pony t-shirt in exactly the right colour (one that I’ve never worn since I bought it around 5 years ago, maybe it’s time for the t-shirt to shine!) and I’d be more likely to invest in a handbag or bracelet rather than a whole outfit. The other problem I have with this colour is that it’s not really a colour you can find in the vintage or second-hand/charity shop market. I think everyone, like me, chucked out their purple wardrobe back in the 90s and no-one thought to reuse them as ‘vintage’ because they were so dated. So where would I even buy any ‘Radiant Orchid’ clothes? Certainly not in my normal retail stomping ground of car boot sales, retro markets or charity shops. Nope, this would probably need to be a new wardrobe investment and I’m not sure I really want to wear it that much! Still, I will keep a look out for bright pinky-purple items when I’m rummaging through the flea markets and see if I come up with anything!

pantone color of the year 2014 radiant orchid ideas for beauty colours

Pantone has discussed the use of this colour in beauty and tells us that the rosy undertones of this shade will enliven complexions and radiate on the skin. Despite looking like an unwearably strong make-up shade at first, this tone of colour (which is actually both cool and rosy at once) can be worn as an eye shadow to outline eyes and make them glisten or as a lipstick to bring a healthy glow to the skin. It’s supposed to be an almost universally flattering shade, looking great with many combinations of hair, skin and eye colour, so don’t be afraid to try out such a bright colour for yourself. I have decided that nail polish is the way to go for getting this look on a budget whilst still looking like myself!

I hope these tips have helped you to identify ways that you can incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2014 into your daily life, bringing your home and wardrobe up to date and infusing your life with the joy and energy that Radiant Orchid promises to bring!


Autumn colour trend ~ Mykonos blue

According to colour trend-setters Pantone, this shade of blue is THE ultimate colour for Autumn 2013. Not denim, not royal blue and not quite electric blue, it’s a difficult colour to imagine. However, if you have ever been to the Greek island of Mykonos, you will easily be able to picture it: gorgeous blue skies, bright blue sea and the blue paint on buildings. Here’s a photo of a Mykonos building featuring the blue shade the fashion world is clamouring for this season. 

mykonoa blue image of greece from trek earth

Image c/o TrekEarth

It’s a relatively sunny colour, in contrast to the usual jewel colours and earthy tones we usually see during the Autumn season. The brightness of this blue brings a lovely sense of escapism, catapulting your mind back to warm summer holidays and bright blue skies. It certainly makes a change from all the navy blue we’ve been wearing since the Duchess of Cambridge announced her engagement to Prince William in a navy dress and immediately set the trend for all things navy.

viktor and rolf dress mykonos blue 

Image c/o Glamorazzi

With mykonos blue, you don’t need your whole outfit to be this one colour – just adding a little injection of it is enough to follow the trend. The image above shows how designers Viktor and Rolf are using the colour on the catwalk in a gorgeous cream dress with a mykonos bow woven through it. Take inspiration from this and add a little splash of blue to your winter outfits.

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Thrifty fashion – an emerald dress

We all know that emerald is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013 (here’s my blog post about it from January) and although we are 3/4 of the way through the year, this doesn’t mean that the colour is any less on trend. In fact, it’s really coming into its own for the festive season – jewel colours are always popular over Christmas – and the high street shops are packed full of emerald accessories and clothing. I fancied getting a skater dress in emerald ready for all the christmas parties I’ll be going to, but after failing to buy the bonprix dress below (perpetually out of stock) I’ve found that there is a severe lack of my favourite dress shape in the colours I want, so what should I do about it? What would you do? Make one? Okay!

emerald pantone colour of the year 2013 green dress top bag belt accessories jewellery

I know it might be a bit of a big project, but I’d love to make myself the ‘perfect’ dress – beautifully flared, fitted to me, with sleeves and a scoop neckline –  and in a bright emerald green! And why not? For the first time ever I’ll have a dress that is tailored to fit, rather than buying a size that’s not quite right and having to shorten straps, hem it or stitch the sides to take it in a bit. It’s certainly a challenge but one that I’d like to take on now that I have my own sewing space in my caravan. At least if I leave it hanging around half-made, it won’t be making a mess in my living room – the mess will all be contained within my ‘studio’.

Cassiefairy blog emerald dress making fabric from minerva and vogue pattern

So I hopped onto the Minerva crafts website to choose my ideal fabric for the project. I was toying with the idea of a patterned fabric (so that mistakes wouldn’t show!) but I worried about how this would be affected when using a cut-on-the-bias pattern. And when my eyes settled on the gorgeous green fabric (above) I knew it would be ideal for my custom-made dress. I also picked up an emerald green zip (I bet that would be hard to find anywhere else!) and I chose a Vogue pattern to make a cute party dress. The pattern had the option to use different necklines, different skirts and to add sleeves, so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Now that my package of joy has arrived in the post, I’m about to start the process of making my own dress. I’ll take some snaps while I’m doing it and I’ll let you know how I get on. I may need some help so if you see me desperately tweeting for advice on how to add a button-hole, please message me back with any dress-making tips and tricks!


Colour Trend for 2013 – Emerald City

emerald pantone colour of the year 2013 green dress top bag belt accessories jewellery

The colour professionals Pantone have announced their colour forecast for 2013 and this year’s colour trend is emerald. The executive director of Pantone Colour Leatrice Eiseman explains that “The most abundant hue in nature, the human eye sees more green than any other colour, this powerful and universally-appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.”

emerald pantone fashion trend 2013 kate middleton

This photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, (below) wearing a Mulberry dress in emerald back in October 2012 probably influenced the decision to name 2013 as the emerald year. And no doubt the colour won’t be limited to fashion – Pantone influences accessories, interior design, cosmetics and even graphics, so you can expect to see a tinge of green everywhere you look throughout the year.

emerald shoes pin up couture heels

This is one of my favourite colours and I’m delighted that there will be more of the rich green colours in the shops this year, but I’m worried that I’ll get sick of seeing it everywhere – I still can’t look at lilac after the mauve-overload at the turn of the century. Still, I like these emerald pieces that Marks & Spencer, Missguided and La Redoute have added to their spring/summer collections, and I’ll certainly whipping out my old favourite emerald eye shadow and sparkly Pin Up Couture high heels (above) to get into the spirit of 2013!

emerald marks and spencer top trousers bag 2013

emerald missguided dress gown skirt 2013

emerald la redoute jacket coat jumper bag 2013 fashion trend

If you’re looking for discount codes and special offers from La Redoute, check out this fantastic blog which regularly shares updates on deals from the fabulous French fashion brand. I’m certainly going to use this blog to hunt out bargains next time I’m shopping with La Redoute! 🙂

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