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How to earn money from your spare room

When most people think about thrifty living they automatically think of frugality: cutting costs and counting the pennies. But thrifty living is about far more than that. Of course, not paying too much for things you buy is important, as is making your existing possessions work harder by upcycling or repurposing them. But one of the things I’ve not mentioned on the blog before is making the most of your assets – and this is one of the most important ideas in thrifty living.  One huge asset that many people do not do much with is their home. This is surprising because your house is your biggest and most costly asset to maintain, so using it wisely can make a huge difference to your long-term financial future. Renting it out for holidays, short-term lets or even just getting a lodger can enables you to build up a good level of savings, and will have the cash ready for the next time you want to update your home.A potentially tax-free income Continue reading “How to earn money from your spare room” »


Finding low-cost flooring for my bedroom

When I started decorating my bedroom, I knew I wanted to create a tranquil space. I’ve always dreamed of an entirely white room – even when I was a teenager I wanted to create a minimalist room for myself, although you can imagine how un-minimal a teenage girl’s single room is in reality! This project is therefore the culmination of that dream. White, white and more white. That’s what I wanted. Yes the ceilings, the walls, the doors and even the floor.But where was I going to find white flooring that was also practical? I considered carpet, but seeing as I’m a big tea-drinker and a huge tea-spiller I thought that probably wouldn’t be the most sensible option. But I wanted a cosiness in the room so that the all-white box didn’t feel clinical.

After a lot of pinning and researching bedroom designs online, I decided that lovely whitewashed wood grain would do the job. Rooms with wooden floors rarely look clinical as the natural pattern adds a bit of interest to the floor. But as a thrifty gal, I didn’t want to splash the cash on a real-wood floor.

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Interior inspirations ~ Mixing modern with vintage

The phrase ‘vintage modern’ has been floating around the vernacular for the last few years, but what exactly does it mean?  It is basically the combination of both modern and vintage styles to achieve a look that is new and fresh without seeming old and worn.  It is an extremely popular aesthetic, and it is often harder to achieve than it might originally appear.

The quirky and bohemian appeal of modern vintage takes a good eye, plenty of bravery, and a good sense of humour.  This look is often eye-catching and provocative; however, the home could end up looking like a junk shop downtown if it is done incorrectly.  How is the successful mix of modern and vintage achieved?

vintage modern design living room

Modern sofa in a vintage living room by Helene Schjerbeck

Modern vintage seems to work only through the proper balance of unexpected pairings.  It is not really a prescribed look but more of an approach to decorating.  What this means is that when there is a vintage piece, there should be something modern not far away from it.  A perfect example is to purchase a modern sofa and add a little soul by throwing on some pillows made from vintage fabrics.  The key is to personalise and customise the space by incorporating personality into the mix.

There are many ways to achieve a modern vintage look.  Everything from handmade cushions and dyed doilies to painting new furniture with leftover paint can be incorporated into the mix of old and new to make the home feel more vintage.  Integrating industrial pieces into the home is also a fun way to do this.  Why not put some pendant lights over an old farmhouse table surrounded by modern seating?  This gives a unique feel to the room, and also a balance of old and new.

modern vintage design dining table by cocoon moon

Divine vintage dining table with modern chairs by Cocoon Moon

Go ahead and harness the power of textiles.  Decorating is all about texture, colour, and emotion; try to seek out special fabrics to create something extra special.  Vintage textiles, such as the dyed doilies mentioned earlier, can give modern and contemporary furniture a softer look; however, it is also effective to go the opposite way and use modern textiles on antique furniture.  A chaise sofa could be upholstered with a modern fabric with a brightly coloured pattern, for example, and the wooden legs could be painted in an eye-popping lacquer.

It is a good idea to buy bigger pieces new when working towards the modern vintage look, as these pieces can take quite a beating in a busy household.  This does not mean that an investment in an antique sofa or other piece of furniture should not be made, but do so with caution and keep an eye on the quality.  The key is to be unafraid and take chances – this approach can be incredibly rewarding when decorating the home.

Blending modern and vintage décor can be ultra sophisticated or a hotchpotch of confusion, so be careful and remember that the goal is to create an interesting juxtaposition of styles while making the home warm and welcoming.

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