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Personalised gift idea for the big ‘I do’

Do you remember just before Christmas I shared a sneak peek at a personalised present with you? Well that was actually for my husband and now that he has safely received it (and read it cover-to-cover!), I want to report back to you about it. I made him his very own copy of his life story with the help of The Book Of Everyone and when it arrived I was super-excited to give it to him. Thankfully, he stayed away from my blog throughout the month of December so was suitably surprised when I handed him a book that was all about him. wedding gift ideas inspiration-14The concept of The Book of Everyone is fantastic; it’s a personalised journal of anyone’s life – you just type in their name and date of birth and the Book of Everyone software will generate the pages for you, based on facts and trivia from the year and day they were born – it can even tell you what number person you were on the planet at the time you were born – amazing stuff. wedding gift ideas inspiration

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A beautiful bouquet for the holidays

It’s half term this week and I’m taking a little time off with my husband. We having a lovely break, full of days out and delicious meals, and I’ve just received a gorgeous bouquet – I’m one lucky lady! This beautiful bunch of blue hydrangeas and roses arrived at the start of the bank holiday weekend so I lovingly arranged them in my favourite tin jug and have been enjoying the beautiful scents all week.flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-5Both my husband and I love having fresh flowers in the house so its a real treat to get a bouquet at the start of the holidays, along with a bottle of wine and a nice box of chocolates; each of these little treats really mark the beginning of a holiday for me and helps me to feel like all the hard work has been worth it!

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Step-by-step Summer Beach Waves + Giveaway from John Frieda!

Tousled waves are one of my favourite hairstyles for blonde hair beauties during the summer months, making it look like you have just stepped straight off the beach, even if all you’ve been doing is working in the office all day. One important tip I have for this hairstyle, as with any curly or wavy hairstyle, is to use an anti-frizz serum to smooth and tame flyaway hairs.lauren conrad john frieda beach hair waves diy guide

Lauren Conrad’s beachy waves

To get natural looking beach waves and bring out those summer vibes, follow the few simple steps below.

  1. First of all, separate your hair into three segments. If your hair is quite thick or you have lots of it, separate your hair into four or five segments as this will make it easier to manage.
  2. Start to curl your hair one segment at a time. I tend to start curling around five inches from the bottom of my hair. Using my straighteners, I place my hair in between the heated iron and curl my hand outwards as if I was twisting a door handle. Try to turn your hand as far as it will go and then release.
  3. Repeat this process on each segment until your full head of hair is complete.
  4. Gently run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and make them look more natural.
  5. Finally apply a light mist of hairspray to hold it in position and ensure the waves don’t drop out.


Another method I use to achieve beach waves is to apply sea salt spray once I have washed and towel dried my hair. There are so many different types of salt sprays out there, so it’s worth trying a few until you find one that best suits your hair type. John Frieda have a great beach blonde range which is perfect for this style. There you go – perfect winter beach waves which took less than five minutes to achieve! Sheer Blonde giveaway prizeAnd now for the giveaway! Enter via the rafflecopter below to win a John Frieda Sheer Blonde Kit for summer containing 1 x Go Blonder Shampoo, 1 x Go Blonder Conditioner and 1 x Brightening Oil Elixir. All three of these luxurious products could be yours so get entering now!
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Tuesday Shoesday – Summer shoes that will give you interesting tan lines

This week I’ve been searching for the best summer footwear available on the high street and I’ve come up with the definitive ‘Lyst’ of sandals that will give you interesting tan lines. But this week I’ve been able to save time on my research by partnering up with Lyst and doing all of my online trawling via, a new way to compile your favourite fashion looks and shopping lists in one place.tuesday shoesday pretty summer shoes from topshop 2015

Topshop’s finest summer sandals

If you’re already a Lyst user you’ll know what I mean when I say that it is a time-saving godsend. Let me explain why; do you ever have an idea of what you want to buy in your head – silver Birkenstocks, for example – but you have no idea where to buy them, or if there is even such a thing as silver Birkenstocks out there in the big wide world of fashion? missguided sandals and shoes for summer 2015

Strappy flats from MissGuided

This so often happens to me and it bugs me for ages; all of my spare time during tea breaks is spent Googling and browsing fashion sites rather than actually taking a break from my computer screen. But now that I have discovered Lyst, my life has become so much more simple and I can search through literally hundreds of stores and designers to find out a) if there actually is such a thing as silver Birkenstocks, b) where to buy them, and (bonus!) c) the lowest price! By the way, I found this pair of silver Birkenstock sandals – they are from MissGuided and are just £25. I feel like such a winner! silver birkenstocks from missguided summer 2015 sandalsshoe inspiration from lystThere are lots of interesting fashion articles on the Lyst homepage and I really enjoyed reading through the footwear articles; its as if this one on glitter shoes above was written just for me! I also used Lyst to search for inspiration my own articles and after browsing through the footwear section I came up with a Lyst that rather resembled a 50 Shades of Grey-esque bondage lair, which is why I have named this post “summer shoes that will give you interesting tan lines”. Yes, these are the ultimate “strappy” sandals and these full-leg strappies below are the hottest look this summer. But genuinely, you will look like a zebra after wearing them on the beach – just remember to apply sunscreen first and you’ll be okay!

asos strappy sandals for summer 2015Sandal ‘boots’ from ASOS

cassiefairy lyst summer shoes 2015Not only did I use to compile this Tuesday Shoesday post, but I also couldn’t resist adding products from my favourite brands to a series of gift Lysts and fashion Lysts. When I first signed up, the website asks you if you like a series of designers and I wasn’t complete sure whether to choose some of the brands or not. I mean, I like Louboutin but I don’t shop there… though I would very much like to. I therefore went for all my favourite brands so now I can browse the stores that I actually do shop with, such as ASOS, H&M, Topshop, MissGuided, Converse, Oasis and Zara and they are all in one place. Of course, I have spent a few minutes hours looking at the designer ranges too and have carefully put together my ultimate designer wish Lyst, just in case anyone wants to treat me to a new dress…designer dresses on lyst using lyst websiteOne of the best things about is that it tells you if the item you like is on sale – I actually took a double look at a Calvin Klein dress because it was half price in the sale! If the item you want is out of stock, Lyst will search for it online and find it for you – it’s like having your own personal shopper, free of charge. Anyway back to the shoes…tuesday shoesday pretty summer shoes from topshop 2015I decided that the cutest way to get tan lines on your toes is with these flats from Topshop. You won’t end up with extreme stripes but may be left with a pretty pattern across your feet thanks to the cut-out leather and lace-up fronts of the gorgeous summer shoes. I am seriously considering purchasing the tan dolly-shoes as I think I’d get a lot of wear out of them over the summer – they are a neutral ‘go-with-anything’ colour and would look equally sweet with a skirt, shorts or even rolled-up jeans on a colder day. I’ll let you know if I invest – or I may just keep an eye on them via my Lyst and see when the price drops!

Let me know if you’re a Lyst user yourself and what you think of it by leaving me a comment below – and if you’re not a Lyst user, why not try it out now? And please follow me on – you can find me as ‘Cassiefairy’


The National Railway Museum at York

I know that many of you will be enjoying a little bit of time off this week for the school holidays and I wanted to share my experience of visiting the National Railway Museum with you to give you inspiration for something to do with the little ones during half term (including my tips for surviving the visit!). I visited the museum during the last half-term holiday and was surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed the day out. national railway museum york half term school holiday trip ideas and tips-6My husband and I were taking a break in Yorkshire and even thought we didn’t have any children to take with us to the museum we still really wanted to visit Paddington bear make the trip into York to see Paddington the trains so we drove into York for the day. Having no prior knowledge of the National Railway Museum, I was totally surprised by the scale of the exhibits – those trains are huge! national railway museum york half term school holiday trip ideas and tips-3 Continue reading “The National Railway Museum at York” »


A new attraction in Blackpool & tips for a school holiday trip

With the school holidays approaching with 9 whole days of entertainment needed for the children, I thought it would be a good idea to share a series of blog posts with you this week to give you some ideas for days out during half term. On Saturday I’ll be sharing my tips for surviving a bank holiday trip to the National Railway Museum in York but today I’m tackling the North West, and where better to start than Blackpool?blackpool tower ballroom and afternoon tea_-41I recently revisited the North West during the February half term and despite living, studying and working in the region for around 8 years, now that I have moved away I have returned with tourist eyes. And I could not believe what I saw – plus there’s a new attraction at the Pleasure Beach – more about that later..! Here are my highlights for a day trip to Blackpool:schol holiday ideas for half term summer 2015 blackpool travel trip Continue reading “A new attraction in Blackpool & tips for a school holiday trip” »


Dream a little dream – 50 sheets of grey

Please excuse the predictable title, but what else would I name a blog post about grey bedding?? As you may have noticed from my previous blog post about choosing a new paint colour, I’m giving my bedroom a bit of an overhaul and picking out some much-needed new bedding is the next step in that process.bedroom interior design decorating with grey bedding

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Tuesday Shoesday – Summer sandals

It’s finally here! The time of year when it becomes perfectly acceptable to take your socks off in public and show your pale toes to the world. It’s the season of sun, seaside and, inevitably, sandals. So this Tuesday Shoesday I wanted to show you my new favourite summer shoes and to challenge you to guess what brand they are.tuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandalstuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandals from flip flop shop-10I wrote about the jelly shoes trend last year after WGSN predicted an increase in rubber footwear and have reminisced about really wanting a pair when I was a child. Now that the trend has come full-circle, jelly shoes are finally in fashion again and I’ve seen hundreds of styles available on the high street. The only problem has been that modern jelly shoes are not quite as comfortable as I remember them being in childhood. In truth, all the ones I’ve tried on have been rather plasticy and unyielding so they will inevitably rub my toes and blister my heels. Which is why I have resisted buying any. Until now.tuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandals-2tuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandals from flip flop shop-6 Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Summer sandals” »

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5 Biggest mistakes people make with interior design

Today I wanted to share a really interesting article that I stumbled across last week. I asked designer and artist Chris Ramensky whether he would be willing to share his tips on interior design with you and he kindly sent over a guest post on the biggest (yet most common!) mistakes that people make with their home design. I know I’m guilty of some of these things and I’ve already made a few changes to my home after reading this. By simply taking out a few items I’ve made more space, and a new lampshade has made a world of difference in my living room. I hope you too will be able to gain some inspiration for your own home and please let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below.small room space interior design grey home

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Tips for getting the perfect fitting bra

Is there a bra ‘season’? A particular ‘time of year’ for underwear? If there isn’t then why am I seeing bra promotions wherever I go? I’ve bought no less than three bras in as many days and I think it’s down to the weather. summer fashion - underwear tips for getting a perfect fitting bra_-12Just the thought of last-year’s bra strap poking out from under a stappy cami top has sent me running to the shops to buy some new summery sets of underwear. Do you find you start thinking about new bras when the sun comes out too?

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