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A summer of inspiration – coming soon to the blog!

Hurrah I’m finally taking some time off! Don’t worry I’ll be popping back from time to time to share some updates on what I’ve been getting up to during my summer break but in the meantime I’m going to be sharing some fantastic guest posts from my lovely blogging buddies. I dropped my pals a line earlier in the month to ask them if they would be able to help me take a little time off. Well, I couldn’t just leave you guys without anything to read now could I?!blogger guest post food recipe interior design inspirationThe people I’ve called upon to step in with some fabulous guest posts this summer are the friends I’ve met over the years at blogging events. They are the people I’ve really clicked with and have enjoyed their company tremendously. I knew that their blogging ethos matched my own (they’re thrifty DIYers with a touch of daydreaming thrown in!) and I wanted to work with them as much as I could. You’re in for a treat over the coming month as I share guest posts from the following lovely people – here’s a taster of what’s to come…blogger guest post apartment number 4 instagram inspirationMagazine editor Victoria from interior design blog (and straight-speaking life-in-general blog for that matter!) Apartment Number 4 sent me an article on her top Instagram accounts to follow. Her taste is impeccable and I love all the inspirational photos she shares on Instagram so I’m pretty sure that this blog post will lead me to discover plenty more fabulous photographers to follow on social media.blogger guest post heydipyourtoesin food recipe instagram inspirationA blogging duo are next up, sharing a unique – and downright indulgent! – recipe or black sesame seed ice cream. Eulanda and Omo from travel blog Hey Dip Your Toes In have taken influence from their extensive travels to create delicious recipes on their blog. It earned them the title of Best Food and Drink Blog at this year’s UK Blog Awards, which is where I met this inspirational couple.blogger guest post devinebride wedding instagram inspirationLaura from – a great source of no-nonsense wedding advice and glamorous bridal inspiration – will be sharing a fabulous thrifty blog post titled “How I Saved Money on My Wedding”. She’ll be drawing on her own experience of getting hitched earlier this year and will teach us everything she’s learnt about saving money on ‘the big day’.blogger guest post lucylovesya food recipe inspirationMy long-time blogging buddy Lucy from the colourful has got a fantastic feast to share with us – not one, but THREE delicious curry dishes. Using fresh ingredients and plenty of tasty flavours, she has put together a mouth-watering selection of spiced vegetarian meals, that you can enjoy individually or as one big giant summer feast! Keep an eye out for this on Pieday Friday.blogger guest post dont cramp my style interior design instagram inspirationAnna from Don’t Cramp My Style interior design blog agreed to virtually show us around her home. She sent over lots of gorgeous photos of her apartment to show us all just what can be achieved in rented accommodation. See, you can inject a bit of style and personality into your home even when you’re not allowed to decorate!

I can’t wait to return the favour and send over guest posts to my blogging buddies when they next go away on holiday. In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog to read all these fabulous guest posts and be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what you think of these recipes, design ideas and wedding inspiration after you’ve read them. Have a great summer guys!

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My photos from Latitude Festival 2016

Just wanted to share a quick blog post today with some of the photos I took at this year’s Latitude Festival.latitude festival 2016 summer fest suffolk_-12 latitude festival 2016 summer fest suffolk_-11 latitude festival 2016 summer fest suffolk_-2Some of my personal highlights included watching a breath-taking performance by festival novice Jane Horrocks in the Film & Music arena, and sitting in on the Standard Issue Magazine discussion in the Literature tent, where one of my favourite actresses Helen Monks was on the panel.

As you probably know, I only really go to Latitude festival for the comedy, art and theatre performances so it was great to watch some fantastic performers that I’ve never seen live before, including David O’Doherty (who had me screaming with laughter as soon as he started to play his tiny keyboard, and who I later bumped into and snapped a selfie!) and the MC for the comedy tent David Morgan. The Toy Story trilogy acted out by the Comedians Cinema Club was a surprisingly fun way to spend the afternoon.

Last year’s MC Nish Kumar performed again this year, and I chuckled my way through Mark Watson’s lunchtime set. We decided not to watch the standing-room-only performance by Bill Bailey and went to check out Jane Horrocks’ festival debut with the If You Kiss Me Kiss Me Band. Luckily we got there early and ended up with a front row spot as the tent quickly filled to bursting point. I’m certain that Jane’s performance will go down in Latitude history as one of the best festival music sets ever. What a legend. latitude festival 2016 summer fest suffolk_-16 latitude festival 2016 summer fest suffolk_-4 latitude festival 2016 summer fest suffolk_Food was great, the sun was out, I drank lots of milkshakes and brought home the traditional Latitude cup, so all in all it was a good year at the Suffolk-based festival.

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Pieday Friday – Cherry & Strawberry Sponge Cake

This week’s Pieday Friday recipe was created quite by accident last weekend. I had an afternoon to myself and was feeling a little ‘meh’. Not down-in-the-dumps but definitely unmotivated. So what better way is there to cheer myself up than by baking a cake, eh? I dragged myself off the sofa and started to gather my ingredients together ready to bake. Having determined that I did already have everything I needed to bake a cake (for once!) I set to work finding my baking equipment. fruit cake cherry strawberry sponge bake baking recipe-6 fruit cake cherry strawberry sponge bake baking recipe-10This was the first stumbling block; my cake tins were nowhere to be seen. I’ve probably not baked a cake for a good few months, and I must have tidied the pans away into my caravan to stop them from cluttering up my kitchen. But could I find them now that I wanted to use them? Nope. Instead I had to use one larger tin than usual and hope for the best. I figured that I could cut it in half and sandwich it back together rather than baking two 7 inch cakes like I usually do. You might already be able to tell from the photos that this plan didn’t really work as my larger tin produced a much flatter cake!fruit cake cherry strawberry sponge bake baking recipeI had lots of strawberries in the fridge thanks to a rather fruitful patch growing in the garden, which had all ripened at once in the hot sun. I’d also picked up a couple of punnets of cherries in the supermarket, now that they are in season and are on sale at bargain prices. When I say ‘a couple’ I mean four in a week. So after days and days of munching on fresh cherries, I was starting to think about other ways of eating them up that didn’t involve breakfast cereal. So I decided to use up all my lovely ripe strawberries and cherries in this cake.fruit cake cherry strawberry sponge bake baking recipe-2 fruit cake cherry strawberry sponge bake baking recipe-3

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A beach bathroom makeover on a budget

With more sunny days than not in recent weeks, my thoughts have turned to summer holidays. While I’m not actually planning to jet off anywhere luxurious for a beach holiday, I DO want to inject a little holiday fun into my life. But how can I do it when I’m having a staycation, I hear you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m giving my tiny bathroom a mini-makeover and in a few short hours it’ll be a bathroom fit for a holiday. Here’s how I did it without so much as a lick of paint..!

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Tuesday Shoesday – Summer Holiday Fashion Essentials + Spa Day Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting rather excited about my summer holiday starting soon. For many of us our summer break means some much-needed time off and a chance to recharge our batteries with a spot of sunshine. Today I’m sharing some of my top thrifty fashion picks for summer 2016, I’m showing you where to find an amazing voucher code that’ll get you £20 off your new holiday wardrobe AND I’m giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 spa experience vouchers to really kick-start your holiday in style! Read on to find out more and how to enter this fabulous giveaway…tuesday shoesday shoes sandals flip flops espadrilles fashion summer 2016 holiday inspirationWhether you’re going to some luxurious far-flung destination or are enjoying a relaxing staycation here in the UK, it’s simply the chance to check-out and rest that makes summer holidays so appealing. And, of course, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a spot of holiday shopping too! Glancing through my wardrobe earlier this week I realised that, apart from a couple of floral t-shirts, I’m seriously lacking in any holiday attire. I have no flip flops, no beach cover-up and not one single pair of shorts. It was time to shop!fashion trend summer 2016 espadrilles denim white blue

I wrote about espadrilles as the ultimate summer shoe on Tuesday Shoesday last month

But, as you may have gathered, it’s rather unusual for me to go shopping for anything new. I’m a thrifty gal, and those money-saving habits die hard. I decided that shopping online for my holiday wardrobe was the way to go, as I could browse plenty of shops all at once and could do my favourite type of filtering: “order by lowest price”! I also knew that I wasn’t going to get sucked into paying all kinds of delivery costs, so my first stop (before I even began shopping for clothes!) was searching for money-saving vouchers and discount codes.tuesday shoesday shoes sandals flip flops espadrilles

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Guest Post – 5 Ways of Finding Some “Me” Time

Finding time for yourself, to recharge and re-focus, is quite the challenge when you have a family in tow. As a parent it can feel selfish to ask for “time off”, but with recharged batteries the time you spend with your children will be much more enjoyable for all of you. There are plenty ways where you can find this “me” time, without doing any major schedule rearrangements.Tips for working from home - Creating a timetable planSay no
There is no shame in setting limits. You don’t have to attend every school trip or community event, it’s perfectly alright to say no if you feel you need a break. This also goes for your partner too. Don’t be afraid to decline offers and requests – even if it goes against other people’s expectations. Also, delegate household work to teach your children that they need to earn their pocket money (the fact of this giving you more feet-up-with-a-cup-of-tea time is just a happy accident).

Schedule time off
If you have a problem with finding time for yourself, get it down in black and white and schedule it in. This way everyone will know what to expect and that this time is for you – if something has to be planned, it should be outside of these hours. This can also help to bring a sense of order to an otherwise chaotic life.

Eye Inspire Classic Trio from MeMeMe

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