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DIY Project – Make your own personalised wedding bouquet

One of the key things that a bride-to-be should consider for her wedding (besides her wedding dress of course!) is the wedding bouquet. Any bride would want to be sure to choose the most amazing, beautiful and unique flower bouquet on her wedding day, but simply choosing beautiful blooms is sometimes not enough. Some flowers have different symbolism (older generations may point this out!), some may not withstand a whole day of carrying, while others may cause hayfever outbreaks! So it’s important to consider which flowers would be best for you on the big day and one sure-fire way to get the beautiful bouquet your heart desires is by making your own. And that’s where today’s guest post comes in..!Customized bouquetWhile I’m away for the half term holiday I’ve asked the specialist team at Fresh Flowers how to make a special, unique, and thrifty bouquet at home. Thankfully they were able to help and have come up with a DIY wedding bouquet project that you can follow step-by-step. This way you will be able to carry a beautiful personalised bouquet down the aisle, while also saving money. So for those women out there who are starting to plan for their weddings, here is the tutorial (with handy photos) that you can refer to in the run-up to the big day.Step 5First of all, here are some of the things that you need to prepare to make this DIY wedding bouquet: Continue reading “DIY Project – Make your own personalised wedding bouquet” »


Breathtaking Valentine’s Day gifts + save 33% on flowers!

When you’ve not got much time and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, the quickest and easiest option is to shop for gifts online. But that doesn’t have to mean you’re not putting any thought or effort into choosing a treat for your favourite person. Oh no, there are plenty of simply gorgeous gifts online that you just can’t get anywhere else and I’d love to show you what I mean…rose bouquet flowers gift blossoming gift valentines present-2rose bouquet flowers gift blossoming gift valentines present-5First up, I wanted to show you some of the unique gifts available on Etsy. As each item is hand-crafted or vintage, you can be sure that your other-half won’t have come across the gift before and it will be a true surprise. Okay, sometimes items are handmade to order, which adds a little extra time to the ordering process and it might have to be a Valentine’s Day ‘promise’ rather than something they can unwrap on the day. But who wouldn’t want to be given a note that reads “I’ve bought you a handmade gold pendant”?! I personally love all the textile crafts you can find on Etsy and these are some of my favourite heart-motif goodies.knitted heart scarf

Grey and pink knitted scarf by Grace Cook Knitwear

knit heart gloves etsyHand-spun alpaca wool gloves by Spinning Spider Webb

I love love love Maria Allen jewellery and this is one of her gorgeous Valentine’s Day designs. My bestie gave me an amazing personalised locket from Maria Allen for my birthday a couple of years ago and it’s my most cherished piece of jewellery. I can almost guarantee that this would be a winning gift for Valentine’s Day so feel free to use this blog post to drop a huge hint to your hubby ladies!etsy valentines locket marie allen gold necklaceAnd of course, it wouldn’t be valentine’s day without a beautiful bouquet of roses! Listen up hubby! There’s still plenty of time to order a bouquet online at Blossoming Gifts (where I got these sugar-pink blooms from). Ordering flowers online don’t have to be an expensive venture either; these bouquets are stunning yet not over-priced, starting at just £11.99. You can also find potted roses, lilies and orchids that will live on beyond Valentine’s day, plus many bouquets comes with a free gift, such as a box of chocolates or teddy bear. Plus you can save 33% on selected bouquets by using the discount code “BGIFTS33”, bonus!rose bouquet flowers gift blossoming gift valentines present rose bouquet flowers gift blossoming gift valentines present-4I was very impressed when the bouquet was Continue reading “Breathtaking Valentine’s Day gifts + save 33% on flowers!” »

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My pretty festive table & DIY personalised Christmas crackers

Be warned: Now that it’s December 1st there is no stopping me. I’m going Christmas crazy and you’ll be lucky to find anything non-festive on my blog for the whole of the holiday season! So let’s start how we mean to go on; with a blog post about setting your table for Christmas dinner and making your own DIY crackers!personalised christmas crackers diy project-6 personalised christmas crackers diy project-13 personalised christmas crackers diy project-10Firstly, here’s my Christmas dinner table setting – what do you think? I’m actually rather pleased with how it turned out and I’d love to tell you how I decorated it. This table was set up for a festive dinner with friends last weekend (yes, we had roast turkey, chipolatas, honey-glazed parsnips – the lot!) so I wanted it to look suitably Christmassy to inject a little early festiveness to the proceedings. Here’s how I did it:personalised christmas crackers diy project-8 personalised christmas crackers diy project-9 personalised christmas crackers diy project-14 personalised christmas crackers diy project-12Firstly, I invested in some pretty felt placemats. I’ve seen these in lots of shops, at varying prices, but these are the lowest cost placemats I’ve found and they were from Poundland. I already had 4 round ones from last year, so I added another 4 circle snowflake placemats to my collection. The designs are slightly different this year but the change to the pattern is barely noticeable with a plate on top! I also got some rectangular place mats for the centre of the table so that hot dishes of yummy festive food could be placed on the table. By the way, the drinks coasters are personalised printed coasters that I made last month & shared on the blog – it’s an ice-breaker party game for guests around the table to guess the festive film quote!

Continue reading “My pretty festive table & DIY personalised Christmas crackers” »

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A beautiful bouquet for the holidays

It’s half term this week and I’m taking a little time off with my husband. We having a lovely break, full of days out and delicious meals, and I’ve just received a gorgeous bouquet – I’m one lucky lady! This beautiful bunch of blue hydrangea and roses arrived at the start of the bank holiday weekend so I lovingly arranged them in my favourite tin jug and have been enjoying the beautiful scents all week.flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-5Both my husband and I love having fresh flowers in the house so its a real treat to get a bouquet at the start of the holidays, along with a bottle of wine and a nice box of chocolates; each of these little treats really mark the beginning of a holiday for me and helps me to feel like all the hard work has been worth it!

Continue reading “A beautiful bouquet for the holidays” »


Cleaning my caravan & beautiful spring flowers

April was a good month for getting things done. There were equal numbers of bright days to grey days so everything in out home got sorted out, both inside and out. It’s such a lovely feeling to tick lots of chores off our list and I’m going into May with a big smile on my face, knowing that I have a home and garden that I can enjoy through the spring and summer. vintage caravan spring cleaning_-5Of course there’s plenty more jobs to do – a thrifty gal’s work is never done! – but most the horrible ‘pile of rubble’ unappealing tasks have been sorted out, or at least started on, last month and I feel like we’re getting somewhere. summer flowers hyacinth roses tulips-6Also, it’s the time of year when plants start to grow and blossom blooms so my life has been full of spring flowers this month too. The garden is FULL of primroses in all different colours – I never knew there were so many in our garden and I love them – it’s such a pretty spring flower and I’d love to grow even more next year. We decided not to mow the lawn in order to keep the primrose display in the spring flowers_-2 Continue reading “Cleaning my caravan & beautiful spring flowers” »

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Festive flowers

Last week I had a gorgeous bouquet of Christmas flowers delivered to my home. I was having a pre-Christmas party with my family at the weekend and I wanted the place to look as festive as possible to really evoke the feeling of Christmas, despite it still being November! So when Debenhams Flowers offers me the chance to review one of their seasonal bouquets, I jumped at the chance and here are the gorgeous blooms that arrived:debenhams christmas festive flowersThe delivery was arranged in advance so that the bouquet would arrive just before my weekend party, ensuring that the blooms looked their absolute best ŵhen my guests arrived. The fact that my festive floral arrangement was taken care of a couple of weeks before the event was definitely a benefit of the service as it meant that I could forget about it and concentrate on the important last minute preparations, such as food!

When the ‘Designer Velvet Rose’ bouquet arrived, it was safely packaged in a sturdy box, with plenty of water to keep the blooms looking fresh. I unwrapped the bunch of beautiful velvety roses, rich red oriental lilies, and delicate pink ‘grandprix’ roses and I didnt even need to do anything to arrange the display – it was all perfect arranged with stems of berries and silver birch – so I simply popped the whole bunch into a vase and set them on the sideboard.

The roses were beautifully scented and the gentle scent filled the room. I got a lot of comments from my guests about how gorgeous the flowers were and I only wish that they could have lasted longer (about 7 days in a warm house before the petals started dropping) so that I could have enjoyed them for even longer!debenhams christmas festive flowers-5I will definitely be reordering another of Debenham’s luxury bouquets to arrive in time for Christmas and I’ve got my eye on a snowy selection of white roses and silver eucalyptus for the big day itself. I’d also like to order some for my family in far-flung places that I won’t get to visit in person over Christmas so that they know I’m thinking of them.

What about you? Have you ordered from Debenhams Flowers before? What did you think of the bouquets? Or if not, would you consider booking in your delivery in advance so that you have fresh flowers in your home for Christmas to create a hassle-free display? Let me know and leave me a comment below 🙂

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