Make your wedding totally unique – here are some fun ideas to personalise your big day

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Every relationship is unique, so shouldn’t every wedding be the same? Lately there is a trend amongst couples to have themed weddings that truly reflect their personalities or shared interests, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars themed weddings. These ideas are fun, but what if you’re on a budget? No worries; even one unique detail in your wedding can make it feel more personal, and give your guests something to talk about (besides the wedding itself).

Build your bouquet as you walk down the aisle
There are many tips online to save money on flowers, such as picking them from your own garden or making them out of paper, but this tip gets your loved ones involved in the process. Have all your guests bring a single flower to the ceremony, and as you walk down the aisle say hello to them and slowly assemble your bouquet. Weddings can get really hectic and you might not have time to meet with your guests individually to thank them for coming. But this way you can acknowledge and involve each guest while building the ultimate bouquet that no florist would be able to recreate.

Anniversary piñata
A year from now you will look back at your wedding day with such happiness, but not everyone who was there on the day will be around to celebrate. During your reception, have your guests write down a joke, message, encouragement, or prediction and pop it into a hollow piñata for you and your spouse to break open to celebrate your first year of marriage.

Funny photos

Even with their camera phones snapping away, it’s always nice to have some printed photographs to remember the day. Unfortunately, you have to wait weeks before you can see the pictures your wedding photographer took, and your guests won’t be able to share in that experience with you. However, if you have a Booth Boy Photo Booth Hire as an attraction for your reception, everyone can take pictures with you, your spouse, and old friends. They can instantly have a hard copy to take home, and they can always remember how they shared your special day. You could even encourage them to take an extra picture to stick in your wedding book with a short message.

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Food trucks
It’s tough catering for so many people, especially if they all have different dietary requirements. Instead, why not hire a few food trucks to park outside your venue for a few hours. You could hire one vegetarian truck, one hot dog and burger truck, or just a big pizza truck to keep everyone happy. You could supplement the food from the trucks with a few salads, fresh beverages, and some small desserts to go with the wedding cake.

Special dances don’t just have to be reserved for your partner or parents. If you and your college friends had a special song that always got you dancing, have the DJ play that song and request that they all dance with you. Mine would probably be Never Forget by Take That as it was always the last song of the year at our university’s students’ union!

These are just a handful of ideas to help make your big day unique, but please do share your own tips or plans in the comments section below and I’d love to hear what you did on your own wedding day if you’re already married 🙂

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  1. Oooh congratulations on your upcoming wedding Katie 😀 I think the pinata is such a fun version of a guest book 🙂

  2. Really like the piñata idea – may think of incorporating something similar in to our wedding

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