Cleaning my caravan & beautiful spring flowers

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April was a good month for getting things done. There were equal numbers of bright days to grey days so everything in out home got sorted out, both inside and out. It’s such a lovely feeling to tick lots of chores off our list and I’m going into May with a big smile on my face, knowing that I have a home and garden that I can enjoy through the spring and summer. vintage caravan spring cleaning_-5Of course there’s plenty more jobs to do – a thrifty gal’s work is never done! – but most the horrible ‘pile of rubble’ unappealing tasks have been sorted out, or at least started on, last month and I feel like we’re getting somewhere. summer flowers hyacinth roses tulips-6Also, it’s the time of year when plants start to grow and blossom blooms so my life has been full of spring flowers this month too. The garden is FULL of primroses in all different colours – I never knew there were so many in our garden and I love them – it’s such a pretty spring flower and I’d love to grow even more next year. We decided not to mow the lawn in order to keep the primrose display in the spring flowers_-2garden spring flowers_-3There’s nothing better than the scent of roses and I’ve been lucky enough to receive a couple of beautiful bouquets from friends and my husband over the past month – keeping my home beautifully scented and my office looking pretty. After spending a couple of weeks away from my mum (a very busy time for us both), I thought it would be lovely to spread some floral joy to her too, so I sent some flowers by post. summer flowers hyacinth roses tulips-8summer flowers hyacinth roses tulips-5summer flowers hyacinth roses tulips-7I ordered these pretty Spring flowers from Debenhams and thanks to their service I was able to order online and mum received the bouquet to her home on the Friday, just in time for her to enjoy them over the weekend. I chose the bouquet for it’s scented roses, gorgeous white tulips and the rare inclusion of hyacinth buds. As you can see from these photos, they arrived as tight buds but soon burst into flower when arranged in a vase.


During April we also gave my little vintage caravan a good clean. I had no idea that my caravan had become so dirty; for a trailer that never travels anywhere, it was covered in mess and desperately needed cleaning. I’d not even noticed that it had become so mucky but a long dark winter had taken it’s toll on the exterior of my caravan and the previously pretty paintwork was quickly turning a fetching shade of gunk green.vintage caravan spring cleaning_ vintage caravan spring cleaning_-2 vintage caravan spring cleaning_-8So one dull day my husband and I set to work cleaning it up. We only had a few car cleaning products to hand, so we used the brush and sponges with a bucketful of warm soapy water and got scrubbing. Just look at all the dirt dripping down the side of the van – how did it every get so bad? I guess you just don’t notice it when you live with sometime every day.

Thankfully, the interior was still clean and dry, only requiring a quick vacuuming and a tidy up. I put my soft furnishings in the wash to freshen up my cushion covers and bed linen and hang them out on the line to dry in the sun. The whole caravan has enjoyed a mini spring clean and it has made a massive difference already – I just want to spend all my time out there now!vintage caravan spring cleaning_-5What have you been up to this spring? Did you tackle any big tasks in April? What are your plans for May? Let me know by leaving me a comment or give me a tweet @Cassiefairy.


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  1. hi, thanks for your reply. i ended up buying garden paint from b&q. I think its meant for wooden fencing or something but it works a treat and also is in a bluey colour!

  2. Hi Holly, I used an exterior paint (the kind you’d paint a front door with) from the Dulux range that I had made up into the blue colour from a swatch in B&Q. It’s not peeled or flaked off at all and it’s been outside in the elements for more than 2 years. I got a bigger pot than I needed in case I wanted to touch up the paint over the years but I haven’t needed to repaint anything yet! Hope this helps 🙂

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