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It’s half term this week and I’m taking a little time off with my husband. We having a lovely break, full of days out and delicious meals, and I’ve just received a gorgeous bouquet – I’m one lucky lady! This beautiful bunch of blue hydrangea and roses arrived at the start of the bank holiday weekend so I lovingly arranged them in my favourite tin jug and have been enjoying the beautiful scents all week.flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-5Both my husband and I love having fresh flowers in the house so its a real treat to get a bouquet at the start of the holidays, along with a bottle of wine and a nice box of chocolates; each of these little treats really mark the beginning of a holiday for me and helps me to feel like all the hard work has been worth it!

Flowers are one of the luxuries of life and I love to give bouquets to my nearest and dearest whenever I can, so it’s hard now that I live far away from my friends in the South, while all of my besties are in the North.

One of the things about going away to university is that you make a lot of very close friends. These are the people you saw every Monday morning in a 9am finance lecture (or didn’t see, as the case may be..!) and the same people you sang karaoke with all weekend. They are the best friends you’ll probably ever make as an adult and many people continue to live in the same city after graduation rather than move ‘back home’.  flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-10Yes, I was one of those few graduates who moved ‘back home’ but it was very much a change in circumstances rather than a choice and now all of my best friends live really far away from me. Of course, I see them as often as possible and it’s no coincidence that my holidays are always spent visiting the North… But it does make it difficult when I want to congratulate my pals of reaching milestones in their lives -new homes, babies, careers – and I can’t be there to celebrate with them. flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-3A very important person in my life has recently taken a brave step and has relocated to start her dream job. While I can’t be with my best friend in person, I wanted to celebrate her achievement and this really felt like more of an occasion than just sending a card. Nope, this was definitely an occasion for a bouquet so finding a reliable flower delivery company has become my go-to Google search whenever I get a spare minute. flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-7Over the years we’ve been living apart she’s surprised me countless times with cards or treats in the post ‘for no reason’ and they are always the kind of ‘hug-in-an-envelope’ that I want to keep forever. This time it’s my turn to surprise her, and even though I don’t even know her new address yet, I do know the company she is working for and their address so hopefully she’ll be extra-surprised by receiving a delivery at work!flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-4 Last week I finally found somewhere that I could buy flowers online without needing to take out a mortgage to fund it! The Summer range at Blossoming Gifts looked so pretty and I knew that the pink peonies will bring out the blogger in her again – I’m sure she won’t be able to resist photographing them and sharing online! 

What I was most impressed with was that the website actually tells you what you’re getting in the bouquet. I’ve always wondered whether a postal bouquet would actually look anything like the photo on the website (or whether it is a photo of a ‘large’ bouquet rather than the one I can afford!) and whether, in reality, a tiny bunch would be delivered. But this time the website actually lists the contents of the bouquet – the Avalanche Rose & Peony bunch I chose includes 8 pink peonies,  8 Avalanche roses 2 Greenbells and 5 Hard Ruscus.
 I chose a large bouquet even though there was only a difference of about 4 flowers between the large and standard bunches but I know that a couple of peonies will make all the difference to the display. Also included was a box of chocolates and a card for my personalised message of ‘keep up the awesomeness!’ Of course, I won’t get the see the bouquet itself to find out whether the flowers match the photo but I’m sure my friend will WhatsApp a pic of it to me, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!flower bouquet inspiration blue hydrangea and rose_-7Even though I went for a larger bunch, many of the bouquets are under £20 – something I’ve never found anywhere else – so it’s a great place to find cheap flowers if you’re on a tight budget, plus I found a discount code “BGIFTS33” which gives 33% off, although it does exclude the flowers by post range. The florist offers a ‘Flower Freshness Guarantee’ too, that their bouquets will stay looking beautiful for at least seven days or they will give you your money back – pretty good, huh?!
Let me know if you’ve ever sent flowers or a gift to your friends in the post and tell me your stories of when someone has done something lovely to surprise you – leave me a comment below or tweet me @Cassiefairy.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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