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Thrifty winter wedding outfit ideas

Being invited to a wedding always lifts my spirits. It means that one, often two, of my friends have found happiness, and are ready to settle down to a life together. It also means a party, a chance to meet up with old friends and family, dress up, and generally have a good time. Weddings really are wonderful, regardless of what time of the year they are held, but there is something extra special about a winter wedding.Wedding outfit in winterThe fact that few people get married in the colder months makes them occasions that are even more memorable. Winter weddings are a bright spot in what is often a grey and bland time of the year. As a result, I really look forward to them, but there is one issue, and that is finding something suitable to wear. For some reason, buying dresses for weddings in the winter months is nowhere near as easy as it is during the summer. I am not exactly sure why that is. Perhaps retailers are responding to the fact that demand for wedding outfits is not as strong as it is during the hotter months. However, if you know where to look, and think outside the box it is possible to find something suitable, and do so even if you are on a tight budget.

A long dress allows you to wear thick tights or even thermal leggings underneath for warmth!

A long dress allows you to wear thick tights or even thermal leggings underneath for warmth!

Rework what you have

If you have recently attended a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, there is a good chance that you will already own something that is suitable. Often you can adapt a party dress and make it work for a wedding. This is especially the case if you will be attending an evening reception. The chances are during the ceremony you will be wearing a wrap, or coat to stay warm so a party style dress will not necessarily look out of place. Making the wrap yourself from a length of coordinating fabric is an easy way of keeping the cost of your outfit down, and ensuring that you end up with something that fits in properly with your dress.

A slip and tights make it possible to wear even the prettiest summer dress to a winter wedding

A slip and tights make it possible to wear even the prettiest summer dress to a winter wedding

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How to style a space-saving side table

If you’re like me, anything and everything that has to do with decoration is fascinating regardless of the price (a girl can dream, right?). As you might have read by now, I’ve recently moved into a new home which is always the chance to start off fresh and combine existing furniture with some new stylish eye-catching pieces. Regardless of whether or not moving house is on the horizon for you, it’s nice to add some changes to your home to give your interior an extra sparkle. After all, we spend a good chunk of each day in our living nests so it’s only logical to create an atmosphere that you’re excited to come home copper side table styling a beautiful mess

Create a minimalist copper side table with this DIY project from A Beautiful Mess

When people think of redecorating, they often think of it as a complete makeover process, where overspending is the key that guarantees the best outcome. Being a fan of simple yet creative solutions, let me tell you there are ways to make it work without over splurging and draining your bank account. Just pick a few unique furniture items and watch it all fall into place. A good place to start is with side tables.side tables circular and square wood and metal styling inspiration

You can combine different shapes of side tables in one room

Predominantly, living rooms lend themselves to the “gather around the coffee table” set-up, making the coffee table the focal point of the room. If however minimalism resonates with you, you’ll already know that less is more. Consider removing your coffee table and replacing it with a side table. Or maybe two? If you just need somewhere to put down your cuppa, a side table will do the job and you can always pull it into the centre of the room to use as a coffee table when you have guests visiting. Not only will you amp up the room’s stylishness with some minimal pieces, but you’ll also gain some more space in the room. As side tables come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – from tall and sculptural to low and wide – these pieces of furniture can do wonders for your décor and give your interior a drastic change. You can experiment with materials too when you’re investing in such a small piece of furniture so imagine a style and go for it!repurpose old crates for a diy side table idea

Repurpose old boxes to create a DIY side table space

The material that a side table is made of is more important than meets the eye. More traditional households might match well with an elegantly crafted small wooden table. My suggestion would be black pine as it gives off a sense of elegance. Wooden designs are a way better option than glass if you have kids, especially toddlers – safety first! Some of my favourite sophisticated home-styles express their individuality with a blend of materials, such as wood with stone or brightly painted metal and glass combinations. An oak and marble duo is both sturdy and sleek and works well with any print – think mixing it up with a nice set of patterned curtains and a rug.funky gold side table

You can be adventurous with the design of your side table

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Enjoy breakfast-in-bed this Valentine’s Day… & all year round!

Whether you’re loved up or single, why don’t you treat yourself to a lovely lie-in this Valentine’s Day? Seeing as V-day falls on a Sunday this year, it’s the ideal day of the week to spend some time chilling out at home and lounging around in bed for just a little longer than you usually would.DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-14 DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspirationOne of my favourite stress-free activities is having breakfast in bed. Okay, it doesn’t happen very often in the Fairy household because we’re always so busy working. But that’s precisely the point; breakfast in bed should be something special. A treat. Something that tells you it’s time to relax and that you’re not getting out of that comfy bed anytime soon!DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-10 DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-9It puts me in mind of Mother’s Days past, and I remember trying to make mum a tea-and-toast breakfast in bed while I was still in the single-figures age bracket. I even do it now as an adult, and occasionally hubby will get a tray brought to his lap with a coffee and cereal. Okay, that’s usually on his birthday, but that’s what I mean about breakfast in bed; it’s a special event. It’s completely out of the ordinary, yet it would be a lovely start to any day.DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-17Even if you’re going to be making breakfast for yourself and taking it back to bed, it’s the fact that it symbolises the non-rushed nature of your morning that makes it so enjoyable. You’ll probably even Continue reading “Enjoy breakfast-in-bed this Valentine’s Day… & all year round!” »


Spring/Summer 2016 interiors trend – styling the candy look for DFS

While everyone else was putting up their decorations and baking mince pies, I was researching S/S16 interiors trends. While humming along to Christmas carols and lighting my advent candle, I was flicking through pastel colour swatches and picking out brightly patterned cushions. And only days before finally putting my feet up for the festive holidays, I was heading to London to style a bright and airy photo-shoot in an uber-glamorous yet real home location for DFS. Yes, I am one lucky blogger, that’s for sure. The wonderful people at DFS challenged me to create a trend makeover for Spring/Summer 2016 on a budget and, as my raison d’être is being thrifty and saving money, I jumped at the chance. And now that we’re going full-steam ahead into the new year, I can finally share my photos and interior inspiration with you all. Plus, you can WIN all the fabulous candy home accessories from George at Asda that I’ve featured in this photoshoot (worth £100!) to get the look for yourself, so read on to enter my giveaway. Enjoy!DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 dfs DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 embroideryThe trend that I wanted to focus this interior project around was ‘candy colours’. Whether this will become a full-blown trend is yet to be seen, but I’m willing to predict that these fresh bursts of delicious colour will quickly fill all our homes with a little Spring-time zest. After the inevitable sadness of having to take the Christmas tree down for another year this trend will perk you up no end, and will hopefully bring a little extra cheerful colour into grey days until the spring sunshine finally bursts through the clouds. As I’m writing this post today the sun is streaming over the garden and, with new colourful accessories adorning my home, I’m already feeling rather optimistic about the year ahead.DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 footstool 2 DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 dwell 1In fact, packing the festive decorations away at this time of year almost gives you a blank canvas to work with for your Spring decorating. I often look around a room after the Christmas tree has gone and think to myself; ‘this space is so big now’. So with all that perceived ‘extra space’, why not make some changes to your room and inject a little colours and happiness into your home? Here’s why I think candy colours will be de rigueur this Spring/Summer:DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 chair 2DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 teapot 3While doing my research for this photoshoot, I studied the Pantone colour intelligence predictions for Spring/Summer 2016. Although these bright juicy colours were intended for fashion forecasting, I was sure that they would translate well into a fresh spring-time interior scheme too. These are the top ten colours of the year and, according to Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, they will “transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” Sounds fun, doesn’t it? So not only will we see fruity hues and aquatic tones in our clothes, we’ll also be bringing a brighter and bolder palette into our homes too.

pantone color intelligence palette 2016My favoured colours in this palette are the fruity, candy tones; bubblegum pink, juicy coral, buttercup lemon, parma violet, minty aqua and cherry red. These colours all look great with a lush grass-green backdrop so are ideal for a living room, conservatory or kitchen that opens onto a blossoming garden. Of course, dark cosy bedrooms that have been great for hibernating in all winter would also benefit from a splash of colour against a fresh white canvas so don’t overlook bedrooms and guest rooms in your Spring-time makeover too – just a couple of pretty patterned cushions can make all the difference!DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 sofa 2DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 flowers DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 cushions 3You can probably guess how thrilled I was to be invited to style this look for DFS, if only by the volume of research I’ve done into the trend! I was excited to be able to pick out any sofa from the collection to include in my photo-shoot and thankfully, the brand has a huge selection of very classy sofas, armchairs and footstools to choose from.  Even though I was sticking to my thrifty budget for the trend challenge it wasn’t difficult to find a bargain sofa on the website that was absolutely perfect for the room AND purse-friendly. It was especially important for me to use a reasonably priced sofa because I know that purse-strings can be a little tight after Christmas, yet getting the look right was equally important. I wanted to find a fresh minty colour in a modern style and this Zapp three-seater sofa (currently in the Winter sale until 18th January at just £279, reduced from £598) fitted my search criteria exactly. The coordinating zig-zag patterned cushions pulled all the candy colours together, while the footstool became an exciting focal point for the room (as well as being a very hand coffee-table at times!). I love the modern design of this range and I hope you’ll believe me when I tell you just how comfortable the sofa is.DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 throw 4 DFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 accessoriesDFS candy colours interior design inspiration for spring summer 2016 textures 4 Continue reading “Spring/Summer 2016 interiors trend – styling the candy look for DFS” »

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Styling a coffee table three ways

Coffee tables tend to be rather simple, there’s not much more to them than a certain shape at a certain height, so you can really go to town on the accessories in order bring the room together for a unified look. The place where you can be really daring is the rug you use beneath the coffee table. A brightly coloured rug or a strong pattern will draw the eye to the centre of the room and towards your beautifully styled coffee table. I found my retro-inspired rug in the rug category at Habitat and used the grey and yellow colours as the starting point for my coffee table creations. I decided to create three looks for my nest of coffee tables for three different occasions; work, a cuppa with friends and a romantic table styling for work tea and romantic evening-7 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-11 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-3The first look is my relaxed working coffee table. It’s for those Saturday mornings where I want to get ahead with my work, check a few emails and make some plans for the coming week. So I’ve got out my laptop, planner, stationary and styled up the coffee table with this useful wood veneer tray and metal pen pot in yellow (both from Habitat) to keep everything neat. I need everything to hand if I’m going to be productive – I can’t stand settling down to work and then realising that I need to get up again for a calculator or notepad. I’ve also included a ‘working breakfast’ on my coffee table, with a cool glass of fresh orange juice and a big bowl of fruit. I used a clear acrylic box from Habitat to display my fruit because I’m more likely to eat it if I can see it!coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-10 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-8coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-16 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-9 The second look is a casual cuppa with a friend. Of course I needed a couple of funky mugs to serve up my tea and coffee so I picked out a couple that coordinate with my retro serving tray from Habitat. I added homemade biscuits and custard creams on my grey ceramic tray (originally a bathroom tray!) that matches my small milk jug perfectly. I wanted to include fresh flowers in this look to make the occasion feel a little more special so I picked some hydrangea heads from the bush in my garden and arranged them in a clear glass storage pot. coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-13 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-15 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-17coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-12The final look is for a romantic evening in with a film. It’s mainly styled for serving up food and drinks so I picked out my favourite retro wine glasses with copper films that sparkle in the candle light. I dished up nachos and popcorn for evening snacking in my oven-proof bowls with funky hand-painted patterns. To protect the coffee table I put down a gold placemat. In order to create a romantic atmosphere I dotted around some tealights in sparkling gold holders. coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-2 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-4 coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening coffee table styling for work tea and romantic evening-3

Here are my tips for styling a coffee table: Continue reading “Styling a coffee table three ways” »


Styling one tweed dress for work, casual & party time!

I have a lot of clothes yet I hardly ever have anything to wear. In fact, I probably wear the same 5 or 6 outfits over and over again and rest of my clothes continue to hang in pristine condition in my wardrobe. Does this sound familiar? So many women claim to wear just 20% of their clothes 80% of the time and I certainly agree with this statistic. At the start of the year I wrote about making the most of the existing items in my wardrobe and although I’ve tried my best, I just can’t help buying new things and hoping that this will be the one dress that will do me for every occasion. And that’s where my new tweed dress comes in.

David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-2 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-3

Dress from Bonmarche

The dress is designed by David Emanuel (yes, he who created Princess Diana’s wedding dress) for Bonmarche and it’s a lovely grey tweed with a little stretch in it. Just the right midi length for me, it is very figure flattering and I am always happy to have sleeves on a dress! It comes with a skinny black belt and I’ve been wearing it just as it is for a while now. But I wanted to make it work harder for me so I’ve come up with three more ways to wear this dress so that it can be used for work, evening wear and for casual days off – and that’s where we’ll start.

I’ve decided that my casual look should include layers of textures so I’ve combined tweed, with tweed, with tweed. Yes, this is a particularly autumnal look and feels rather ‘countryside’ when I wear it! It’s definitely a cosy combination; I’ve added my tweed jacket and wrapped a soft checked scarf in shades of grey, beige and pink around the neck to tie in all the colours and textures. Even though the jacket is a smart shape, the combination of all three elements makes the outfit more casual and I’d wear a pair of knee-high boots with it during the autumn.

David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-5 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-6 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-7

Jacket from Joules and scarf from Next

My work outfit has been created by simply adding a white shirt underneath the dress. I’m sure everyone has a plain white shirt in their wardrobe so I’ve been able to create this look without any added expense. It makes use of the belt that came with the dress and I’ve added my staple black handbag to complete this smart outfit. I rarely need to be this dressed up for work unless I’m going to a meeting so it’s good to be able to create a neat look without having to invest in a whole work-wear wardrobe. I would wear thick dark tights and patent brogues to finish off this look for Autumn/Winter. David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-9 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-10 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-11

Shirt from New Look and handbag from St. Elizabeth Hospice charity shop

Finally, I wanted to be able to wear this dress for nights out and I’ve turned it into a pencil dress by simply adding a thick elasticated belt around the waist and adding a couple of glitzy accessories in the form of this studded clutch bag and black floral necklace. This shows just how easy it would be to transform this dress from a daytime casual or work look into evening wear just by adding a couple of low-cost accessories. I would wear killer heels with this outfit and a pair of seamed tights to emphasise the 40s/50s wiggle-dress shape created by the belt. David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-13 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-14 David Emanuel tweed dress styled 4 ways-16

Clutch and necklace from Apricot and belt from Oxfam Online charity shop

Let me know what you think of these looks and if you can think of any other ways that I can create a different look with the same dress, please get in touch! Leave me a comment below or chat with me on Twitter @Cassiefairy.

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Thrifty fashion – 4 looks from one leather jacket

I’m one of those people who wear only a few items in their wardrobe over and over again. The statistic that’s always quoted is that most of us only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time and I am certainly guilty of this. I often seem to choose one or two ‘favourite’ items and wear them so much that I end up being sick of the sight of them or I find something that fits so well that I go out and buy 3 of the same skirt in different colours. I’ve had to the urge to do that with my New Look jumpers but so far only bought two… and that’s very restrained for me! But I don’t want to limit myself any longer and I want to get the most use out of my clothes – I’ve already paid for them, and we all know that the value of an item comes down to cost-per-wear. So over the course of a few blog posts I’m going to take items from my wardrobe and rework them into different looks that I hope will inspire you to do the same.

thrifty fashion looks - styling a black leather jacket four ways

This week I’m starting with a leather jacket. I’d coveted leather jackets for a while back in the autumn and I’d been Pinning images of fashion looks with leather jackets like crazy. I finally caved in and got this black jacket from Bon Prix because it was such a bargain price compared to all the others that I’d seen and I wore it a lot in the first week after it arrived and even bought some grey skinny jeans thinking that I was channelling a biker chick look. But then I stopped putting it on. I felt like it didn’t really go with anything else in my wardrobe and I didn’t know how to style it. Ultimately, I felt it added bulk and I didn’t want that extra puffiness on top of all the woolly jumpers and thick layers I was wearing during the winter. So it got put at the back of the wardrobe (and I mean literally) and I haven’t looked at it again since.

thrifty fashion looks Miley Cyrus leather jacket

Rock Chick / Classy Casual / Girly Glamour

Someone who does look good in a leather jacket is Miley Cyrus. She’s performing her ‘Bangers’ world tour at the O2 arena in May and even though she might be ‘controversial’ these days, all I really want to talk about when discussing Miley is her clothing. If you want an example of how to wear a leather jacket in a very casual way, look no further. Miley has grown up wearing her favourite leather jacket to create lots of different looks but nowadays is just as likely to be teaming a leather jacket with nothing else as she is a long glamourous gown.

I’ve tried styling my leather jacket in a few different ways and here’s what I’ve come up with – a girly dressy look that would be fine for a date, two casual looks using denim and chiffon and my very own attempt at a rock chick look using my favourite Tina Turner concert t-shirt and a bit of animal print!

fashion looks - styling a leather jacket for a girly lunch date

Floral dress from ASOS  & pink belt from ASOS

thrifty fashion styling - how to get more looks from one leather jacket

Cat print scarf from New Look & specs print chiffon shirt from George at Asda

Denim shirt from Matalan, belt from Apricot & handbag from Next

fashion looks - styling a leather jacket four ways

Tina Turner tour merchandise t-shirt, scarf from Accessorize & necklaces from Primark

At least I’ve found that there are few more ways of wearing my leather jacket and I think it will probably come out of hibernation now that we’re in Spring and I can finally shed all of those chunky layers. I especially like how cool the jacket looks with dresses and it’s nice to have a fitted item of clothing underneath it because it doesn’t feel so bulky like that. Please let me know what you think of my outfit ideas and let me know how you would style a leather jacket for spring – tweet me @Cassiefairy or leave me a comment below 🙂

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Take inspiration from Cher Horowitz & make your own fashion lookbook

I’ve recently been thinking about making my own personal ‘look book’. Imagine Cher from Clueless flicking through her e-wardrobe to choose her outfits each morning, but even more old-school in a ‘what-works-with-what’ outfit book. I plan to photograph each item in my wardrobe then I’d take some snaps of me wearing the items in different combinations so that I could flick through and pick out an outfit in no time at all. Okay, it’s a just little bit of fun for me and no-one else will ever need it (or even see it!) but I think it would make me experiment more with my clothes rather than wearing the same go-to outfit over and over again. I’ll finally stop being one of the many people who only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time and really start to get my money’s worth out of my clothes! Plus it’ll save me time in the morning when I need to choose an outfit in a hurry.

cher horowitz computerised wardrobe - clothing fashion

I’m sure I wasn’t the only teenage girl who wanted to get my hands on computerised wardrobe?!

Blurb is a cool self-publishing company that lets you make books about anything that interests you. And if you’re interested in fashion and style as I am – and love to show it off – making a book of your personal fashion is a fantastic way to capture your sartorial genius for all time. Whether you want it just for yourself, so you can look through your greatest hits, or you’re a bit of an Internet fashionista who wants to make a book to sell, I’ve found these tips on fashion photography pretty helpful:

It’s all about lighting. To make your fashion really pop, choose natural light or some studio light with a soft box (you can even make one from a lamp and last season’s white t-shirt). If you’re using a flash, you’ll probably want to bounce it or stick a diffusion filter on it.

Make a shot list. This is a critical step, and even more important if you are photographing models. Even if your model is just your best friend who owes you a favor, they’ll appreciate it if you know exactly what you want to shoot. Think about the poses you want to capture, the outfits you want them to wear, and the details that you want to highlight in every shot.

White balance (WB). Accurate colour and skin tones come from making sure the WB function on your camera is set to your lighting situation.

Choose the right lens/zoom setting. If you’re using a wide angle, you’re going to lose your beautiful lines (and your model may never forgive you). If you have a camera with different zoom levels, zoom out to minimize lens barrel distortion.

Keep it stylish. It’s a fashion shoot, after all. Play music, keep things moving, try new angles. Attitude, attitude, attitude.

Dress it up. Make your book as fashionable as the clothing featured in it. Choose a simple design that doesn’t upstage the clothing, but still looks chic. Pick a size and paper type that showcases the work brilliantly.

If you’ve ever paid attention to what’s on the catwalk, you know that fashion means different things to different people. Follow your own fashion obsessions and document them in a fashionable book. If you look good today in person, imagine looking great forever on the printed page. I’ll let you know how I get on!


My new fashion skirts featured on The Wardrobe Challenge blog!

I am so pleased to say that one of my new range of fashion tulle skirts has been included on The Wardrobe Challenge blog

the wardrobe challenge hanna photo of tulle skirt for punky princess fashion look

I love fashion writer Hanna’s blog because I enjoy seeing how she styles her outfits and it’s great to see someone doing it for all the curvy girls! She got in touch with me last month to discuss what kind of skirt she wanted and sent me lots of photos of other similar skirts so that I could get an idea of the kind of outfit she was after. This was a new experience for me because, although I’ve made 100s of tutus, skirts and fancy dress costumes, this is the first time I’ve made a ‘fashion’ skirt and I didn’t know how it would turn out.

After a lot of discussions about the type of fabric, colours and style, between us we came up with a sheer grey layered design with contrasting black underskirt and waistband. Hanna  is new to über-girliness and didn’t want anything too OTT straight away; “I was always a tomboy as a kid, and a teen, and a young adult, and a not so young adult.. haha. Basically I’ve only started to embrace all things girly during the past few years, and lately I have been dying to get my hands on a tulle skirt – which is the last thing that the young me would have worn”. Thankfully, she emailed me straight away to tell me that she loved the skirt and would be blogging about it, fantastic news! I’ve since made a few more of these skirts and will be adding the new range to my website soon at in a whole range of sizes, lengths and colours.

the wardrobe challenge hanna photo of tulle skirt for punky princess fashion look cassiefairy tutu

 Here’s the link to The Wardrobe Challenge’s Outfit Of The Day blog post and more photos of Hanna styling-up her tulle skirt as a ‘Punky Princess’. I think she looks fantastic, and while you’re on her blog, click around to see her other OOTD posts for inspiration for your own outfits.


Ballet Trend on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show


I have really enjoyed the ballet trend feature on the Lorraine Kelly show yesterday morning (16th March 2011). The looks that Mark Heyes has put together makes it very wearable in everyday life BUT I prefer the beautiful chiffon and tulle dresses and cute cardigans featured in the opening video for the fashion segment.

Ballet trend on ITV’s Lorraine show featuring Curvy Model Winner Lyndsey O’Hagan

Check out the whole ballet fashion item video here:

I think that the growth in this trend, which has been triggered by the 2011 film Black Swan, shows just how much women want to return to the world of whimsical fantasy of their childhood – lets face it, every girl wanted to be a ballerina or fairy princess at some point in their youth!

As a costume-maker and tutu enthusiast, I’ve never really let go of this childish ideal but now everyone can inject a bit of fantasy into their lives – even if it is only a pink floral headband or floaty skirt. And those of you who already have commissioned a Cassiefairy Tutu will have another use for it as a fashion item this season!

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