Enjoy breakfast-in-bed this Valentine’s Day… & all year round!

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Whether you’re loved up or single, why don’t you treat yourself to a lovely lie-in this Valentine’s Day? Seeing as V-day falls on a Sunday this year, it’s the ideal day of the week to spend some time chilling out at home and lounging around in bed for just a little longer than you usually would.DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-14 DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspirationOne of my favourite stress-free activities is having breakfast in bed. Okay, it doesn’t happen very often in the Fairy household because we’re always so busy working. But that’s precisely the point; breakfast in bed should be something special. A treat. Something that tells you it’s time to relax and that you’re not getting out of that comfy bed anytime soon!DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-10 DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-9It puts me in mind of Mother’s Days past, and I remember trying to make mum a tea-and-toast breakfast in bed while I was still in the single-figures age bracket. I even do it now as an adult, and occasionally hubby will get a tray brought to his lap with a coffee and cereal. Okay, that’s usually on his birthday, but that’s what I mean about breakfast in bed; it’s a special event. It’s completely out of the ordinary, yet it would be a lovely start to any day.DIY romantic breakfast in bed valentines day ideas inspiration-17Even if you’re going to be making breakfast for yourself and taking it back to bed, it’s the fact that it symbolises the non-rushed nature of your morning that makes it so enjoyable. You’ll probably even sigh a little as you settle back into bed with a trayful of breakfast treats. That’s the sound of relaxation. Enjoy it!

When Ocean Finance got in touch to challenge me to show my home some love this Valentine’s Day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to load up my home with all the things I’d need to enjoy a really peaceful breakfast in bed. I treated myself (and my kitchen!) to a new bamboo tray, just big enough for carrying my favourite brekkie snacks to the bedroom. I also picked up some new monochrome crockery while I was in Dunelm, and couldn’t resist the cute design of this bicycle mug.

But I didn’t stop at kitchenware, oh no sir. I headed into the bedding department and picked up some new quilted pillowshams in soft grey and a chunky throw. These new soft furnishings make my bed look really inviting and sunday-snuggle-worthy; just what I need to encourage me back into bed. Luckily for me, the clearance sale had just hit rock-bottom so I was also able to snap up a new gold metal vase and a very cute tea mosaic-light holder for just a couple of pounds each.

Just arranging a small bouquet of roses on my bedside table made a difference to the atmosphere in the room. I think it was simply the scent filling the room that I found so instantly calming. And lighting one single candle completely altered the ambience. It wasn’t enough to illuminate the room, especially as daylight was already peeking through the curtains, but it made me feel like I was staying put for a while and helped me to feel relaxed. Of course, a scented candle would be even better, especially if you choose a calming scent. Just don’t choose a lavender candle (recommended for inducing sleep!) otherwise you might nod off and spend the whole day in bed. That’s not a bad thing, but I’d like to be awake to enjoy it!

What do you think of this idea for treating yourself to a lovely lie-in this Valentine’s Day? If you’re loved-up, perhaps you could fix a tray of treats for your other-half next weekend and make them feel really spoilt. And of course a breakfast-in-bed is welcome at any time of year and for any occasion so keep it in mind for birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day… and any Sunday! Let me know how you’ll be giving yourself a treat this Valentine’s Day by leaving me a comment below. And please use the sharing buttons below to drop a hint to your hubby that’s you’d like a lie-in next weekend!

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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Cassie Fairy
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3 Responses

  1. My birthday is actually the day after Valentine’s Day so I usually spend the whole weekend in bed 😉 haha. Your flowers and kitty are gorgeous, hope you and the hubby enjoy v day!

    Alina x

  2. Wow that sounds so lovely Laura, now I want to go away for a night and order room service! X

  3. We stayed in a hotel a few weeks ago and ordered the room service breakfast and ate it in our fluffy bath robes. It felt like the biggest treat – I love the idea of recreating that at home

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

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