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If you want to show someone special that you care about them this Valentine’s Day but know that you won’t be able to make it to the shops before the weekend, I’ve got the solution for you. No, it’s not too late to order a personalised Valentine’s card online because I’ve found a great website that will post it to your loved-one first class. If you order before 2pm the card will even be put in the post-box the same day! Plus, I can give you a special discount code to get 50% off straight away! Sounds too good to be true? Would I lie to you fairies? No way! Read on to find out more…valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-9 valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-2This super-helpful card company is Thortful, one of the newest and coolest greeting card retailers online. I fell in love with the brand as soon as I logged on to their website. I was actually searching for information on writing greetings and found lots of helpful advice on their blog (more of that later!) when I stumbled onto their website. It’s a really slick, user-friendly site and is packed full of amazing card designs. Of course, the first category I searched for was Valentine’s Day, but there’s also plenty of birthday greetings, thank you cards, celebrations and special occasions. I’d definitely call it a one-stop-shop. valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-8When I’ve shopped on other card sites in the past, I’ve found it really hard to find what I want. You probably all know that I’m really into puns, so I know what I’m looking for almost before I begin. The trouble is being able to browse through the designs quickly, without a whole load of gumph in the sidebars distracting me from my search. No such problems with this site; it’s really easy to navigate, plus there’s an app you can download to make scrolling through the collection even easier. You can personalise the message within seconds (or have it posted to yourself to hand-write if you prefer) and see a real-time preview of what the card will look like. Enter the recipient’s delivery address and boosh! Your greetings card is on it’s way to your favourite person. Don’t forget to use the discount code to get 50% off – it’s “CassieFairy50”.valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-5If you’re stuck for ideas of what to write inside your card, the Thortful blog is a great source of inspiration. I’ve read through their helpful posts about phrases and messages to write inside thank you cards, Christmas cards and more, so you’ll be sure to get some inspiration for your own message while checking out these posts. It’s definitely worth checking out the blog anyway to read interviews with card designers and to check out inspiring photography tips. valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-7Oh, and you can also become a card designer yourself. The website and app allows you to upload your own designs and photographs to turn into greetings cards. People can start buying your design straight away and every time your card design is bought you receive a royalty of 50p per card. Of course, you can upload your customised design and buy it yourself at a discounted rate because you’ll be getting 50p back on the sale, bonus! This is something I’m considering doing myself, so I’m really pleased that this feature is available.valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-6 Thortful is not only a really helpful creative brand; it’s got great eco-credentials too. All cards are made from FSC certified paper, with pulp sourced from FSC certified well-managed woods or recycled materials. On top of this, the cards are all chlorine free, hard metal free, fully recyclable and biodegradable. The ivory envelopes that your card is delivered to the recipient in are created from FSC certified fibres and (interestingly enough!) algae which would otherwise suffocate ecosystems in waterways. Plus, the brown mailing envelopes they use to send cards to you are also 100% recycled, using post consumer fibres that would otherwise go into landfill. Very earth-friendly, I like it.valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-3Considering it only takes a couple of minutes to choose, write and send a Valentine’s card with Thortful, you’ll be able to get that job ticked off your list this lunchtime. And don’t forget to use the 50% discount code “CassieFairy50” which will give you your first card at half-price. Romantic AND thrifty, who wouldn’t want a spouse like that?! Also, it’s Mother’s Day at the start of March (on Sunday the 6th) so you can get this greetings card sorted out at the same time, hurrah! valentines day greetings card inspiration thortful-4Let me know if you check out the website by leaving me a comment below and I’d love to see your designs if you become a Thortful creator (it’s totally free to start selling your designs!) so please tweet me @Cassiefairy. And if you want to share the thrifty Valentine’s love with your friends, please use the sharing buttons below to spread this bargain deal with everyone you know! Thanks, hope you all have a lovely Monday.



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  1. That’s great news James, hope you find a fab card 🙂 don’t forget to use the discount code CassieFairy50 for your 50% off! 😀

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