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If you’re like me, anything and everything that has to do with decoration is fascinating regardless of the price (a girl can dream, right?). As you might have read by now, I’ve recently moved into a new home which is always the chance to start off fresh and combine existing furniture with some new stylish eye-catching pieces. Regardless of whether or not moving house is on the horizon for you, it’s nice to add some changes to your home to give your interior an extra sparkle. After all, we spend a good chunk of each day in our living nests so it’s only logical to create an atmosphere that you’re excited to come home to.

When people think of redecorating, they often think of it as a complete makeover process, where overspending is the key that guarantees the best outcome. Being a fan of simple yet creative solutions, let me tell you there are ways to make it work without over splurging and draining your bank account. Just pick a few unique furniture items and watch it all fall into place. A good place to start is with side tables.

Predominantly, living rooms lend themselves to the “gather around the coffee table” set-up, making the coffee table the focal point of the room. If however minimalism resonates with you, you’ll already know that less is more. Consider removing your coffee table and replacing it with a side table. Or maybe two? If you just need somewhere to put down your cuppa, a side table will do the job and you can always pull it into the centre of the room to use as a coffee table when you have guests visiting. Not only will you amp up the room’s stylishness with some minimal pieces, but you’ll also gain some more space in the room. As side tables come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – from tall and sculptural to low and wide – these pieces of furniture can do wonders for your décor and give your interior a drastic change. You can experiment with materials too when you’re investing in such a small piece of furniture so imagine a style and go for it!

The material that a side table is made of is more important than meets the eye. More traditional households might match well with an elegantly crafted small wooden table. My suggestion would be black pine as it gives off a sense of elegance. Wooden designs are a way better option than glass if you have kids, especially toddlers – safety first! Some of my favourite sophisticated home-styles express their individuality with a blend of materials, such as wood with stone or brightly painted metal and glass combinations. An oak and marble duo is both sturdy and sleek and works well with any print – think mixing it up with a nice set of patterned curtains and a rug.

The shape of the side table is also important and adds to the uniqueness of your home. From circular, rectangular, squared, you name it, there are side tables to match your imagination. Certain geometric designs offer more freedom in combining them with the rest of the furniture. You can create a jaw-dropping room by applying “echo style”, or to put it in other words, a repetitive style where you repeat shapes. A circular side table would best match circular chairs, rugs, mirrors and frames. Minimalists love simplicity and as luck would have it, designers are applying it more in their creations, making it a huge trend.

The great thing about owning side tables is there are endless ways to style them up and many purposes you can use them for. While serving for cups and glasses, a side table can be so much more than just a regular table, so it’s definitely money well spent.

When styling, book lovers can use them as a sort of bookshelf decorated with some small trinkets and if you have long-forgotten gifts, side tables are a great opportunity for you to showcase them. When used as sofa side tables, you can have a table at each end of the sofa and use one for placing a beautiful statement lamp, which will be great when you want to read in the evening too. For flower lovers, side tables grant you the space to arrange vases of beautiful blooms and decorating the top with ornately framed pictures of friends and family looks vintage-cute.

Whichever styling option and side table design you go for, I think that cute little tables add a nice touch to any living room. At the very least you’ll have more room to dance around it the middle of the room without a coffee table, haha! Don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know if you prefer side tables too and I’d love to know your ideas for styling up a tiny table so tweet me @Cassiefairy with photos of your table.


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