DIY new baby bundle gift basket

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If you want to treat a new mum (and give some gorgeous gifts to the little one too) why not create a DIY baby bundle gift basket? This make-it-yourself gift shows your friend just much they mean to you, and gives you the chance to spoil her rotten! So shake up the spray paint and get to work…

DIY gift basket

The first task is to create a gorgeous basket that all the baby goodies will fit into. Make this a thrifty gift by upcycling a secondhand basket. Use one you already own (this has been in my caravan for years) or pick up one from the charity shop. Give it a coat of primer inside and out. Once this has dried you can move on to spray painting the basket with the colour of your choice. If you already know whether the little one is a boy or a girl, you can paint it accordingly, or go for fresh white like I did if it’s still a mystery! Spray with a few coats of paint from all different angles to make sure you cover the original colour of the basket completely.

Practical presents

Let’s start with some of the essential items that all babies need: nappies! Of course, your friend will probably already be well-prepared in the nappy department so choose some larger sized nappies for the little one to grow into. It’s always handy to have a pack of next-size nappies in stock. I chose some reallllllly cute ones from Emma Bunton’s brand Kit & Kin, and not just because they have adorable animal faces on the bottom! These nappies are eco-friendly, approved by dermatologists with a natural absorbent core. Every part of the nappy (including the packaging) is biodegradable and – this pleases me the most – they are cruelty-free. Kit & Kin is a member of PETA so all their products are animal friendly. If you’re buying nappies as a gift, don’t forget the compostable nappy sacks and some ph balanced natural ‘magic salve’ to soothe nappy rash. I added some more skincare products for baby to the parcel including hypoallergenic hair and body wash, bubble bath and a chemical-free body oil.

Gifts for baby

I couldn’t hand over a whole basket of practical gifts when I’ve got baby to buy for, could I? I chose some wooden puzzles from Hape for the little one to enjoy when they grow a bit older. One is a sports car design and the second is a rainbow rabbit puzzle from Debenhams. These Hape products are made with non-toxic finishes, water-based paints and child-safe materials.Add in a toy, teddy or building blocks – of course, it’ll be a while before baby can play with toys but it’s nice to make sure that there’s something special for baby in the basket. 

Treats for mum

It’s not all about the little nipper – mum had something to do with the ‘grow-your-own-baby’ project too! So I think a few treats for her wouldn’t go amiss. I found an interesting book on embracing maternity leave’s boundless opportunities called Maternity Leavers by Soozi Baggs. And I couldn’t very well get some bathtime products for baby without treating mum too. So I picked up some more Kit & Kin skincare products for mum as well.

Celebration time

And what gift basket would be complete without a mini bottle of bubbly to with? Tie some paper straws to the bottle with a bow in matching ribbon and slip it into the parcel along with some retro sweeties. Use shredded tissue paper or gift basket straw to cushion the goodies inside the basket and pack them all away.

If the packs of nappies won’t fit into the basket just hand them over in a canvas bag along with the beautifully packaged basket. Tie a silk ribbon around the basket to finish off this homemade baby bundle gift.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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