How to create a warm and cosy feeling in your bathroom for winter

Seeing as the rest of the house is getting a bit of a makeover for Christmas, I wanted to take a look at my bathroom and figure out some ways to make the space feel cosy and warm throughout the winter. Here are some suggestions to create a snug space where you can enjoy a much-needed relaxation session...

Seeing as the rest of the house is getting a bit of a makeover for Christmas, I wanted to take a look at my bathroom and figure out some ways to make the space feel cosy and warm throughout the winter. Here are some suggestions to create a snug space where you can enjoy a much-needed relaxation session

Let’s face it, bathrooms can sometime feels cold. No matter how high you’ve got that heating on, or how warm your bathwater is, often it’s the room itself that makes you shiver. The cold hard tiles, the frosted glass window, the bright white light – these are all things that create a less-than-cosy feel in your bathroom. But, with just a few changes (some quick and easy, some more DIY-based) you can turn your bathroom into a cosy space that you’ll enjoy spending time in this winter.

Is that a tiny Christmas tree in my bathroom??


I read a 2020 bathrooms trends piece this week, which suggest using bold colours to create a feature within the bathroom, so why not make it a dark hue to create a cosy feel? In contrast to a fresh white bathroom (that makes a compact room look bigger and brighter), darker hues will help you feel enclosed and snug. This can be achieved by painting walls, using bathroom-ready wallpaper or changing tiles.

Tiles are one of the easiest ways of creating a focal point and drawing people’s eye to specific areas of the bathroom. The contrast between light and dark has always been a popular choice in bathroom design.

– Bathroom Planet

This is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I used dark blue tiles behind my bath and on the floor. The white walls either side make the small room feel bigger yet the dark colour draws you in and creates a cosy zone in the centre of the room. Plus, it really shows off your bath or shower enclosure, so is ideal if you have a freestanding tub or rainfall shower that you’re proud of.

Of course, this is more of a DIY option as it involved getting out the paint brush – or retiling the whole space if you like that look – but seeing as bold colours and bathroom wallpaper will be the hottest trends in bathroom design next year, why not revamp the space now and enjoy it for years to come?


Other rooms in the home benefit from the addition of soft furnishings to make them feel snug, right? So why not add some fabric details in your bathroom too? Sure, big fluffy towels do the job of making the space feel cosy (and less echoey) – especially if they’re a cosy dark colour as I mentioned above. It makes that chilly morning shower much more appealing when you’ve got the promise of being wrapped in a soft towel and fleecy dressing gown after!

But it’s not just about towels – I’m also talking about shower curtains and adding fabric roman or roller blinds to your windows. The softer texture of fabric gives the impression of a cosier space. Thermal blinds can be made to fit the window recess to lock warmth in the room while providing a barrier between cold windows and the bathroom. Plus, a blackout lining means you can create a snug and cosy room at any time of day when you lower the blind. Metallic or textured finishes also add an extra festive touch, like in this image of roller blinds from Terrys Fabrics below – it just makes me want to have a cosy bath!

When I was looking for shower curtains to add soft texture to my own bathroom, I was so pleased to find these ones with a metallic pattern that I bought from from George at Asda. The glinting gold design gives the bathroom a rather festive feel (it reminds me of wrapping paper!) without going OTT. Although, as you can probably tell from my photos of festive towels and accessories, I’m quite happy to go OTT at Christmas!

If you want to dress up your bathroom for guests over Christmas, you can always add some soft hand towels with festive patterns and embroidered designs. Also, I have a rather cool Christmas pudding bath mat – all of which add texture and cosiness to your bathroom and make it a more desirable place to spend time in the winter.


One of the easiest ways to change the ‘feel’ of an entire room is with lighting. Firstly you could change your ceiling light bulb from a cold daylight bulb to a warm white hue – it’s such a simple switch that makes a big difference to how cosy the room feels. Next, you can add candles to shelves and windowsills when you’re having a relaxing bath to completely change the ambience of the room.

You could use LED candles (as long as you keep them away from water!) or why not choose a scented candle to add another layer of cosiness to your relaxation time – a cinnamon or orange and cloves scent would be ideal for your winter baths.

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas for creating a cosier bathroom for Christmas. Please do let me know what you’ve done in your bathroom to make it feel more snug and warm for winter in the comments below – I’d love to hear your hacks 🙂


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