3 Practical tips for maintaining your car for the end of lockdown

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The current state of affairs is proving to be very difficult for all of us. With the lockdown still in action – many of our usual activities are on halt, be it going to the office, meeting friends or going on road trips. So, many of our vehicles have been sat still garages and driveways for weeks. But don’t worry – we will be out on roads again sometime in the future so, to ensure our car is in great condition when we next drive vehicles our of their garages, we need to look after our car’s health in the meantime.

Taking care of your car with basic maintenance you can do at home will help make sure it performs well on the busy roads once lockdown comes to an end. Here are three essential checks you should do before heading out on the road…


If your vehicle isn’t running regularly there’s a chance that the engine oil in the car might deteriorate if not checked frequently. This is because this oil contains chemicals that can affect the components of the engine over time if not cleaned or refilled. The task you can do before setting out on a journey after lockdown ends is to check your engine oil. Top it up if needed with fresh oil and give it a chance to circulate around the engine when you first start up the car, before you begin driving.


If you’ve left your car parked outside where it’s exposed to direct sunlight, you need to carefully check whether the quality of the tyres is being affected by the exposure of sun. If you have no shaded place to park the car then you could make sure the tyres of your car stay cooler by covering them with tyre covers or even just an old sheet. In this way your tyres will be kept safe from heat and the quality will not be affected. Check for cuts or slow punctures and, if you need to replace the tyres before heading out on the road again, you can buy tyres online from garages who follow strict safety protocols, such as Ossett Tyres House. Check that your tyres are inflated correctly and pump them up before you start driving again, if needed.


If your engine hasn’t been running, the battery won’t hav been receiving it’s normal charge from the alternator. So there’s a chance that the battery may become drained over time. Once lockdown has ended you can take your car out for a run, obviously with all the precautionary measures taken, to recharge the battery. A hours’ drive will fully charge the battery but, if the battery is flat and the car won’t start, you can use a portable jump start kit that you charge up inside your home. Then, simply connect it to the battery to charge it up or you can jump start the car if you need to get going straight away.  

I hope these simply car care tips will keep your vehicle performing smoothly once it gets back on theย  road again. Please share your car maintenance hacks in the comments below, I’d love to hear how you’ve been looking after your vehicles at this time…


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4 thoughts on “3 Practical tips for maintaining your car for the end of lockdown

  1. Hey, amazing, and needed post for me to maintain my Jeep Wrangler during this lockdown scenario. I will surely check on my tires, engine oil, and battery to keep up its smooth ride. Thanks again for sharing this post.

  2. Great list of tips! Very timely for car owners who’ve been stuck at home or haven’t been using their vehicles that much because of COVID and quarantine restrictions.

  3. Wow…… you are sharing such a nice and amazing ideas this will helps a lot of peoples . thank you for sharing this post.

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