How to create a feature wall that works for all seasons

At this time of year I often start thinking about redecorating my home. With the darker days I like the idea of adding dark colours and feature walls, but I know that it won't work for the rest of the year. So, how do you create an interior that looks seasonal but all works all year round?

Collaborative feature

I think the answer is to choose a wallpaper mural to create one impressive feature wall. That said, it’s easy to choose a design that’s too seasonal – for example, a snowy mountain scene in the winter that’ll make you feel chilly in the summer!

The key here is to choose the pattern wisely, considering how it will look in the changing light of each season, and ask yourself if it will feel right in six month’s time. Also, try to imagine any of your seasonal additions in the room alongside the feature wall – for example, will your heavier velvet winter curtains and fluffy rugs sit well alongside the image? If it’s a tropical beach design, probably not!

Nonetheless, it IS possible to choose a wallpaper that suits all seasons and the best way to do that is by exploring nature wallpapers that are already inspired by foliage, outdoor scenes and the changing weather. Here are a few examples to illustrate how a design can work in all seasons:

Autumn inspired

Let’s start with the current season and this vibrant foliage pattern. Any leaf print will naturally suit an autumnal interior but, as you can see from the ‘Highveld Garden’ design below, it’s full of grasses and tropical leaves, alongside shade-loving ferns and some evergreen plants. There’re even some flowers dotted throughout the design, making it suitable for the months where plants would naturally be blooming.

The ochre colour is a classic autumn tone yet, when combined with mid-century furniture, it takes on a retro vibe and brings a mustard tone to the room – which looks fresh in the sunshine of summer and brightens up the darker days of winter.

Winter wallpapers

While it’s very tempting to turn your home into a winter wonderland with a frosty feature wall, it’ll certainly look unseasonal in the middle of summer. So, the important thing to look for if you want to add a rustic feel with a woodland mural is to choose a design that contains a variety of seasonal stages to the trees.

For example, this mural depicts a woodland scene but it could be at any time of the year. There are bare branches of winter, rust-coloured leaves of autumn and even the impression of blossom in spring. The light and dark within the print depicts the changing sunlight levels of the seasons and the weather could be both stormy or bright – the print cleverly covers all bases.

Spring feature walls

Likewise, the design I would choose for a year-round ancient woodland vibe is this large tree mural. The colours are non-seasonal, so you can’t tell if the tree is in spring blossom, summer green, autumn rust or dropping leaves in the winter. The foliage shapes within the design could be any (or all) of these things.

What the image does do, is draws the eye into the distance, which helps to make a feature wall recede and the room will instantly feel bigger. It adds interest and pattern to the room, but without imposing a strong seasonal feel, so it can be enjoyed all year round.

Summer styling

Finally, in the summer, there’s nothing nicer than a tropical print to help you get that holiday vibe. However, it can easily become unseasonal as we move into autumn and winter. So, this hanging palm leaves print is the ideal solution to getting a tropical feel in the summer that still works later in the year. The fronds also remind me of ferns, which are unfurling in the spring, and any leaf print is suitable for an autumn interior.

Looking at the pale tones of the leaves, they could even be frosted, which makes the mural work well in a winter interior too. Plus, the subtle hues will work with any of your existing decor, fading into the background and allowing the furniture to take centre stage, so you can always dress the room up with a variety of soft furnishings to suit the season.

If you’re planning to add a feature wall to your home, keep in mind the changing seasons when you choose a wallpaper mural and consider how it will look at different times of year. Opt for nature-inspired designs and select non-seasonal colours to ensure it looks great all year round. Let me know your tips for adding a feature wall in the comments below.

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