My lovely sewing machine is in need of some TLC – can you help?

I love my old Seamstress Sew-Tric sewing machine; it’s the prettiest sewing machine I’ve ever seen, it has beautiful ornate panels and it looks like an ancient hand-powered machine but it is in fact electric-powered – all the style but none of the effort!

It’s dreamy and I knew I needed it in my life when I first saw it. I bought it as a reconditioned vintage machine and bartered the price down like a crazy woman so that I could afford it – just!

Its been working brilliantly for a year, but it’s just started to die a slow death – the pedal sometimes doesn’t power the needle at all and when I sew too fast it occasionally cuts out & – eek – blows the electricity in the house. So that can’t be good! And I can’t live with it only working sporadically so it needs to be fixed.

So, I need a helping hand to find someone who services & fixes sewing machines in Suffolk who can take it on & repair it for a reasonable price because I’m on a very tight budget. Please get in touch if you know how I can get my precious machine back to full health!


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8 thoughts on “My lovely sewing machine is in need of some TLC – can you help?

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks very much! At the moment my machine is back with fella that sold it to me & hopefully will work out what’s up with it, but if it doesn’t get sorted out I’ll definitely be in touch – I’m following you on Twitter! :o) Thanks again xxx

  2. Hi Dave, I have actually asked the guy that I bought it from to take a look at it, so maybe he’ll be able to help me – he’s based in Felixstowe in Suffolk and see the comment below: Sarah’s offered to help me with it too! So fingers crossed it’ll be up and running again in no time! x

  3. If you have not sorted your machine drop me an email I may be able to help you, sarah

  4. Did you manage to find out any info, i have one and am trying to find out info and repairers,


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