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This week I’m going to London to see the Spice Girls musical! And I admit, I am soooo excited about it! I can’t wait to see Viva Forever at the Piccadilly Theatre and have been bursting with excitement ever since my bestie told me she’d booked a ticket for my birthday treat back in December! And now I’m off to sing along (is that allowed?) to all the Spice Girls’ classics and dance in the aisles (again, is this ok?). But what will I be wearing on my feet?

tuesday shoesday iron fist union jack shoes like spice girls 90s platform heels footwear

I have some amazing news. Well, its pretty amazing for me, because I’ve been coveting these shoes for years. In fact, for 15 years and I’m not kidding. Ever since Geri Halliwell peeled up her long gold dress to reveal a sparkly pair of union jack platforms during their live concert at Istanbul I have lusted after these shoes. See the video below for that exact moment during 2 Become 1 – it happens at about the 4 minute mark 🙂

So I wanted those shoes, and for all these years I’ve been searching for something similar. I came close around the millennium when I found a pair of red glittery platform shoes, but they were wellllll out of my price-range and weren’t really the right thing. So when I saw a pair of union jack platform shoes by Iron Fist, I actually stopped breathing for a moment. They were perfect! I found them being sold online for around £70 but a quick bit of searching saw me find them for £50, then £40, (getting closer to my budget) then £30 and finally on sale for only £19.99! Yes, I got these beauties delivered for under 20 quid!

Then the long wait began for them to arrive. That’s the only thing with ordering online, I am so impatient for them to be delivered! But it was an amazing moment when I first saw my new Spice Girl platform shoes and I’ve photographed the process for you – from the first peek to the joy of slipping my foot in. And I can report that these 5 inch heels are surprisingly comfortable, probably because the platform is a couple of inches tall itself, which makes it feel more like I’m wearing a pair of 3 inch heels (still pretty tall for me!).

cassiefairy spice girls tuesday shoesday new union jack shoes from iron fist geri halliwell

I love my new shoes so much that I went to bed in them (you’ve got to do that on the first day, haven’t you?!) and I’ve been walking around the house in them to get used to the height (is this really how hubby lives his life?) and to test whether I’ll be able to walk well enough in them to wear them to Viva Forever this coming weekend. We’ll see, but even if I can’t, I’ll be wearing my Spice shoes with pride at plenty of other occasions, because I’ve waited long enough for them that I might as well get a lot of use out of them to make up for all the years I’ve been coveting them!

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