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Welcome to another Tuesday Shoesday… or should I say Sockday? I don’t usually feature specific products on my Tuesday Shoesday blog posts but today I’m making an exception because I’ve just spent the weekend playing with my new Chatty Feet socks! If you’ve never seen these socks before I highly recommend you check out their website because my husband, my nephew and I had the best time messing around with our new character socks and here are the photos we took:

tuesday shoesday chatty feet professor brian sox and sigmund socks

There are a whole selection of characters available from Chatty Feet but I chose the coolest of the bunch for myself – Prof. Brian Sox! Above you can see the professor himself taking a selfie with Dr. Sigmund Socks just before going to a big conference on ‘measuring intelligence through footwear’. My husband and I enjoyed playing with the socks so much, that we spent most of Saturday morning with our feet in the air acting out scenes from the scientists’ lives – including me doing my best ‘I’m Professor Briiiiian Sox’ impression and hubby adopting a very accurate Austrian accent while Sigmund told Brian that ‘there was no pedi-cure for his condition’.

chatty feet for toddlers and adults

So you can imagine our excitement when my toddler nephew came round for lunch and we gave him his own pairs of chatty feet – a mini Brian Sox and moustache-wearing bandit Mr. Grrrril. One of each face went on my nephew’s tiny feet and one of the socks even turned into a hand puppet as he ran around tickling people with Mr. Grrrril. Again, stories were acted out (I wish we’d filmed it now) and it turns out that the socks like to attack each other – see foot-squashing photo below – Brian Sox looks rather distressed don’t you think?

tuesday shoesday chatty feet baby socks

We also watched some of the videos on the Chatty Feet website and I can’t possibly finish this bog post without mentioning the Laundry Collider video which I have included below for your viewing pleasure. After my nephew had been thoroughly tired out by all the sock fun, my hubby and I had a rest… and Prof. Brian Sox was very helpful in persuading Sigmund Socks to put the kettle on and make him (me!) a cup of tea. So I think it’s been well worth dedicating this week’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post to the things that go inside your shoes because I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a pair of socks since I turned one into a puppet at primary school. Childish it may be… but there’s nothing wrong with all the generations of a family playing together – and now I want all the other characters too – I’ve got my eye on Brad Feet..!

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