Colour-changing flowers…

Does anyone know anything about plants? Hydrangea bushes, in particular? It’s one of the few plants that was already living in our garden when we moved in two years ago and I really like it. I’ve been delighted with the sheer volume of flowers it produces each year and I love bringing them indoors for a summery floral display.


The thing that has confused me about the plant is that they flowers seem to have changed colour. When we first moved in, the bush produced lilacy-blue flowers. Last year hubby gave it a strict pruning and when the flowers have bloomed this year they are all different colours; pink, blue, lilac and all shades in-between. Is this typical of a Hydrangea or have we done something wrong? Either way, I’m pleased with the variety of colours and it’s created a lovely display this year.

Hydrangea plant

There are so many flower heads on the bush that even after I’ve taken a big bunch of Hydrangea flowers to my mum yesterday there are still about 50 more flowers blooming in the garden. It’s definitely one of my favourite flowers and I’d love to grow some more Hydrangea plants – does anyone know whether I could take a cutting from my existing bush? And does anyone have any idea about why the flowers have changed colour? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hydrangea flowers-2

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Cassie Fairy
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6 Responses

  1. In what’s called “the old days” gardeners used to collect rusty nails and put them in the soil next to Hydrangea bushes so that they would product blue flower heads

  2. Hi Cleo, thanks for all the info 🙂 You’re right, u do enjoy the surprise! I will definitely try taking cuttings this year and grow my hydrangea collection 😀 thanks for your comment x

  3. I’m no expert but as the comment above says it is the acidity of soil which changes the colour- if you are interested then you can buy (quite cheaply) acids to put in the soil to change the colour- they can go lots of different colours. You seem to quite like the surprise of nature though! Generally after a while they will establish as one colour, depending on your soil- it’s easy to look up for your area.
    Also you can take cuttings, there’s lots of tutorials on google. x

  4. Its the soil thats why changed colour pink is acid soil and bluer colours are alkali 😉 I love hydrangeas they are nice to photograph!

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