Choosing stylish swimwear for summer

The school summer holidays are here and it’s the most popular time of year to take a vacation, which often means swimming pools and the dreaded swimwear! Even if you’re just taking the children for a swim or going for a workout swim, you’ll want to look as good as possible in your swimsuit.

There are plenty of tricks you can use to make yourself feel body-confident in the pool and it’s simply a case of choosing the right swimwear. So if you hate the idea of going into a cold store fitting room and trying on loads of swimwear, you can use these tips get an idea of the shapes that will look best on your body and make a shortlist before you even head into the store fitting room.

  1. Swimwear fabrics have become really advanced over the years and it’s easy to choose a swimsuit with secret shapewear panels to make the most of your natural shape.
  2. Choose something that isn’t super-fashionable with the latest patterns or colours as this will date quickly. If you choose classic swimsuit colours such as blue or black, and vintage shapes including halternecks and high waists your swimwear will last you for years to come and you can afford to spend more on a great fabric and fit.
  3. The best swimwear to invest in is the kind with cup-sizes to ensure you get a great fit that will keep you supported, be comfortable and, most importantly, won’t slip down!
  4. A tankini a great solution if you are different sizes on your top and bottom halves as you can buy individual pieces in the right sizes.
  5. Shorts or swimming skirts will help to cover your hips and hide any wobbly bits and looks great with a bikini or tankini top.
  6. Choosing a sweetheart neckline will enhance your cleavage and ruffles around the neckline will add fullness to your bust. Most swimwear has adjustable straps similar to bras so that you can make sure that everything is in the right place!

It’s possible that different stores might have different measurements for the same sizes so you should try on a few size options to get the best fit, because no-one will be able to see the size label while you’re wearing it but they will notice bits bulging out if you’ve tried to squeeze yourself into a smaller size! So don’t worry about the number on the hanger and choose the shape and style that suits you best, then you will be able to feel confident both in and around the pool this summer!


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