Interior design trends for a new loft space

If, like many homeowners, you have been looking for great new ways that you can make the most of your property and expand it rather than moving to a larger home, you might want to take a look in your loft space. If it is still only used as a storage room and is just gathering dust, changing it into a fully-usable room could be a great idea.

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However, you will need to sit down and have a think about what you would like to use your new loft space for – it could work very well as one of the many options below. Those that are looking to sell their homes should also consider converting their loft space, as it can add a surprisingly large percentage onto the value of their property and is something a lot of prospective buyers are interested in nowadays. So, here are some of the current interior design trends for your loft space:

Reading room

If you love reading and you have a particularly big library of books, devoting one room to them will probably appeal to you. It will also give you a space to put all of your books so that there aren’t errant bookshelves all over the house, which can free up space in other rooms. You could have one wall of bookshelves, a few comfy sofas or armchairs, a plush rug and some soft lighting to make your loft space welcoming and relaxing for those that want to take some time out to read. Also consider wallpapering or painting the walls in a neutral colour that won’t be too much of a shock to the system for the quiet reader, or go for a deep tone such as dark green or burgundy.

Family room

If you have kids, creating a family room out of your loft space could give your kids a room in which they can play together somewhere that’s a bit out of the way. Not only this, but it can also house all of the board games, games consoles and other toys that they love to play on but which don’t really fit into their bedrooms. For example, you could set up a mini-home cinema with games consoles such as a Nintendo Wii, Xbox or PlayStation 3 in, and they could play to their hearts content. Kit the room out with some comfortable seating, lots of floor space to make playing easier (and safer) and use bright colours that will appeal to children.


Whether you work from home often or you just need a quiet place from which you can focus on particular jobs, creating a study could give you a quiet space from which you can work without being disturbed. The décor for a study will all depend on who it’s for – if it’s for a man you should consider neutral colours with wooden furnishings and masculine shapes, whereas women may prefer lighter colours with plush furnishings and soft, feminine shapes.

Whatever décor you choose though, you will definitely need a desk, office chair, filing cabinet, bookshelves to store vital reading material and possibly even a sofa that can be used for relaxing when not at work. There are so many options when it comes to choosing what to turn your loft space into. So, what will you be going for?

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