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If you’re anything like me, the chances are you want your home to look as perfect as possible but you also have to be mindful of your budget. If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you’ll have seen that I’ve shared a couple of very low-budget room makeovers in my own home including decorating my kitchen and, most recently, creating a welcoming hallway. I hope you’ll agree that even the little projects I’ve undertaken have improved the spaces in my home, in spite of the low-costs. Every year many people decide to renovate their homes, often taking out costly loans in order to do this but in my experience there are many alternatives that don’t require a huge cash outlay but can still improve your home. By using the right tips and tricks you can save a lot of time, money and inconvenience!

Just a lick of paint & a new rug has made all the difference in my kitchen

I’ve found that one very popular type of home improvement project is having a new kitchen fitted. Some people think that because their kitchen looks worn and tired it’s time to rip it out and start again. However, there is a far easier solution and one that is not only simple but can be carried out as a DIY project rather than getting builders in. By replacing the doors on your kitchen cabinets along with hardware such as handles and hinges you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without having to get it completely replaced.

Adding a dado rail & monochrome wallpaper helped create a welcoming hallway

Having central heating fitted is another common type of home improvement. However, once again this is something that can be time consuming, costly and involves a lot of hassle due to the need to install and plumb in the systems. However, an alternative is to opt for electric stand alone radiators from VeriSmart Heating, which are not only more cost effective and require no plumbing or installation but are also far more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing than radiators.

My seaside inspired bathroom makeover

If you are considering tearing off the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen and investing in new ones, you can also benefit from a far cheaper alternative. Simply replace any tiles that are broken or damaged rather than the whole lot. You can then invest in tile paint in the colour of your choice and just refresh your existing tiles. A grout pen will enable you to complete the job by using it in between the tiles. If you feel creative you can even stencil some designs and patterns on the tiles to make them really stand out. This way you save on the cost of the labour and of buying costly tiles not to mention saving yourself the time and hassle of carrying out all that work

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for some simple and easy ways to improve your home while avoiding over-spending or wasting valuable time. What money-saving tips do you have for decorating your home? Please leave me a comment below to let me know!


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  1. I have found this company online who replace kitchen doors. Dixon Doors. They do any colour and size. You could simply replace the doors with a nice fresh gloss finish. A couple of years ago I decided to remove the shelves from my kitchen cupboards and replace then with internal drawers. I found some on E-Bay in a hard wearing metal. I never used the cupboards only to hoard stuff in them. Now they are fully functional and I use them every day.

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