Pieday Friday drinks recipe – Fruit cubes for sparkling cocktails


Today’s recipe is a great one for adding a little bit of excitement to your party. If you’re planning a wedding, hen party, birthday or are even gathering together to celebrate the Queen’s 90th at a street party, this little fruity recipe would be a great addition to a glass of something bubbly. Whether you’re drinking soda, lemonade or a sparkling wine, these little cubes of fresh fruit add a little kick to any glass of fizz, turning it from a basic drink into something special for your big occasion. Read on find out how to make fruity cubes for your very own party and how you can WIN a case of sparkling wine from Premier Estates for yourself!wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-32 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-28 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-21Freezing pureed fruit into ice cubes is a simple enough idea, but it’s the fruity combinations that add the wow factor. Popping a couple of cubes into a champagne flute before topping up with fizz creates a cocktail-in-a-glass. The cubes bubble and roll around in the glass before gradually dissolving to turn your glass of wine into a bellini. It’s a no-fuss drink, with no need to pour measures of puree, so guests can easily add their own fruit flavouring to whatever they are hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-35 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-20Recipe 1 – Peach & apple. I used tinned peaches for this recipe because they are easy to blend but you can use very ripe fresh peaches if you prefer. I used half a tin, which made enough puree for at least 24 cubes, which is enough for 12 drinks, so you can adjust the quantities if needed. I drained away most of the syrup and added 100ml of apple juice instead. Blend into a pulp and then pour into an ice cube tray and hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-2 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-3 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-36Recipe 2 – Mixed berries & cranberry. For this recipe I defrosted a bowlful of frozen mixed berries but you can use fresh strawberries, blackberries, cranberries and raspberries for this recipe if you like. I added a sprinkling of sugar to sweeten slightly and then poured over 100m cranberry juice. Blitz the fruit and juice together before pouring into the ice cube tray and freezing. You can sieve the seeds out of the puree if you like, but I wanted to keep them in, so that the floating ice cubes would resemble berries themselves. Again, this made 24 ice cubes, enough for 12 hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-4 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-5 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-6 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-7Recipe 3 – Lime & mint. This is a flavour combination that would work best in a soda or lemonade (you can add vodka or whisky if you like) rather than a sparkling wine. In this instance, mix the juice of a whole lime into 100ml lemonade, and add a big handful of fresh mint leaves. Give it a quick blend to mash in the mint and then pour into the ice cube trays and freeze.

Once frozen, pop out the cubes and add two of the same flavour into each champagne glass. If you’d like to mix it up, you could even add one of each flavour for a very fruity cocktail indeed! Top up the glass with prosecco, soda, sparkling rose wine or lemonade. I used mini prosecco bottles for my party and I think they look great lined up on the drinks table alongside my glasses and fruity cubes. One mini bottle fills two champagne glasses, so a little really does go a long way! If you’re celebrating outdoors – perhaps at a wedding or at a street party for the Queen’s birthday – I’d recommend getting hold of some disposable glasses. This’ll save a lot of heartache when someone drops their glass! I’d be SO sad if my favourite champagne glasses ended up broken – I’ve only got a set of six and they were thrifted from a secondhand shop years ago so are irreplaceable. It’s a much better idea to pick up a pack of plastic glasses or cute paper cups to serve your drinks instead.

Let me know what you think of these recipes and please do tell me if you have a go at making them yourself at home. What flavour combinations would you recommend? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @Cassiefairy to chat more about drinks recipes for special occasions, I’d love to hear from hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-20 wedding hen party queens birthday celebration idea diy fruit puree ice cubes recipe-31And now for the competition – enter via the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win a mixed case of Premier Estates sparkling wine, including 3 delicious full-size bottles of Prosecco and 3 tasty full-size bottles of Grand Rosé. There are plenty of ways to enter the giveaway so get tweeting, liking and sharing now!prize case of sparkling wine from premier estates prosecco rose competition

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Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.


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  2. Keep the booze flowing x

  3. Prep the day before, and dont be afraid to enlist help from friends and family ask everyone to bring something along

  4. Prep and planning work is key, food that doesn’t need too much time and plenty of drink. Punches, jelly shots, water melon always go down well.

  5. Good food and plenty of alcohol, should both bring plenty of fun and laughter! What else do you need!

  6. Good food, good wine and good company is all you need!

  7. I know it’s old fashioned but I always make cheese & pineapple on sticks and cheese & pickled onions on sticks. They go down very well and I love them!!! 🙂

  8. Plenty of finger food and a ver large punch bowl, full of delicious punch

  9. Plenty of drink – you can’t go wrong!

  10. give finger food. batches so you never have too much to do. and plenty of prosecco

  11. Plan well, get organised and delegate! – Thank you for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize! Good luck everybody.

  12. Always have the spare beds made, just in case! 🙂

  13. Good food great friends and plenty of alcohol & Music!

  14. Always have plenty of finger food! Too much is better than too little!

  15. I love a good party! It’s essential to cater to all your guests and don’t leave anything to chance!

  16. Love the flavoured ice cubes. Elderflower works well as goes with almost everything x

  17. Being a Party-aholic, I have quite a few tips for you! … I often throw parties, as I love to celebrate, everything from anniversaries to the Cats Birthday! lol! anyway here’s a few tips!! … 1) Don’t forget to cater for the Vegetarians! 2) prepare sausage rolls, vol au vents, quiches well in advance , and freeze them til needed! 3) Experiment making your own Punch, it’s easier than you think, and looks impressive when served in a bowl with lots of fruit!!

  18. start early ! and do a sundance!

  19. I always have a lots of napkins as my friends are so clumsy sometimes is more around their glasses then in them

  20. We all contribute something to eat or drink. Less stress on the host and great way to sample other friends contributions.

  21. Trips to Iceland to get plenty of party food in

  22. Do check if any of your guests have any allergies and, if so, make sure there are some things they can eat – it’s easy to adapt recipes to make them suitable for everyone so they don’t feel they are “odd”. If cooking on the actual day have some back up items in your freezer in case of disasters or increased numbers.

  23. Always make a little more than you need in case of that unexpected guest.

  24. always ensure there are generous portions for everybody!

  25. Prepare in advance and lots of finger food with cocktails

  26. Prepare your food the night before your party so you are not rushed on the actual day 🙂

  27. I always have plenty of alcoholic and non alcolic drinks, plenty nibbles for everyday, including vegetatian just in case and music playing in the background

  28. prepare ahead so your not stressed and only invite people you really like

  29. Prepare some foods night before,always have vegetarian options,and healthier options so everyones happy,decorate place night before too,so not rushing about,then come the party,you can mingle with your guests more x

  30. Have a variety of foods and drinks to cater for everyone and do as much preparation as you can and helpers

  31. Lots of easy finger foods

  32. Preparation is key to a good party. Make sure as much as possible is prepared in advance and be well organised. It helps the party to run smoothly and gives you more time to enjoy it yourself too.

  33. good friends will make the party, shop around for the goodies

  34. too much is better than too little so dont skimp you can always party on the next day

  35. Make sure everything prepared in advance, so you are not kept in the kitchen. I love the idea of themed parties eg. hawaiian, beach parties – doesnt have to be extravagant, just a few decorations and getting the guests to throw on a hawaiian shirt can make for a fun time. Love the ice cube tip, I’ll definitely be doing that when I have next have people over for drinks 🙂

  36. My top tip – don’t get too drunk before the guests arrive hic.

  37. Great post. Thank you! For the food and drink, my best tip is planning and preparation. Choose only food that can be prepared either the day before or at least in the morning. Be careful about how much you need to refrigerate. You may need to borrow one of those small beer fridges or ask a kind neighbour/friend to chill drinks overnight and bring them with them when they arrive.

  38. Prepare, prepare, prepare so you can spend as mush time as possible with your guests

  39. I always have plenty of alcoholic and non alcolic drinks and also enough nibbles for everyday, including vegetatian just in case. 🙂

  40. If entertaining whilst camping, a childs paddling pool (filled with water) makes a great drinks bucket!!

  41. My party tips: have several kinds of drinks available (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) – this gives people choice and makes the party even more relaxed and enjoyable 🙂

  42. At partys make sure there is enough drinks, thats what people want most

  43. MAKE YOUR GUESTS WELCOME IMMEDIATELY!! Whenever possible, greet your guests at the door. Offer a drink, and introduce them to at least one other guest and always gracefully acknowledge their gift!

  44. Make sure you have a list and stick to it as you may overspend , Get everyone to bring a bottle !!! 🙂

  45. Make sure you are well prepared before hand so you don’t spend all night in the kitchen missing the party.

  46. Oh my gosh these look so so tasty!! I really want to try your recipes, could easily have a cocktail with my breakfast right now haha Going to enter!
    Deimante x

  47. Make what you can ahead of time!! Set the table the night before!

  48. Make sure you have plenty of different types of drink as not everyone likes the same thing xx

  49. That’s such a great idea to create fruit cubes, to give that extra kick of flavour to any drink. Party tips I could think of would be to perhaps have a dessert bar, with all types of sweet treats to try, as this would appeal to all; plus it would make for great pictures for Instagram, haha.

    Tajinder |

  50. Make your own dips and have a lot of finger foods

  51. For cheap and easy nibbles go retro with vol-au-vents crudités and dips.

  52. I love your ice cube tips, it’s such fun throwing a party and i always try to make little nibbles. Spanish food is great as croquettas can be made the day before and meatballs and potatas bravas can be made earlier in the day and then just popped in the oven.

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