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I’ve spotted a new trend in interior design for Summer 2016 and it’s one that really pleases me; bright bold colour. We all have a favourite colour – a shade that we seem to choose time and again – for our clothing, our décor and even our cars. It can therefore be frustrating when you have a colour preference for your home but find it impossible to find your favourite hue in the materials you want from DIY stores. Rather than creating just another cookie-cutter interior I want something different. Something that makes me smile when I enter a room, and something that even impresses guests when they visit my house. I therefore started to research colourful kitchen and bathroom options and here’s what I found:bright Colours bathroom shower splashbackNo longer do our ‘functional’ rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom have to be limited to a palette of white tiles, wooden cabinets and stone surfaces. While this ‘holiday home’ look certain IS popular, it doesn’t really do much to demonstrate your own personality or fit in with the character of the property. Shouldn’t a home someway reflect the individuality of the people who live there? Well, I think that’s where colour comes in.British-Standard-Colour-Chart bathroom green bath splashbackThankfully, we’re no longer limited to the colours of tiles we can find at the DIY store. For a seamless colour scheme it is now possible to have glass splashbacks colour-matched to the paint you used on the walls or woodwork. Colour matching Farrow and Ball, Laura Ashley, Dulux, Ral and many more paint brands helps you to achieve an extremely luxurious look in your bathroom or kitchen. It can be used anywhere that you want to waterproof – the shower cubicle, around the bath, kitchen splashbacks, window sills, behind the hob, kitchen worktops, behind the bathroom sink and all around the downstairs loo, if you really want to!RAL-Colour-Chart-red kitchen splashback

Love the feeling of showering at the spa? That’s probably because they’ve installed some rather swish (not to mention expensive!) glass wall coverings. I love this look but it’s not something that you tend to find in residential homes very often, is it? Well, I found a company who DO offer a DIY version of those giant glassed panels, and they can provide it in any colour and finish you like. Sounds pretty perfect to me! Creoglass Design is the company and I’ve used their images throughout this blog post to illustrate this 2016/17 colour trend.Orange-Glass-Splashback Blue-Diamond-Glass-Splashback Lime-Green-Glass-Splashback Violet-Glass-Splashback Green-Glass-Splashback Pink-Glass-Splashback Azure-Sky-Glass-SplashbackI’m loving the fact that it IS possible to get such a luxury look on a budget by installing the materials yourself. Even though I wouldn’t say that I’m great at DIY, I actually HAVE tiled a shower cubicle before so I would hope that installing even larger tiles would be simple enough. Let’s face it, the bigger the panel, the less work to do to cover the wall, haha! Of course, professional installation would be even easier!bright colour kitchen splashback interior design inspirationEven if a bright bold colour isn’t for you, the colour-matching trend is certainly still something to consider in your own home. Just imagine being able to have a country kitchen seamlessly decorated in a particular shade from Farrow and Ball. The colours might be a little more muted and easier on the eye, but the luxurious effect of uninterrupted colour is still the same. Coloured glass – whatever the hue – allows you to install matching coloured splashbacks and worktops that you wouldn’t usually be able to find in tile ranges. It’s that finishing touch that turns a standard kitchen into a ‘wow’ kitchen.Soft-Fauna-5-Glass-Splashback Laura-Ashley-Colour-glassWhat do you think of this new interior design trend? Would you choose a bright colour in your kitchen or bathroom or would you find it hard to commit to such bold colour choices?  I personally love bright colours, and sparkly or textured finish is the cherry on the cake! I would probably even be happy to combine a couple of colours in my own home for a rainbow effect, but that’s just me! Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below or by tweeting me @Cassiefairy. Which shade would YOU go for??

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  1. Hey! Colored glass – whatever the hue – allows you to install matching colored splashbacks and worktops that you wouldn’t usually be able to find in tile ranges.

  2. The glass splashbacks are really cost effective and easy to clean with thier very sooth surface and few joints so really just need to be wiped down. If you also had a problem with having to reseal or regrout tiles i was forever doing this before getting my glass splashback honestly can say im in love with it

  3. Your post is awesome and extremely helpful. Glass splashbacks are exceptionally appropriate for kitchen due to its sparkle.

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