How a new dress can help you stay cool this summer

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So I went away last weekend. I didn’t go far, just on our yearly jaunt to the Essex coast, but boy was it nice to be beside the seaside. The cool sea breeze was really needed after that heatwave the week before. Even stepping off the promenade and making my way inland caused instant overheating. Blimey it was hot! It was lovely to be on a UK break that actually felt like a trip abroad, and it meant that we could spend more time on the beach together as a family rather than sheltering from the rain in an arcade!hotsquash summer dress cool fabric ss16 outfitI think I’ve mentioned it before but I’m not great with the heat. My pale, freckly skin just doesn’t get on with the sun. On hot days you’ll find me slinking off into the beach hut to shelter from the sun and I’ll always choose to walk on the shadowy side of the street. SPF 50 is definitely my must-have beauty product at this time of year!hotsquash summer dress cool fabric polka dot outfit

But it’s not just the risk of sunburn that bothers me; I’m just not any good with heat. While friends jet off to hot, hot European destinations, I’m sitting at home with the curtains drawn and the fridge open. I like to be cool, calm and collected at all time, and so far this summer, the heatwave has prevented that.hotsquash summer dress cool fabric polka dot swing dressThe good news is that I discovered a fashion line earlier this month which uses a range of technologically advanced fabrics including ThinHeat ®, Coolfresh® & IsolWool ®. Each piece of clothing is designed to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. I jumped at the chance to try out a dress from the HotSquash collection, which is designed and made in the UK.hotsquash summer dress cool fabric dressI chose this cute spotty dress, which is made from ThermoCool fabric. I think the HotSquash collection intended for commuters who want to arrive at their office still feeling fresh even after a 30 minute crush on the tube. I can certainly see how this could work, because my dress kept me cool all day long – even in the midday sun. Okay, I didn’t exactly go out sunbathing in it, but I DID manage to spend a littler longer outdoors than I usually would and didn’t end up feeling all sticky and clammy.hotsquash summer dress cool fabric polka dot dressIt’s fair to say that I was rather impressed with the dress, and I’d love to try out more of the range in the future. Even though the collection is at a higher price point than I’d usually go for, the quality is outstanding and you really do get what you pay for. Where else would you find a fabric that keeps you cool rather than clinging and getting you all hot and sweaty? Most of the items in the range are ‘capsule’ pieces so can be worn time and again, year after year and all clothing is anti-odour and easy to wash. Each item would be an investment piece and would be just the ticket if you had to travel to hot climates a lot for work (or just for holidays, for that matter).hotsquash dress cool fabricThat’s all from me for now, it’s just as baking-hot today as it was at the weekend so I’m off to chill out with a walk along the coast. Hope you’re all having a lovely summer too – let me know what you’re getting up to this summer in the comments section below.

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  1. Like you Cassie I’m finding our heatwave a nightmare 🙁
    Being in a wheelchair is especially not fun, checked out the clothes.
    Nice outfits and I can see that if you travelled they’d be good but
    to expensive for me.
    A couple of tips that might help other financially strapped folk stay cooler.
    1) fill a camping pillow with water, put in a plastic bag and freeze. Remove
    bag and you have a lovely chilled pillow.
    2) make a narrow tube of fabric (mine’s 4″ wide x 8″ long) sew across the bottom only.
    fill with water saving crystals that you use in plant pots. Can find them in Poundland.
    Leave a very little room for movement/expansion, like a bean bag. I would put 1/2 tsp
    in water first and see how much they swell to give you an idea. I made mine 2 years ago
    which is why I can’t remember how much I used. sew across the top once filled.
    Place in cold water and allow to swell. Once full of water put in plastic bag in freezer.
    Remove plastic bag and wrap round neck as a scarf stays cool for ages and holds
    the moisture. I refresh mine every couple of days by soaking/freezing.
    I’ve also made a couple of bracelet ones that do up with velcro.
    For hot pets ~
    Put pyrex casserole dishes in freezer for small animals, rabbits, G’pigs, hamsters, ferrets,
    chinchillas ect.
    My cats love it when I freeze baking trays and pop them in a pillow case.
    Happy chilling

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Please take care, stay safe and use common sense when following the advice, projects, recipes or ideas from

Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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