All-white interiors + why a room is not complete without texture

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With a new home on the horizon I have, of course, been doing extensive decor research on Pinterest. Yes, research. Honest. Okay, I’ve been pinning plenty of pretty homes and tons of gorgeous homewares over the past couple of months (ahem… years) in order to be well-prepared for my imminent house move. Today I’m sharing some of my interior inspirations and some ideas for making an all-white theme work in your own home…

You see, my new home is a bit of a wreck and it’s going to need decorating. Or maybe the correct word to use is ‘modernised’ seeing as it probably hasn’t been touched since it was first built in the 1950s. Whatever way I look at it, it’s going to be a big project and I’ve come up with a sensible way to tackle it; go all-white.

As with everything in my thrifty life, I don’t want to splash the cash too much in order to make the house livable, so why not just get a huge tub of white paint and splash it around until the whole house is neutral and fresh? Having seen SO many all-white interiors on Pinterest, I’m sure it would be a great start and would allow my existing furniture to take centre stage.

One of the things I’ve discovered during my ‘research’ is that all-white interiors have the potential to look really stark. They can sometimes to be too bright (is that possible?) and look too bare. I’m all for a clutter-free, minimalist environment but I still want my house to feel like a home. It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference and that’s where texture comes in.


I’ve noticed that textures play an important part in making an all-white room look cosy and inviting. No, you don’t have to go for a shag-pile carpet to get a cosy feeling in a minimalist room (although that would definitely help!) but a fluffy rug, an embroidered cushion or a knitted throw certainly helps. I’ve noticed that even pot plants and paintings can go a long way towards making a white-walled room look more like a place you’d want to settle down in.

Of course, bedrooms are where an all-white theme can be used to make a room look really inviting. Again, that’s because of all the plump pillows, the cosy cushions and layers of sheets, duvets and blankets. Crisp white bedding has that luxury hotel feeling and just makes you want to dive into bed, but for everyday living this can sometimes look too sterile. So add a couple of textured cushions or a quilted throw, such as delicately embroidered pieces by Julian Charles, and maybe even invest in a tufted headboard to make the bed really snuggle-worthy.

So after all my ‘research’ and plenty of pinning, I’ve decided to go with all-white walls in the living room and bedroom. The living room will be funked up with a touch of mid-century colour here and there, but the bedroom will be entirely white, with just the wooden floor adding a little warmth to the room. I think that the kitchen and bathroom are places where I can have a little more fun with the decor in terms of colour and I want to keep the 50s feeling in these rooms so keep an eye out for my upcoming blog posts on these rooms.

Let me know what you think of all-white interiors by leaving me a comment below. Do you already have white walls in your home or is it something you’re considering? It would be good to hear your ideas for making a minimalist room look homely so please do get in touch below and tag me @Cassiefairy in any Instagram pics of your home – I’d love to see it!


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  1. This is literally the mantra for my Home……white/off white walls adding textures through fabrics, furnishing, plants and wall art, looking forward to seeing what you create 🙂

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