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Minimalist designs are taking over. From interior décor to your favourite watch, everything is minimal and highly functional. Simple and effective use of space is what makes minimalism a hit and I love the airiness that these rooms possess. When minimalism is used in home décor, it becomes chic, sophisticated and smart – yet somehow it still feels inviting and unclinical to me. After a life of living in small spaces full of clutter, it’s difficult to resist such an appealing trend! So what is the secret of bringing minimalism into your life? It’s MINI.

M for Minimal Distraction

What makes a minimalist design, at home or elsewhere, work so well is that it doesn’t create any distractions. It comes as no surprise that all minimalist designs are primarily monochrome, whether they are focused on one object or an entire interior décor. While the minimalist’s favourite colour used to be white, you can now find grey, pale purple and beige interior décors that radiate the same sense of simple elegance. When it comes to high-tech design, take a look at the latest smartphones on the market, they tend to be black, white and metallic, so these are the hues you should look for when shopping for a minimalist home and wardrobe.

I for Invisible Light

Whether it’s the latest technological gadget or a redecorated living room, the minimalist effect is achieved with a sharp and clear light. At home, this is often produced with a mix of natural light – windows are key in a minimalist décor – and soft artificial light. In opposition to maximalist décor that requires a dramatic lighting solution – such as a huge chandelier in the style of the 1930s – a minimalist décor needs invisible light solutions, such as ceiling LED spotlights, or lighting strips beneath kitchen cabinets, for example. Placed to strategically illuminate the room, a subtle lighting system places the focus on the rest of the room rather than drawing attention to itself.

N for Neatness

When you opt for a minimalist design this implies that you plan to live a minimalist lifestyle, where everything has its specific place. Minimalism is the enemy of chaos, and it is therefore the best ally of those who are trying to sort out their life. The order makes you feel in control and gives you an immediate sense of neatness: read Marie Kondo’s books to learn how to clear out and tidy up, once and for all! Keeping an orderly appearance also tends to work with classic designs, whether this is furniture or even your clothing. Classic shapes and colours make minimalism one of the most elegant trends to follow.

I for Important Functionality

At the core a the minimalist design is a sense of functionality that drives the concept. In the world of interior décor it’s about keeping the pieces of furniture that are essential to the room and creating space by discarding the rest. So, if we’re talking bedrooms, keep the bed and remove the fitness gear that’s stuff underneath it – this doesn’t belong in the bedroom! Focus on simple functions when it comes to storage and furniture, and remove anything that doesn’t have a purpose. Store it away or pass it on to someone else.

Are you hoping to live a more minimalist lifestyle yourself? What tips do you have for creating a calm and clean minimalist home? Please leave me a comment and let me know your own minimalist experiences.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Cassie! Thanks for responding. You have a point! Well, I personally like to return things right away after I use them. I think that’s the best way to avoid clutter.

  2. I love it too Lisa, just wish my wardrobe was as tidy as this! I just need to sort out my storage and I’m sure that everything will fall into place! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Emmerey, it’s my favourite style but I always fall a little short due to all my possessions – which is why I tend to lean towards ‘soft minimalism’ rather than full-on minimal! My tip for cleaning up clutter is having the right storage so that everything has its place and can always be put away. If it doesn’t have a storage space, it’s got to go! How about you? x

  4. Wow. Very helpful tips Cassie! I agree, it’s defnitely hard to achieve minimalist style when it comes to house decorating / organization. You made it sound possible and easy! Thanks for sharing! By the way, what is you best organization tip for cleaning up clutter?

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