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I love the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. I guess that’s because I’ve got so much clutter in my life! Dreaming of open spaces and white walls provides a complete contrast to my life at the moment. With boxes half-unpacked and not knowing where anything is, I could really do with implementing a few minimalist ideas in order to sort my life out right now! Even though I couldn’t really survive in a white box home (I’m a tea-spiller, after all) I can definitely get behind the ‘soft minimalism’ interiors trend that is everywhere at the moment.

Maybe it’s because Pinterest offers ‘picked for you’ pins that I’m seeing so many minimalist interiors on my Pinterest feed. And the more I pin, the more similar images Pinterest serves up. Soon my whole profile will be overrun with soft minimalist inspiration and, to tell you the truth, I’d be happy with that. Soft minimalism is definitely the way I’d like my home to be in the future. We’ve made a start with white walls and laminate floors, but what else is needed to achieve this look? Here’s some key soft minimalist decor ideas that I definitely want to use in my own home…

1. Sleek storage

All the pieces of furniture from the soft minimalism trend seem to be scandi-inspired furniture designs. The lines are straight, the storage is neat and the handles are unfussy. It’s simple, thoughtfully designed and well made. It’s all about practical storage that looks gorgeous too; well, if you want a minimalist home, you’re going to have to hide the clutter somewhere! And that’s the whole point of soft minimalism: it’s not necessarily about getting rid of your things, just storing them away neatly. Furniture for this trend is usually white, black or natural wood.

2. Design classics

When considering a large purchase, such as a bed or sofa, it’s best to go for a classic design. These will never date, and are a key feature of the soft minimalism trend. Quality over quantity is what’s important, so a beautifully designed sofa in crisp upholstery is the perfect minimalist starting point for adding layers of softness. My friend Lucy from recently made a great point on her blog that purchases such as furniture or art should always be something that you can picture yourself still loving in ten years time. If you can’t imagine something being in your home for that length of time, it’s probably not the right piece for you. Choosing a design classic sofa will never date, so you can be sure that your investment will always look great in your home.

3. Soft accessories

While the furniture might be sleek and angular, the soft furnishings are the complete opposite. The cushions, throws and rugs are what turn a stark minimal interior into a cosy, more livable space. Again, it’s the Scandinavian influence of hygge or ‘mys’ that calls for snugly blankets and plump cushions to make the home feel welcoming. Piling a neutral sofa with plenty of coordinating cushions makes it feel much more inviting. And who wants to walk around on a cold wooden floor anyway? Rugs are definitely needed for warmth underfoot, and they also stop a room from echoing so much – something that a minimalist home definitely suffers from!

What do you think of the soft minimalism trend? Will you be trying it out in your own home this year? Can you get rid of enough clutter?! That’s what I’m worried about, haha! I hope that these design tips have given you some inspiration for your own interior design projects and I’d love to hear how you get that soft minimalism feeling in your own home so please leave me a comment below 🙂

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