Tips for men’s wedding attire (on a budget!)

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Weddings are just fantastic occasions, aren’t they?! Attending someone’s special day is a great opportunity to relax as a family, catch up with friends and enjoy a nice meal. Oh, and to wish the bride and groom every happiness in their life together, of course! I love a good wedding and especially enjoy planning and making a special gift for the happy couple.

And, hip-hip-hooray, I get a little treat for myself. It’s not often that I get to buy a new dress so having the excuse to do a little shopping feels like such a treat. It’s also the perfect opportunity to buy the man in your life a nice suit, one that can be worn all year round for work, as well as looking dapper at the wedding. To help you to do that, I have put together this simple checklist for looking fantastic even when shopping on a tight budget.

Smart and special

Even if you have limited funds it is especially important not to lose sight of the fact that you are attending a special event. No man should attend someone’s wedding looking like they are ready for a day at the office. They need to be dressed in a way that shows that they have made a special effort to look their absolute best. But this does not mean that they can’t buy an off the peg suit or pick out one that’s already in their wardrobe…

It’s all about the way they style it up for the wedding. High street and online retailers, like this one, sell well made suits that are special enough to be worn for a wedding with a few choice accessories to turn it into a special occasion outfit. After the event, he could dress it down with a crisp white shirt and coordinating tie and get his money’s worth by wearing it for work too.

Getting the fit right

The trick is to buy a high quality suit that fits well, and to dress it up with the right accessories. A good approach is to shop somewhere that sells each item separately. That way he can buy the trousers in the right leg length and waist measurements, and then choose a matching jacket with the correct arm length and chest size.

This is the best way to make sure that he gets the best possible fitting suit. It also gives him the option to add a waistcoat if it is appropriate for the occasion. Get your man to try everything on as soon as it arrives and double check that the material used for the trousers matches the jacket perfectly.

Invest in good accessories

The best way to give a relatively plain suit a lift is to accessorise it well. It is especially important to buy a high quality shirt. Ideally, it should be brand new and freshly pressed on the morning of the wedding. Add some cufflinks, a leather belt and good quality shoes (nicely polished, of course).

Add a tie, made from a luxury fabric, and maybe a pocket square to finish off his outfit. If he’s feeling particularly dapper, a bow tie is a nice touch for weddings and evening events. And you simply can’t forget the underwear – a new pair of men’s boxer shorts in breathable cotton will make sure he’s comfortable all day long.

When to rent

If you are attending a wedding where the men are required to wear a tuxedo consider renting rather than buying. This is usually the most cost-effective approach. Well, how often is he really going to wear a tuxedo this year?? When there’s no special dress code, and a classic suit is the best option, that’s when it’s a good idea to invest in a new outfit rather than waste ££s on renting a suit. This way, your boyfriend, partner or husband should be able to wear it for other events or to work throughout the year.

I hope these menswear tips have helped you plan the perfect outfit for any upcoming special occasions you’re going to, and perhaps save you a bit of money in the process! Let me know how you like to create a dapper look without splashing the cash by leaving me a comment below 🙂

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