How to keep your home-moving costs down

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Moving home is a regular feature in the famous list of ‘most stressful events’ a person can ever endure, alongside divorce and having a baby. Part of the reason why it is so stressful is that there is just so much to think about and plan. However, the biggest factor in the stress game is the cost. It is just so expensive! There are just so many variables, big and small, and they all add up to create one giant, throbbing headache. But here are some little tips and tricks you can use to ensure that moving house doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

The Matter Of Your Mortgage

Thanks to the power of the Internet, shopping around to see what the best deals are is now easier than ever, which is why this should always be your starting point. The bad thing about this is, well, this only tends to give you a skin-deep look at things. As such, make sure that you do some calculations and figure out the total costs, which means adding the fees associated with arranging the mortgage and the rate at which you’ll be charged. It is also worth doing your homework and knowing exactly what mortgages are out there, such as interest-only, fixed rate, tracker etc.

The Conveyancing Costs Can Creep In

Once again, it is always worth getting as many price comparisons as you can when it comes to hiring a solicitor or licensed conveyancer. To make sure you are getting the best value, stay away from just picking the cheapest. Instead, make sure you are getting someone that is giving you a service to meet your needs which, at the very minimum, should include the cost of conveyancing, local authority searches and Land Registry fees or, as they call them, disbursements.


The Removal Costs Are On The Rise

The average cost of removal when it comes to moving house has soared to £1,040. That is a lot of money to fork out, especially on top of all the other costs you have to contend with at this time too. Luckily, there are savings to be had in the furniture moving game and the easiest way to achieve this is to have rated removals companies compete for your job. Not only will you then have the choice of who is cheapest, but you can weigh this up against customer reviews to ensure you are getting a great service too. Just make sure you check what services and insurances come with it. Another thing you can do to make your move easier is to be organised and have a clear out before the move; it’ll save you time and it’ll save you money because you’ll be moving less stuff.

The Chance To Get Better Utilities Deal

For some reason, most people never look at changing their utility suppliers; not unless they are moving house. What makes moving house the best time to do this is the fact you have a completely clean slate from which you can choose the best provider based on price. Make sure you do this by compare prices – you could save loads in the long-term. Just make sure you look at hidden costs like cancellation fees if you want to end the contract early.

I hope these ideas have give you some food for thought when planning your next home move. I’m sure that by shopping around for the best deals on mortgages, solicitors, utilities and movers, you’ll save £££s in costs. Leave me your own tips on saving money when it comes to moving house by leaving me a comment below. Good luck with your house move!

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