3 ways to create the most zen bedroom ever

Each night we do something important without even thinking about it. We go to sleep. Sleep is vital for optimal body and brain function. And when our sleep suffers, so do many different aspects of our lives, from our work to our relationships. Your sleep space plays a pivotal role in the quality of your slumber. Light that peeks in from your blinds, outdoor noises, outdated mattresses, clutter and even paint colour can all contribute to a poor night’s rest. Make sure that you’re getting your best night’s sleep with these tips (inspired by traditional feng shui ideas) and you’ll be on your way to creating a more zen-like space in no time. 


It is surprising how much the layout of your sleep space can impact not only your sleep, but your everyday life as well. Feng Shui experts suggest situating your bed in the Commanding Position of your bedroom. This position is the farthest away from the door, however, it should be positioned so that you can still see your doorway and those who may be approaching from your bed. The Commanding Position allows you to be calmer, stronger and more in charge overall. Feng Shui is all about balance. In addition to placing your bed in a Commanding Position, ensure that there is plenty of room around your bed for energy to flow. You can do this by placing your headboard against the wall, allowing the sides of your bed to be free of energy blockages. Additionally, each side of the room should be balanced; however, both sides do not have to be identical. For example, if you have a window on your right wall, place a low lamp on the opposite wall to create a balance. Aim to have three sources of dimmable light in your bedroom overall.


Have you ever noticed how at peace you are when you spend time in nature? It has been proven that nature provides one of the most vital boosts in physical and mental well-being. When it comes to your furniture, bring a zen vibe into your bedroom and get inspired by nature with natural unfinished fabrics and textures. Soft wood tones, cork, stone, wool and cotton are all good materials to start with. The most significant furniture item taking up residence in your sleep space is your mattress, as experts claim that the bed is the most important Feng Shui piece of furniture in your life because of its intimate and intricate connection to your own personal energy. When choosing a mattress, Feng Shui experts highly advise against buying used, as you never know what type of energy it collected from its previous owners. Be mindful, choose wisely and purchase a new mattress that will best promote your own sleep and relaxation.

Colour Scheme

Your bedroom should be all about the calm vibes. You are not going to be able to experience a zen moment in a red- or orange-coloured bedroom. When choosing a paint colour for your bedroom, look for cool tones such as shades of blues and greens. These cool hues are low stimulation and will ground any room, says Apartment Therapy. In addition to colours such as off-whites, cool browns and grays, cool colour tones help keep our emotions calm and our thoughts focused.
I hope these tips have given you some ideas for creating a welcoming and peaceful bedroom. I’d love to know how you’ve decorated and laid-out your room in order to get a restful night’s sleep so please share your advice and ideas in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much Claire 🙂 Ooh that’s interesting, I’ve just had a photo printed for the space above the bed so it’ll be interesting to see what effect it has on the room! x

  2. Love your post. I was born and grew up in Hong Kong were fend shui was a huge part of the culture, a lot of it has stuck with me. It’s all to do with the flow of energy and you normally can tell intuitively when things feel right, As well as the things you pointed out, 2 rules I have in the bedroom is nothing on the wall above the bed and no mirrors in the bedroom that face the bed, In fact I won’t have a mirror in the bedroom at all unless it’s on the inside of a wardrobe door,

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