3 simple ways to update your home for autumn

If you’re looking for some creative ways to get your home ready for autumn/winter, today is your lucky day! I’m sharing some simple seasonal updates that can transform any room in your home. This post will look at three easy ways to update your house this autumn to keep your interiors looking and feeling both fresh and on-trend:

  1. Declutter the Mess

The new season is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home. You’ll definitely feel like your space has been revitalised when you’ve organised your wardrobe, rearranged your kitchen, cleaned the fridge and tidied up the growing magazine collection on your coffee table! Try these top decluttering tips to refresh your home this autumn:

  • When it comes to paperwork, either file it or throw it – if it’s not a bank statement or a bill that can be filed away, then it should be shredded or recycled.
  • Don’t let your cosmetics or toiletries pile up, take a look at what their shelf life is and bin any that have passed their lifespan – if you’re unsure, get to know the ‘period after opening’ symbol
  • Instead of binning unwanted items or clothes, donate them to charity instead so they’re going to a good cause. Alternatively, you could get cash for your old clothes when you take them to be recycled, earning money for every kilogram.
  1. Try the Colour Block Trend

If you want to debut a whole new look for your home this autumn, you could try out the colour block trend to really make your walls pop. Get inspired with geometric patterns, rectangular details and statement painted doors in autumnal tones to create the perfect focal point in your home this season.If you’re looking for a subtler change to your interiors, you could consider updating your furnishings. This is an affordable way to give your room a new lease of life. Whether you go for cosy throw or new rug, squishy cushions on the sofa or beautiful new curtains from Direct Blinds; choosing some matching furnishings in similar tones can make a big impact and immediately refresh your room.

  1. Add Some Greenery

Introducing some house plants and botanicals into your home (whether real or faux) is a great way to keep your rooms feeling fresh and bright as the weather starts to get darker in autumn and winter. This also gives you the opportunity to pick beautiful pots and vases to house your new indoor greenery and introduce more colours or patterns into your home. You can even choose house plants that have the ability to purify the air, such as aloe vera, peace lilies and snake plants.Get your home autumn-ready with these three simple seasonal updates that will revitalise your home and make you look forward to spending the cosy winter nights indoors. Let me know if you have any sure-fire way tips to brighten up your home during the dark days of autumn by leaving me a comment below 🙂

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4 thoughts on “3 simple ways to update your home for autumn

  1. Haha sounds like a plan Bethany! Good luck with the clear out (I’m going to have another one too!) x

  2. This has inspired me to have a good old Autumn clear out as my house feels very cluttered just now! I’ll reward myself for getting rid of the junk by getting some new throws and blankets for the chilly weather!
    Love the post 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. It’s lovely isn’t it Bry?! It’s from Julian Charles, I love a good vintage mustard colour!

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