5 Alternative uses for your old garage space

Now, does your garage actually have a car in it? Or has your garage become a big messy room you use to store all the items you don’t need, but don’t feel like throwing out? Here's what you COULD use that space for instead...

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In my experience, the more likely scenario is that the garage is filled with a heap of useless junk! But have you ever considered adapting the space to serve a different purpose?

Renovating a garage will not only add to your home’s value, but it can also vastly improve your quality of life or even prove to be a source of steady income.

Sure, you’ll have to do some cleaning up, hold a garage sale to get rid of all those unwanted items and use garage door services to replace the doors with something more suitable for its newfound purpose, but it’ll be worth it! 

Here are a few ideas of how to transform your garage…

Wine Cellar

Do you enjoy a good glass of wine? Then why not turn your garage into a wine cellar? All the prerequisites are already there as the garage is usually dark and cold. whether you’ve been collecting different wines for years or just have started doing it now, you’ll find that transforming your garage will give you a lot of space to properly store your precious bottles. Just make sure to add a humidifier so you can control the humidity levels. And while you’re at it…


Yes, it might seem ridiculous, but it is entirely doable. I thought of this one after watching Shed of the Year with all those tiny bars inside garden buildings – that show definitely makes you want to do something special with your outbuildings, doesn’t it?! You can transform your old garage into a pub for you and your friends to enjoy. Why spend insane amounts of time and money going out, when you can set up a pub right at your house? Just make sure to fit proper sound insulation so you don’t wake up the neighbours when that ‘last call’ stretches into the early morning.

Home Cinema

With the widespread availability of home theatre technology, making your own movie theatre is easier than ever. And where better to set it up than in your garage? You can create a comfortable room where you can enjoy all your favourite movies with friends and family. Add a popcorn machine to spice up the experience. The best thing is: you get to pick what to watch!

Rental Room

Remember how I mentioned that you can turn your garage into a steady source of income? There’s no better way than to adapt it to a genuine guest room you can later rent out on sites like Airbnb.

I don’t mean that you should just put a bed in there. I mean really convert the garage into an extra room in the home, albeit with it’s own entrance if needed. You just need to provide all the necessary amenities your guests may require and take care of the basics like heating, bathroom access, comfort, etc.

Recording Studio

Are you still adamant that your band is yet to have their big break? If so, don’t spend any more money on renting expensive practice studios, but make a recording studio in your garage. You might need a lot of equipment, but for starters, your PC will do. Again, you will need to properly isolate and sound-proof the garage (for obvious reasons.)

Let me know if you can think of any other handy uses for your garage by leaving me a comment below. What do you use your garage for? Is it an office? A playroom? I’d love to hear what you have planned for your garage renovation!

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  1. Love this post! I am in the garage door business myself and these are great ideas that I can run by my clientele. My personal favorite is the home cinema! What better way to give your house that 5 star feel than adding in your own theater! love it. Great post.

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