DIY Upcycled toy storage unit & play table

I’ve been DIYing again this month and I’ve come up with a fun upcycling project to turn an old MDF shelving unit into a LEGO play table and toy store…If you want to keep the kids’ playroom looking neat, have somewhere for the little ones to display their makes, and give them a play table with compatible surface for building their LEGO, Duplo or Playmobil projects, this easy upcycle is fun to make and provides handy storage. You can get children involved in making it too – their primary-colour poster paints and craft kits full of PVA glue and colourful paper are exactly what you need to create this toy store and play table. I’ve teamed up with Safestore to make this fun storage project and you can find the full step-by-step tutorial over on their blog. I’m SO proud to have my project published on their website and have shown everyone I know! Here’s the link Safestore Blog: How to create a storage cabinet and play table – so have a quick look now! You can use any kind of small storage unit to make this project, so drag out that old IKEA square shelf unit or low Argos bookcase and get out your paint brush! You can paint internal shelves as display/play spaces instead and can fill up any kind of storage boxes or baskets with the toys.Β  Be sure to check out my step-by-step guide to making this fun (and easy!) project on the blog here. Let me know what you think of this project by leaving me a comment below and please pin it for later too!

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