4 Health & happiness benefits of plants + flowers

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It’s lovely to get a bunch of flowers isn’t it? Flowers are loved not only for their beauty but also because of the many health and happiness benefits they have, and here are just a few reasons to treat yourself….



A beautiful plant or flowers in a room can (surprisingly) help people with their memory and concentration. Plants are nature’s air purifiers, absorbing toxins and producing oxygen, which is good for brain function. The oxygen that any plant produces in your home can boost concentration and increase creativity. A flowering plant will last longer than a bouquet so a pot plant may be a thrifty investment for your work space.


Receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers as a gift can put people in a good mood instantly. The immediate happiness boost can simply be down to the love and care that the giver is expressing to the recipient when handing over a bunch of blooms. And to know that there is someone who cares can make people feel better when they’re ill, happier when they’re down and, of course, the supportive feeling is good for their emotional health. Who isn’t happy to receive a bunch of beautiful blooms, after all?

Unfortunately, these days, stress has become almost an integral part of the lives of many people. According to scientists & international florists, 68% of people experience stress weekly and another 32% feel it every day.  Flowers and plants can help people to feel relaxed. Touching a soft petals or smooth leaves can help you to feel calmer. Also, certain smells have the ability to transport you back to childhood or a happy experience, so the scents of some flowers can remind you of happy times. This could be your first Valentine’s bouquet from your partner or the safe space of your grandma’s garden. It’s wonder that floral scents are regularly used in aromatherapy or as an extract in perfumes and soaps.

There is a reason why flowers make a great ‘get well soon’ gift; they can put someone in a better mood when they receive the flowers as a present and can help to lower blood pressure and lessen feelings of pain or anxiety. Plants can help deter illness by increasing the humidity levels indoors. The water in the roots evaporates into the atmosphere via the leaves, which helps to improve colds, sore throats and dry skin.

Let me know if you’ve ever experienced such benefits of flowers or plants in your own home by leaving me a comment below. After reading up on the subject, I’m definitely planning to add some plants to my own home (not faux ones, for once!) and see how I get on.


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