4 Unique ways to cut costs on your wedding day

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When it comes to their wedding day every bride to be wants to make their day as memorable as possible, so I’m sharing some of the unique ways you can make your day special without it costing a small fortune…When you’re planning a wedding, a lot of your focus will be on your guests. You want people to come away from your day having enjoyed celebrating your new marriage, right? But so much focus can be placed on this that you can often find you end up blowing your budget on unnecessary things – or you focus so much on what other people think that you forget that it is your day to enjoy. But you can make your day memorable for everyone for a fraction of your wedding budget and ensure that you and your new husband thoroughly enjoy the day too! Here are 4 areas where you can cut costs and still have the wedding day you want..


The reception is often the part of the wedding that people refer back to the most. It’s the moment you can let your hair down knowing that everything has gone without a hitch, so you may want to put some focus on your wedding entertainment. You could take a look at this page that showcase some unique wedding bands – live music is extremely enjoyable, and there are bands out there that can cater all types of music genres and passions, so you are bound to find something you like. We found a local band to play at our party and they even brought inflatable guitars with them for guests to ‘rock out’ with during their set! Maybe you could look at other ways to add a unique touch like a photo booth or children’s entertainment to keep the little ones occupied. Many parents want the chance to let their hair down in an evening, so having some form of entertainment to keep kids happy like a hired entertainer (or even something simple like colouring or crafting) could be a real god send for parents. There is a lot you can do in the evening reception, depending on your venue and space to create a real party atmosphere so think outside the box and imagine what YOU would like to see that your reception.


The flowers can actually be a reallyt expensive element of your day, believe it or not. Real flowers can be so costly. You also can be quite limited with the types of flowers you can get hold of during the month of your wedding. Certain flowers only grow at certain times of the year, so if your favourite happens to not be in season you run the risk of a huge cost in getting it, or not being able to have it all. Why let something like that ruin your vision? Instead, you could choose a cheaper alternative in fake flowers. Faux flowers are not as naff as they use to be and are surprisingly life like and soft to touch. I found some roses at Home Bargains a couple of weeks ago that were so lifelike that I had to look twice – they actually felt like rose petals too – and they were only £1 per stem. It just goes to show that faux flowers can be a fraction of the price, which means you could have even more floral displays than you originally planned. Silk blooms can add a unique touch to your day without it costing you the earth to have it – and you can use them in your home after the wedding too.


A big issue and decision for any bride is the food being served at the wedding. A traditional wedding breakfast often involves a three course sit down meal, which you will have to decide on in advance. This can be a real tricky decision to make, and not an easy one when you have to take into account everyone’s taste in food. Sometimes a more informal affair can actually be the better option and it can be a great way of saving money on the food element.You could choose to have a hot buffet offering a few different selections, or even something like food trucks offering street food (or any food you can eat with your hands) for a more laid back affair. The food is often a big part of the wedding, and it can also take up a big chunk of your wedding budget, so making changes like this could really reduce the overall cost.


Finally, sometimes the uniqueness you can add to your day doesn’t need to be done in with lavish decorations or amazing meals. Sometimes it is just about adding DIY touches that can really make your day special and more personal to you. It could be handwritten place settings. It might be DIY decorations using pictures of your parents on their wedding day or other family members on theirs. It could be that you make some of decorations yourself like a a card tree where people can leave you special notes. Wedding guests love something a little different!

I hope that these suggestions help you with your wedding day and please tag me in your own wedding photos on instagram @cassiefairy if you’d like to share your DIY and money-saving wedding tips.



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