How to add a sunny splash of colour to your home decor

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If you want to keep the sunshine in your home all year round, here are some interior design tricks and gorgeous homewares that’ll help you accessorise your rooms with a splash of sunny colour…Wow isn’t the sunny weather such a welcome change? I’ve always been a winter lover, but this year the dark, cold days have gone on a little too long for my liking and it was such a relief when the sun arrived last week. Suddenly the blossom burst into flower and the bright blue skies made all my blog photos look so much nicer. Let’s hope it continues! But, even if the weather takes a downturn, you can still have a lovely sunny outlook inside your home if you choose the right accessories. After scouring the internet for cheery home decor inspiration I’m pulling all those ideas together today and sharing the colourful homewares you can find at PIB to brighten up your home.


The Scandinavians have got the idea of bringing brightness into the home down to a tee. Well, if you live in a country with long, dark winters where the sun only rises for about 6 hours of the day, you’ve got to be good at using techniques to bring more light into your home. Of course, light wood furniture and pale walls help, but here’s a tip you can use at home: Position a mirror on shadowy walls to bounce more light around the room. Scandi design mirrors will help you get the look of an airy, sunnier room without having to make big DIY changes.If you’ve already added mirrors to your walls but still don’t feel like your rooms are bright enough, bring some glass elements into the space. A glass display cabinet or glass doors on a couple of your kitchen cupboards will reflect the light like a mirror but in a more subtle way. Iridescent glass accessories, such as this glass vase below, will reflect a rainbow of hues, bringing even more sunny colours into the space. 


What colour do you most associate with the sun? For me it’s yellow, and this colour can encourage feelings of enthusiasm and optimism. So why not add some yellow accessories to your home to bring a splash of colour into your rooms. According to colour psychology, yellow is the brightest colour in the visible spectrum and can also boost your energy in the same way that sunshine does. Wouldn’t it be nice for your eye to catch a pop of yellow in each room to give you a mood-boost as you move around your home?You don’t need to make a massive change with a bright yellow sofa or paint your walls in this vivid hue. Just a couple of additions will do the trick and make you feel like the sunlight is pouring into your home. I have a yellow chair in my kitchen and a yellow throw and cushion in the living room to brighten up these rooms.


In the summer, the grass is lush, plants are covered in foliage and flowers are in bloom, so try bringing these elements into your home if you want to create a year-round summer. A bigger change could be adding a floral feature wall using prettily patterned wallpaper. A flowery pattern doesn’t dominate the room as much as geometric designs, and help to get that feeling of nature coming into bloom in the spring. A more subtle change could be adding accessories in grass-green or a couple of pops of flowery pink.


Rather than revamping your entire interior or adding lots of new accessories, you can simply look around at the colourful items you already own and group them together to create a pleasing, sunny display. When books, CDs or DVDs are arranged in colour order, a messy stack becomes a pleasing rainbow. And if you have lovely, colourful artwork, bring these into your living room to give you something sunny to look at while you’re relaxing in the evening. Even a shadowy wall can look more lively with a colourful print or poster.

I hope these ideas have given you inspiration for making some sunny additions to your own home. Thanks to PIB for giving me permission to use their photographs in this blog post and for helping me to share these sunny interior design tips.

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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