New interiors trend – How to make a statement with your ceilings

What do your ceilings look like? My guess is that they’re painted white, possibly textured and definitely without wallpaper, right? Well the latest interiors trend that I’ve spotted all over Pinterest is decorated ceilings. This under-utilised space above your head can now be adorned with images, patterns and effects. So, read on to find out some ways to incorporate this trend into your own home…


One use for decorated ceilings is to create the impression that your home has been constructed from luxurious materials. A marble effect wallpaper has been used below to highlight the depth of the ceiling and to draw attention to the light fitting. I think this gives the space a hotel-like finish in a subtle way, and you could pick out colours from the marble for the paint on the walls. I like this idea for a bathroom where you might already have marble textures in the tiles.

‘Blue Marble’ Mural from


I quite like the dramatic effect of painting the ceiling in a dark hue. It works especially well in bedrooms, as it’s usually night when you’re spending time in there and it feels really cocooning. This room below has flipped the usual decor of light paint above the picture rail with colour below, and I quite like the effect. If you have high ceilings, using a deeper colour works well to lower the height and make the room feel more snug.



Sometimes a feature wall just isn’t enough. So, why not have a feature ceiling instead? This floral pattern below is so vibrant and bold that you simply can’t miss it when you go into the room. When you’re choosing soft furnishings, pick out colours from the print to create a coordinating decor theme that draws the statement ceiling into the room and prevents it from becoming a stand-alone feature.

‘Garden Whispers’ Wallpaper by Carol Robinson at


Ohh to be a in a room painted in just one colour. It’s a dream of mine to pick a paint and really go for it on every surface. Just look at how lush this pink room looks with painted ceiling rose, cornicing, walls and ceiling. It just goes to show that a paint colour doesn’t have to be dark to be dramatic and make an impact. And we all know just how much I love a bit of pink! What colour would you go for if you were planning to paint all the surfaces?


image source Elle


If you’re going to decorate a ceiling, you might as well have fun with it! Choose your favourite thing – in this case it’s travel or maps – and find a design to wallpaper the ceiling with. If you decide to add paper in the bedroom, be aware that it’ll be the first thing you look at when you open your eyes in the morning, haha! I think this kind of statement ceiling is a great idea for kids bedrooms because it gives them something to look up at while they’re falling asleep. And if they’re looking at a world map, they may just learn a thing or two at the same time!

‘Antique World Map’ Mural by Lovell Johns At

What do you think of this new interiors trend for statement ceilings? Will you be decorating up-high this year? Or do you already have a vibrant colour on your ceiling? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks to for allowing me to share their wonderful images and here’s a 10% off discount code if you want to explore their collection: SAVE10.

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