5 Ways to make your rental property warmer & more efficient

Now that the cold winter months have arrived it's time to make sure our homes are warm and cosy. Landlords now have to make sure their properties are more energy efficient – good news for us renters as it could save us valuable pounds! Here are a few DIY jobs you could do to make your rental home a little toastier...

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Now that the cold winter months have arrived (it’s grey and drizzly outside as I write this!) it’s time to make sure our homes are warm and cosy. Landlords now have to make sure their properties are more energy efficient – good news for us renters as it could save us valuable pounds! But there are also a few small investments and DIY jobs you could consider to make your rental home a little toastier…


When it comes to keeping your home warm, windows can be a major issue. For example, if not maintained, old windows can deteriorate and become draughty. To prevent cold air entering and warm air escaping, reseal around windows and individual panes. You can also do this around external door frames, where installing a letter box brush and a keyhole cover can also help.


Another effective way to prevent heat loss is by updating curtains and blinds. While your current curtains may match your carefully chosen décor, if they’re thin or unlined, they could be a source of heat loss within your home. Instead, choosing heavy fabrics or thermal lined curtains can further reduce draughts and trap warm air in your home.


Having your central heating on all the time can send your energy costs soaring – no one wants a surprise utility bill after Christmas! To combat this while also keeping your home warm, use the central heating timer. This allows you to only use the heating when needed, avoiding wasted energy usage when no one’s home.


Changing the layout of your room is a free solution that could instantly heat up your home. If you’ve got any furniture blocking your radiators, this can make a room feel colder, even when the heating is on. Consider moving your furniture for the winter months as this could make a huge difference without having to spend a penny.


Cheap to buy and easy to install, adding reflector panels behind your radiator could also help. Installed and hidden behind a radiator, these panels work by reflecting heat back into a room and preventing it from escaping through the wall. You could also consider putting up a shelf above your radiator to prevent heat from rising through the ceiling.

Hopefully these five ideas will help you get your home ready for winter, no matter what your budget is. Plus, by making your rental property more energy efficient, you could also save on those high winter heating bills! Let me know your own tips for keeping your home cosy in the cold weather in the comments below, I’d love to hear your winter hacks!


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