Top 5 YouTube channels for minimalism & unique lifestyle inspiration

I've been watching a lot of inspirational & motivational YouTube videos recently so I thought I'd share my my top 5 channels on the topics of minimalism, money-saving tips and living an unconventional life...

When we moved into our fixer-upper home we discovered that the TV aerial didn’t work. Since deciding not to replace it, we’ve not only got more time (because we’re not watching show-after-show in the evenings) but I’ve also been discovering more forms of entertainment that suit me better, including YouTube.

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You see, most of the YouTube videos I watch are around 5-15 minutes long. This is just the right amount of time to entertain me and allow me to relax a little without requiring me to commit an hour of my life to viewing them.

Plus, many of the channels I subscribe to are inspirational and educational in some way, so I’m learning something at the same time. I often feel motivated to do something or make a change in my life after watching these YouTube channels, so I’m always itching to turn off my computer afterwards and get started on a project.

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I figured that, if I’m getting so much out of these videos, that you might enjoy them too so here’s a list of my favourite channels that touch on the subjects of minimalism, money-saving and living a unique lifestyle…


The Heal Your Living channel is one of the calmest channels I’ve come across. The videos are a series of relaxing clips of an extreme minimalist’s home, life and adventures, with a simple voice over and inspirational quotes dotted throughout the videos. It’s one of the only channels I can watch before bed as it helps me to relax and feel peaceful.

Youheum shares her journey of intentional, low-waste, plastic-free living, self-awareness, mindfulness and her extreme, furniture-free minimalist lifestyle. If only I could get by with such a small wardrobe and so few possessions – her videos inspire me to want to own less and free up more time for learning.

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There’s a Heal Your Living blog to accompany the YouTube channel with a free downloadable ebook and minimalism checklist to help you achieve your decluttering goals.


This channel features a different tiny house each episode and talks about the unique lifestyles of the residents. The presenter Bryce travels around the world filming inside tiny houses and seeing how their owners adapt to living more minimally and the clever storage techniques they use to make the most of the space. Basically, how they are living big in a tiny house!

I find the channel really inspirational – it makes me want to downsize into a tiny house and live with less. As someone who’s always been a fan of caravans, and has always lived in very small homes, this semi-nomadic lifestyle appeals to me.

It’s particularly interesting that many of the owner’s stories begin by not being able to afford to live in a traditional home and being priced out of the property buying or rental market in their area. Their tiny house is a low-cost solution to keep a roof over their heads with minimal running costs.

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What’s really interesting is the freedom that comes with less financial burdens, and how they have changed their lifestyle alongside moving into a tiny house. It makes me think ‘how much space – and stuff – do we really need?’ Living big in a tiny house sounds like an incredible idea to me!


Louise is a happy, smiley, chilled-out, super-cool vlogger and I enjoy watching her lively videos on the Digital Nomad Girl channel. Many of her videos are travel vlogs BUT most of her content focuses on how to become a digital nomad and ways of making an income while travelling the world. Sounds fab, doesn’t it?

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She has inspired me and my husband to develop some new passive income streams already, simply through her recommendations of platforms to use for your business. It doesn’t matter that we’re not travelling as nomads – the entrepreneurial advice she provides is helpful to any creative person who wants to live an alternative life, away from the 9-to-5… that’s us!


I’ve been a viewer of Sarah Nourse’s personal vlog channel for a few years now and I’ve followed her journey around the globe. She and her husband travel often, live in different cities around Europe and America, and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle while studying and launching a start-up business.

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Her focus is on debt-free living and minimalism, while sharing advice on how her unconventional lifestyle works. What I really like about the channel is that Sarah’s videos are educational and motivational, while remaining friendly and chatty.

She casually discusses the topics of personal finance, living abroad, entrepreneurial-ism, decluttering and minimalism, life goals, shopping secondhand and generally being a responsible human. There’s usually a helpful take away in each of her videos so I try to watch the channel when I have time to do something about it after watching.


Pick Up Limes is a YouTube channel that’s been running for a few years but I only discovered it myself a couple of months ago. It’s run by Sadia who is the most smiley, happy vlogger I’ve come across and I was instantly drawn in by her welcoming demeanour.

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There’s a lot of recipe videos on this channel, with plenty of inspiration for healthy living and creating easy vegan meals – it makes me want to improve my diet even more and eat only the best, most nutritious food. Sadia also creates motivational lifestyle content on wellness, travel and minimalism, which is the reason I began watching her videos in the first place.

I recommend Sadia’s videos when you need a cheerful little pick-me-up and want to feel motivated to be healthy, happy and inspired.

Let me know if you decide to watch any of these channels, I’d love to know what you think and if they help you to make changes in your own life. And please recommend any other channels on the topic of minimalism or living a unique life in the comments below as I’d love to discover more videos to watch 🙂

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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