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If your usual routine has changed & you suddenly have more time on your hands, don't worry - instead, make the most of it! Here's some inspiration for learning from home...

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If your usual routine has changed and you suddenly have more time on your hands, don’t worry – instead, make the most of it! You’ll never have more freedom to do the things that interest you and, thanks to our highly-connected society, it’s easier than ever to learn online and take part in live courses from home. Need some inspiration? Here’s what I would like to learn over the coming months…


For small business owners like me, it’s important to make best use of all the social platforms in order to share my news and information with my audience. But, in all honestly, I still don’t really know how to check statistics or engagements or anything like that. “Call yourself a blogger?!” I know, I know, and I want to do something about it.

Luckily social media experts Bloom Content Creation are running online evening classes for beginners and for Instagram For Business. Two experienced instructors will host live classes on Zoom, which run in a series of 30-minute lessons, so you don’t get overwhelmed with information all at once and have a chance to try out the techniques between classes. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


I really enjoyed learning French at school but I haven’t really learnt any other languages since them (other than Makaton signing) but I’ve always liked the idea of expanding my knowledge of languages. The only thing that puts me off is the amount of time it would take me to learn something new – I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve started an introduction to Italian course and given up after a couple of hours.

So, instead of all those free apps and YouTube videos, it’s probably better for me to learn from a language school LearnLanguages24, where people learn on average 32% faster with a unique long-term memory method that has been developed from research on vocabulary learning. I’ve started a beginners course in Danish, which you can study from just 3 minutes per day, and have high hopes to be able to speak fluently when I book a visit to LEGO in Denmark in the future!

There are 79+ languages available to study from beginner level to expert and business, and you get lifetime access to the course. Plus, when you buy access to one of the languages, you are welcome to share your link with family and friends. So why not (virtually) get together as a group, decide on a language to try out, all chip-in and go through the course together??


It doesn’t have to be all about learning and making the most of your time. Mindsprings are offering free ‘Corona Comfort’ sessions every day to give people the chance to relax, enjoy mindful practice, take gentle yoga classes and feel connected. They are also offering a free mini course on cutting through anxiety, alongside other in-depth self-study online courses on the subject.


As well as spoken languages, I’ve always wanted to give British Sign Language a go. I’ve been studying Makaton over the years (with the help of Mr Tumble on kids’ TV show Something Special!) and I’d like to see how the two languages overlap. I’m hoping that my Makaton knowledge will give me a head-start, although I’m sure that BSL is much more involved, with a larger vocabularly. BSL trainers are offering ‘pay-what-you-can’ for the course fees at the moment, which is helpful for those of us who are earning less.

By the way, are offering their live training sessions online too a the moment, which is handy for people like me who don’t have a local training centre near them. It’s so much more convenient to join an online class instead and it’s being offered at a reduced rate of 50% off the usual fees at the moment. You just need a computer with a webcam and you’re good to go.


Okay, that’s a big promise but, if you’re not going to change your life for the better now, when are you going to do it?? There are plenty of helpful blog posts and resources on the Manifestation Collective website and Victoria is an amazing coach who can help you turn around your business or figure out your life goals. Plus, her online course the Abundance Academy sounds ideal for boosting your earning potential and reaching your dream income targets. The 8 modules are delivered via email over the course of a couple of weeks and you can complete them from the comfort of your own home.

Let me know what classes you’re studying online at the moment, I’d love to know what other courses are out there – I might take some more lessons! Also, if you are hosting a free class or have come across a discounted course, please share the details in the comments below 🙂


Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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